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The windows of Rocky Mountain House

The comfort of a living room or bedroom in a residential house depends on the windows installed in the cottage. Old and cracked frames are blown in by the wind, causing drafts in the room. Thin glass is constantly covered with drops of moisture in winter, because of which mold appears. High thermal conductivity of such structures leads to increased utility bills.

Replacing old windows with new frames made of polyvinyl chloride helps to get rid of these problems. Polymer is more adapted to the Canadian climate with significant fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Installing new frames will make the room warmer and more comfortable, improve the appearance of the house and save on electricity and gas bills.

Canadian window company Canglow designs, makes and installs windows at Rocky Mountain House. We take care of the entire production cycle from measuring the openings to installing the exterior flashing and insulating the jambs. By utilizing our services, you will improve the energy efficiency of your home. This will make living in it more economical, and will also increase the value of the cottage on the market.

Why you need to replace your windows at Rocky Mountain House

Most homes in various communities across the province of Alberta have wood windows. Wood has been popular for millwork because of its versatility and ease of processing.

But it cannot withstand use in the Canadian climate because of its hygroscopicity and susceptibility to corrosion. Despite constant painting and repairs, the frames gradually lose their airtightness and begin to freeze and creak.

Installation of plastic windows in the cottage allows you to solve several problems at once:

  • Heat preservation properties are increased. Heat loss through PVC windows is practically zero due to the system of air chambers and layers in the double-glazed windows. The heat energy generated by the heating devices stays in the house and warms the occupants. The owner will be able to set a low temperature on the thermostat and save on electricity (gas).
  • Window operation is simplified. Frames made of plastic retain their properties regardless of fluctuations in humidity and temperature. The owner of the cottage does not need to call a craftsman to adjust the hardware, correct the size of a swollen sash or apply a new layer of paint.
  • The appearance of the house is improved. Bright frames of white or any other color decorate the facade and do not change from use under the influence of ultraviolet rays.

Replacing old windows in a home makes it more livable, reduces maintenance costs, and increases the value of the property on the market.

Choosing a house from the catalog

Canglow Window Company makes windows in its own production shop in Edomnton from profiles of famous world brands. Modern equipment allows to make a frame of any size and shape depending on the cottage project and customer’s wishes.

Check out the typical window designs for Canadian customers in the catalog on our website.

Sales managers will help you choose the right option. When choosing, engineers recommend paying attention to several important parameters:

  1. How the sash opens. In the simplest variant, we install swing-type frames. The movable part of the window can open horizontally. Also our specialists use hardware with the possibility of slotted ventilation. For glazing of large living rooms, terraces and verandas we can produce windows with sliding sashes of various sizes.
  2. How many air layers are in a double-glazed unit. The most inexpensive and affordable option will consist of two panes of glass with air between them. These can be used to glaze auxiliary and technical areas of the house, reducing the cost of replacing windows. For living rooms, we recommend using three-layer packages with two air layers. There is virtually no heat energy dissipation through them, which makes the house warm and economical.
  3. What color are the frame profiles. Standard white PVC constructions are in demand among most customers. But at the stage of production they can be painted in any other color. In addition, we decorate surfaces with polymer films that imitate the texture and color of natural materials – stone, wood, metal. Thanks to them, the customer can choose a design for any facade of the building and interior of the room.
  4. How windows are protected against burglary. If you are concerned about the security of your home, you can prevent intruders from gaining access to your premises through your windows by using burglar resistant hardware. Canglow craftsmen will install reinforced hinges and sturdy locks to prevent intrusion.

The standard shape for a residential window is rectangular or square. But with the help of our production equipment masters can make for you products of other configurations. Popular among lovers of unusual architecture are triangular trapezoidal, arched and round.

Note that when installing a window in an already built home, you need to consider the features and dimensions of the existing openings.

We replace old windows and doors with insulated structures. The low heat transfer coefficient is due to the presence of air chambers inside the profiles. Due to this, heat energy is not dissipated in the air and it becomes cheaper to heat the house.

At the customer’s request, we can increase the heat preservation properties of the frame. For this purpose we use double-glazed windows with argon-filled layers. This inert gas is less conductive of heat than air. We glue a metallized LoE coating on the glass, which prevents the transmission of heat energy in the form of infrared radiation.

Replacing doors in the house

Doors play one of the main roles in insulating a house. They are also enclosing structures and one of the sources of significant heat loss. In most cases, cottage owners experience problems due to dimensional changes and gaps in door frames and sashes.

Our craftsmen can replace old doors with PVC models. Plastic profiles do not change in size due to getting wet. The points of contact with the strapping are sealed with rubber bands, so that there is never a draft in hallways and lobbies.

PVC entrance doors can become a decoration of the building facade. In addition to blank sashes, our specialists will make products with translucent structures.

Cost of window and door replacement services

We take an individualized approach to working with each client. The cost of installing new windows and doors in Rocky Mountain House our craftsmen determine individually. The estimate is prepared at the stage of project preparation and agreement with the customer.

Several factors affect the price per window and the cost of replacing all the old windows in a home:

  • the dimensions of each window structure;
  • number of windows in the cottage;
  • shape of profiles, type of hardware and glazing;
  • design;
  • complexity of
  • installation;
    location of the building.

You can calculate an approximate budget using the price list, which shows the cost of window constructions depending on their size.

Window typePrice
Casement Windowsfrom $395
Single-Hung Windowsfrom $425
Double-Hung Windowsfrom $445
Bay Windowsfrom $2995
Bow Windowsfrom $2995
Awning Windowsfrom $395
Picture Windowsfrom $295
Sliding Windowsfrom $375
Hopper windowsfrom $395
Patio Doorsfrom $1995

Our company has partnered with banking organizations that offer financing for old window replacement services in Alberta. You will be able to enjoy warmth and comfort in as little as a month after placing your order, and repay your loan within 12-24 months.

Installing new plastic windows is a profitable investment, even if you order the service on credit. The interest on the loan is compensated for by the savings the client makes on electricity and gas bills. If he or she decides to sell the house, the investment will be recouped several times over due to the higher value of the energy efficient cottage on the market.

How to book the installation of new PVC windows at Rocky Mountain House

Our company’s head office and manufacturing center is located in Edmonton. But you can order new window installation at Rocky Mountain House online through the internet.

After submitting an application at a convenient time for you, a manager will come to the site, familiarize you with the possibilities and determine the dimensions of the window openings. After signing the contract and making payment (or receiving approval from the credit organization), we will start work.

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