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How much is to replace windows in Canada?

  The cost of window replacement in Canada is felt for any family budget. The project can be expensive, but it is the best investment option for your home. Quality windows cannot be cheap.

  It is possible to reduce costs if you entrust the project to a reliable company. For example, Canglow window prices start at $295. We will install quality, reliable designs that meet Canada’s building codes. High-quality windows may seem expensive to you, but they will prove their worth over time. The glazing will last you at least 25 years without needing to be replaced. New windows will also reduce your utility costs.

You’ll feel the savings on your own pocketbook within the first year of replacing your home windows!


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Window costs

The price depends on a variety of factors. We will calculate the cost for your project when we know all of your window performance requirements.

In the table we have written the minimum prices for different styles of windows.

Window typePrice
Casement Windowsfrom $395
Single-Hung Windowsfrom $425
Double-Hung Windowsfrom $445
Bay Windowsfrom $2995
Bow Windowsfrom $2995
Awning Windowsfrom $395
Picture Windowsfrom $295
Sliding Windowsfrom $375
Hopper windowsfrom $395
Patio Doorsfrom $1995

*Please note that these prices are not final. The amount may vary depending on the type of glazing, hardware, shape of the window and other characteristics. We will calculate the final price upon your request.

What the cost of window replacement in Alberta depends on

You should understand why good windows don’t come cheap.

  • Material.

High quality vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum are used to make windows. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. You should compare the characteristics of the materials to make the right choice. Canglow specialists will provide you with advice.

Most of our windows are made from certified vinyl. The material is energy efficient, extremely durable, and perfect for Canada’s climate.

Window Prices
  • Design

You choose the style for your new windows. We will install sliding designs or models with a pivoting mechanism. Casement windows are more expensive than sliding windows, but they are easier to operate. In addition, pivoting sashes provide a compression seal, while a sliding unit simply presses against the seal. The price is also affected by the shape, color of the window.

Window Prices
  • Glazing

Choose double or triple glazing to improve the performance of your home.

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass. The empty space is filled with an inert pocket. The constructions will protect you from noise, dust, cold and will not burden your budget much.

Triple glazing has increased energy efficiency. Three panes of glass retain more heat and provide better protection against noise. The price of triple glazing is higher than double glazing.

Window Prices
  • LoE Coatings

A low emissivity coating will further reduce heat loss. A thin layer of metal is applied to the glass, which traps energy inside the home. The LoE coating also filters harmful ultraviolet light.

We offer several low-emission spray coating options at different prices. A company specialist will select the coating for the best balance of lighting, energy efficiency and budget.

Window Prices
  • Additional Features

You can add gas-filled glazing, decorative grilles, mosquito nets, tinted glass, and anti-burglary hardware to your window. Options increase the performance of the design. The more complete your windows are, the more efficient they are and the higher the price. The cost of options can add up to 20% to the total cost.

Energy Efficient Windows
  • Installation

We recommend that you do not skimp on installation and order the services of our professional installers. It is impossible to replace the windows yourself if you do not have the tools and experience. A professional installer guarantees that the work will be done at the highest level. You will not have to pay money again to redo everything.

Canglow provides a guarantee on window installation. You can be sure that glazing will not require additional costs. Our installers work quickly, neatly and take the garbage with them.

We offer two installation options: window upgrades and full-frame window replacement.


Modernization is carried out in constructions with good, strong frames, airtight openings. We only replace the sash. Modernization is inexpensive compared to a full-frame installation and can be done quickly.


Full frame replacement involves complete dismantling of the old windows. We remove all parts of the structure, clean the aperture. The window is completely renewed. We also install new jambs, change interior and exterior trim. We recommend full frame replacement for older windows with reduced thermal performance.

Window Prices
  • Warranty

We do not charge for our warranties, but you should understand what cases are included in our contract. Replacing your windows is a major investment. Our warranties let you know that you will save money on future repairs during 25-years. Windows from Canglow have proven to be reliable in many cities in Alberta.
Window Prices
  • Budget

When you order windows in Canglow you will get the best price and a variety of payment options. We will help you choose the right vinyl windows for your budget, tell you about all current promotions and special offers, taking into account all your wishes.

Answer a few questions for yourself, and the answers will help you calculate the price of your windows

The main question when ordering windows is the financing plans available. Canglow offers several favorable options. Our windows are eligible for grants. We will also find the most convenient payment method for you.

What other questions are worth answering:

  1. How many windows do you want to replace at one time? 

  2. Do you need a retrofit or full-frame window replacement? 

  3. Will double or triple glazing be required? 

  4. Are standard windows suitable for me or do I want a customized project? 

  5. What options are needed for my windows? 

  6. What time of year are you planning to install glazing?

Call our company, and we will start working on the project right away. Our specialist will ask clarifying questions and provide free consultation. You will know the exact price of window replacement before the work begins.


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