High quality casement windows in Daysland

Canglow is a leading company providing window and door repair, replacement and installation services in Edmonton, Alberta and Northwest Territories.

If you are looking to install high quality casement windows in your Daysland home, call Canglow. Our collection includes the most popular glazing options. The windows are designed specifically for Canada’s cold climate, so they will improve the energy efficiency of your home. Order replacement windows to lower your utility bills.

A profitable investment is improving your own home. Properties with modern windows cost more and are in high demand on the market.

Features of casement windows

The casement window is one of the most convenient glazing options. The design consists of one or more parts depending on the width of the opening. The units can be active or fixed. Casement windows are easy to open, close, and clean on any floor of your home.

The peculiarity of the design is that the hinges are located in the side of the frame. The window opens 90 degrees, completely freeing the opening. It can be set to open inwards or outwards as you wish.

A casement window is your best choice for intensive ventilation of a room. It is a good option for kitchen, bathroom, garage, basement. Just open the active sash and your home will be filled with fresh air from the street.

Advantages of casement windows

High energy efficiency.

The sashes close tightly and there is a seal around the perimeter of the window. We leave no loopholes for cold air. In Alberta’s harsh climate, our windows will keep your home safe from wind, snow, rain and other weather.

We will fill the space between the panes with inert gas for energy efficiency. Your energy costs will go down. In the winter, your windows will retain heat and save on heating costs, and in the summer, they won’t let out the chill. You’ll have to turn on your air conditioner less often to keep your home at a comfortable temperature.

Easy operation.

To open the window, just turn the handle in a single movement. Even a child can cope with this task. Even large sashes can be easily opened and closed without effort.

Care of new casement windows consists of periodic cleaning of the frame. Open the opening to wipe the structure inside and out. You will be able to clean the glass on the street side without having to use a ladder. The best choice for glazing the upper floors of your Daysland home.


The casement windows are fitted with a reliable multi-point lock. From the outside, it is almost impossible to tamper with the mechanism, remove the sash or otherwise break into the house. We also install special anti-snap hinges to increase the level of protection.

On your request, we will select reinforced parts of the window, additional locks. We can install slotted ventilation systems, child safety devices and other safety accessories.

Unobstructed view.

Open the window fully and enjoy the views of the surroundings. Only one thin pillar remains in the opening. Even in a small opening, you get a panoramic view. The perfect solution for windows that overlook a garden, greenhouse or natural landscape.

Best ventilation.

A casement window is the best solution for ventilation of any room in your home. Sashes allow you to open the opening fully, while other glazing systems leave it partially closed. Lock the movable part into position to direct fresh air inside the room. If you only want a small amount of ventilation, use the tilt mechanism or the slotted ventilation option.

Easy installation.

Replacement of casement windows is a standard operation performed by our installers. In most cases, the design is installed in the opening without major modifications. We remove the old frames, clean the surfaces and insert new windows. Then the installer fills the gaps with sealant. Installation without additional treatment of the opening reduces the price of the service.

Versatility in use.

The casement window is suitable for any room. Designs come in different sizes and shapes, so you can choose a model for a bedroom, pantry, porch or other room.

Individual style.

New windows should complement the architecture of your Daysland home. We can design a traditional or contemporary style to suit your needs. You can paint the frames any color, choose colored hardware, add special spacers, etc.

Types of casement windows

As we said, a casement window is a versatile choice for any room. We design for high and low openings, for narrow and wide openings. New glazing will ensure that your room is well lit. Choose the design you need for your home.

Traditional swing windows

There can be from one to three units in the construction. This is a classic glazing option, suitable for most openings in residential buildings. We combine active and fixed blocks to make the window easy to use. Traditional swing models are suitable for any room on any floor.

Bay windows

For glazing bay windows, we create special constructions with complex shapes. The window consists of several sashes connected at an angle to each other. All sashes can be fixed. Most often we hinge one or two units so that the glass can be cleaned.

Exit windows

If you want to make your home more secure, we will install exit windows in your cellar, basement, in the basement of your home. We guarantee that the designs meet Canada’s building codes. An exit window will allow you to quickly leave your home in case of an accident, fire. This model will increase the security of your home.

Blind windows

The blind window is your best choice for glazing narrow, small openings. The design consists of one fixed sash. The block can have the shape of a circle, arch, triangle, rectangle. A blind window will let sunlight into the house, but it is not suitable for ventilation. If you want to install a fixed sash, make sure that there are other windows in the room that open.

Blind windows are suitable for attics, basements, hallways.

Configuration options

Canglow installs windows of all sizes and configurations. We work with bespoke designs to ensure that your new glazing is perfectly suited to your home. You get truly reliable, efficient designs that are fully compliant with building regulations.

Single-leaf windows

We install a single movable or fixed unit. Single leaf window is suitable for tall and narrow openings where it is impossible to install another design. This option is great for lighting the room, improved ventilation. There are no vertical posts in the opening, so nothing interferes with the view.

Double-leaf windows

The construction consists of two parts. The sashes can be of different widths, can be active or fixed. We will make the configuration in such a way that the window is convenient for you. You can make only one sash movable – you can wash the glass, ventilate the room. If both sashes will be active, the aperture will open completely.

Three-pane windows

The design can have one or two active units. The third part is left fixed. Three-pane windows are great for wide openings. You get a larger glazing area, but at a lower price than for panoramic windows.

Options for installing casement windows in Daysland

Depending on the condition of your old windows, we will offer upgrades or full-frame replacements.

Modernization consists of improving the construction of the window. We remove the old glazing, install a new one and replace the hardware. The old frame remains in its place. Modernization takes a little time and costs less. The goal of the work is to improve the performance of the window and the appearance of your home.

Retrofitting is only possible for windows with good frames that have no through gaps, no damage.

Full-frame replacement involves complete dismantling of the old structure together with the frame. We refinish the opening, clean it, level the surfaces. The specialist installs the new windows and completely seals the contour. Full-frame replacement will significantly improve the performance of your home.

Order a replacement window if the old structures have gaps and are letting cold into the house. We will carefully install the new glazing and remove the debris.

Order high quality turnkey casement windows in Daysland

Canglow will create the best glazing project for your home at a cost-effective price. We offer a variety of styles, designs, configurations, and install windows in accordance with the Canadian Building Code.

Why you should choose our company:

  • The windows are Energy Star certified. This means you can get a $5600 grant to make improvements to your home.
  • We order our own window fabrication, bring them in and install them turnkey. Full-service manufacturing allows for extra-discounts of up to 28% on everything: designs and installers.
  • We will start work after a minimum prepayment of 30%. The remaining amount you pay after the installation of windows.
  • You can choose the most convenient payment option. We offer several deferred payment programs. The manager will help you choose the best option.

Give us a call and order replacement windows for your Daysland home. We will provide a 25-year reliability guarantee.



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