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High quality casement windows are the best choice for your home. New glazing will improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce noise, and provide you with a comfortable living environment. New windows will give your home a more modern look and increase its value in the market.

Canglow will carry out turnkey window replacement in Camrose. All you need to do is to send us an application form. Our experts will do the rest. We will take measurements, design a glazing project and install new windows at a cost-effective price.

What a casement window is

A casement window consists of one or more units. The glazing is installed in openings where the height is greater than the width. One or two units can be movable, open inwards or outwards at your choice.

The hinges are attached to the side of the frame. When you fully open the window, the sash extends 90 degrees beyond the plane of the opening. This is the best choice for ventilating rooms.

How does a casement window differ from an awning window?

The sash of the awning window is fixed in the upper part of the frame. To open the opening, you need to lift the bottom edge of the unit and fix it at an angle. Tilt windows are not large, because it is difficult to open the sashes – to do this you have to apply force. They are well suited for wide and low openings in the kitchen, garage, bathroom. The advantage of a tent window is that it can remain open even in the rain – the water does not get inside the room.

The casement window has a different design. The sashes are fixed on the side, so even large units are easy to open and close. You do not have to make any physical effort to do this.

How does a casement window differ from a sliding window?

With sliding windows, the active unit slides along the guide rails and moves to the side. You will not be able to fully open the entire opening because the sash remains in its plane. The advantage of sliding windows is that the sliding unit does not move out of the window. You can put a sofa or a beautiful indoor plant right next to the window – they will not interfere with the opening and closing of the sash. This is the best solution for loggias, panoramic glazing.

In a casement window, the movable units open inward or outward into the house. You must leave a clear space in front of the opening, but will be able to open it fully. The design will provide an unobstructed view and fill your home with fresh air.

Window collection from Canglow

We will create a project of any shape and configuration for your home. We will select a window individually for each opening. You can rest assured that your new glazing will be perfect for your home.

What windows we manufacture in Camrose:

  • Traditional casement windows. The designs have one or two movable parts and have excellent ventilation capabilities. The sashes open inward or outward. You can easily clean your windows from the comfort of your home.
  • Patio. Sliding sash windows are great not only for small openings, but also for panoramic glazing. Order a patio that works as a door to access your terrace.
  • Awning windows. A versatile choice for the garage, basement, kitchen, technical room. The window design has one or two sashes. Hinges are fastened at the top or bottom of the frame. Suspended windows provide good ventilation, but also let in less dust, debris and water in the open state than traditional models.
  • Bay windows. Combined design of several sashes allows you to glaze openings of complex shapes. You get a shaped window that will make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Glazing protrudes beyond the wall. Bay window models are excellent for installation on verandas, in bay windows, gazebos.
  • Exit windows. The opening should provide you with an unobstructed exit in case of an accident. Exit windows must strictly comply with Canadian building codes. We will install the structure with a quality guarantee. If necessary, the installers will finalize the opening so that it is sized to meet the standards.
  • Fixed Windows. The design consists of a single fixed sash. These are exquisite models with low profile frames that let in the maximum amount of sunlight.

We will discuss your project individually. Your new windows will match the style of the house, the interior of the rooms and your preference in aesthetics.

Configuration options

Single-leaf windows

Single leaf windows are installed in narrow openings. The sash can be active or fixed as you wish. Single leaf models let in a lot of light, look light and aesthetically pleasing.

If you choose a fixed sash, make sure there are other openings in the room for ventilation.

If the sash is movable, it will allow you to fully open the opening, enjoy the views of nature and fresh air. A great option for porches, kitchens, workshops and other small spaces.

Double-leaf windows

The construction consists of two blocks. One or two parts can be movable.

Choose a window with one active unit if you do not need to open the opening completely. The movable part will allow you to clean the glass inside and outside, while the fixed part will ensure a high airtightness.

    Choose a window with one active unit if you do not need to open the opening completely. The movable part will allow you to clean the glass inside and outside, while the fixed part will ensure a high airtightness.

    Two active units allow you to open the opening completely. You get an unobstructed view and better ventilation.

    Three-paned windows

    The best choice for glazing wide openings. We can make the large middle part fixed, as in panoramic glazing. The two side blocks will open for ventilation.

    The sides can be fixed and the middle sash can be left active.

    You choose the configuration of your future windows!

    Advantages of casement windows from Canglow

    Contemporary vinyl frames.

    The frames of our windows are made of 100% PVC. Vinyl meets the highest standards of environmental safety, energy efficiency. The frames are practically maintenance free. You can easily clean the construction with simple water.

    Vinyl structures do not contain lead, allow you to make frames of complex shapes, use a variety of accessories.

    Sealed glass unit.

    We offer several glazing options depending on the thickness of the frame. All models are energy efficient because they are designed specifically for Alberta’s climate. The choice depends only on where the window is installed and your wishes. For example, a single-glazed double-glazed unit with double glass will work well for glazing the kitchen, boiler room. Two-chamber models with three panes provide greater comfort, so they are used in bedrooms, children’s rooms.

    Our windows are completely waterproof. The frames are made without glue or sealants, so they do not allow water to pass through. One-piece constructions have an aesthetic appearance and provide high energy efficiency.

    We’ll find a solution that fits your Camrose home’s needs.

    LоE coating.

    Low emission coating increases the energy efficiency of the window. The glass is coated with a thin metallized film that may not be visible to the naked eye. This coating reflects heat rays. The low emissivity coating prevents heat from escaping the home and disperses harmful ultraviolet light from the sun.

    The first coverage option is LoE-180 ESC. It is the most popular option in Canada. The coating blocks heat and cold and is Energy Star compliant.

    The second option is LoE-270. A coating with increased reflectivity. This variant is available in two versions: LoE-270 provides better protection from the sun, and LoE-272 provides good illumination.

    The third option is LoE-366. Glass with maximum energy efficiency and good light transmission.

    Personalized style

    We will paint the frames in any color you choose. The windows will completely match the exterior of the house, harmoniously completing its appearance. You can paint the frames inside and outside in different colors. Forget about the fact that they need to be tinted! Colored vinyl retains its brightness for many years.

    We install rectangular, square, triangular, arched windows and other shapes. This is an excellent offer for non-standard openings. A house with new windows will look stylish, expensive and attractive.


    The windows are equipped with a multi-point locking system. Structures are resistant to burglary, will protect your home from intruders. At your request, we will install on the sashes child lock, safe ventilation mechanisms and other options to increase the level of protection.

    Your benefit in numbers

    You will see that new windows are not only better comfort, but also your financial benefit. Why you should contact Canglow:

    • 30% – savings on utility bills after replacing all the windows in your home;
    • 28% – your maximum discount on windows and installation;
    • $5600 – your Energy Star certified window installation grant;
    • 14-15 days – saving you time – we install windows faster than any other company in Alberta;
    • 25 year warranty on Canglow glazing systems.

    Call us to calculate the maximum benefit for window replacement. We will prepare a customized project for you and give you an accurate price estimate. Deferred payment up to 12 months, interest-free loans up to $40,000 through the Canada Greener Homes Loan program.



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