Insulating your home in Red Deer

Insulating your home in Red Deer

Canada traditionally has harsh, cold winters with strong winds. If your home’s doors and windows are poorly designed, they will create drafts in your rooms. Your heating costs will increase. In addition, low quality windows and doors cannot guarantee the safety of your home in the winter. Bad designs often jam in severe frosts.

Canadian window company Canglow offers the best solution to insulate your home in Red Deer – replacement windows and doors in all openings. The new designs will make your home comfortable. Heating costs will be lower and you will see it on your budget.

Energy-efficient doors for your home

Secure doors should close tightly, preventing drafts. Designs should be durable and resistant to wind, snowfall, and heavy rain. Alberta weather brings surprises, but with our doors, you’ll be safe from trouble.

How to realize that it’s time to replace your doors?

We recommend replacing any old doors that do not meet Canada’s building code. This is especially true for wood construction. As the humidity and temperature change, the wood will warp. Doors can become warped and stop closing. Large gaps appear in the opening, allowing warm air from the house to escape to the outdoors.

Signs that indicate the need for door replacement:

  • you hear hinges creaking every time you leave the house;
  • you feel a draft, cold air in your rooms;
  • the door jams, doesn’t open and close properly, you have to make an effort to do so.

The worst old doors can freeze through. Frost and ice form on the inside of the door where the cold leaks in. This is a clear signal to replace the doors. Choose new energy-efficient designs to feel comfortable even in the harshest winters.

Manufacturing materials

The door leaf material is an important component of the perfect door. We use fiberglass and vinyl, which have excellent thermal insulation properties and are superior to wood in many respects. Our materials will not crack in cold weather.


Fiberglass is a strong, durable material. Fiberglass doors are affordable and almost maintenance free. The door leaf can be painted to match the facade color of your home in Red Deer, accentuating its style and architecture. We use thermo foam filling for better thermal insulation.


PVC polyvinyl chloride is the newest material on the market in Canada. Plastic will not rot, crack, or corrode. Vinyl doors retain their shape perfectly during temperature fluctuations. You can be sure of protecting your home from the cold. In addition, the style of the doors can be any style you desire. Plastic is easy to paint, keeps the brightness of the color for many years.

Energy efficiency guarantee

Why do we guarantee excellent thermal insulation of our doors?

Here are some facts:

  • Our doors have an international Energy Star certificate. This means that the level of thermal insulation of our collection is on average 20-30% higher than that of analogs with the same equipment. In winter you will pay less for heating. In summer, the doors will keep your home cool and allow you to run the air conditioner less often.
  • All models are Better Business Bureau (BBB) certified. We adhere to the Bureau’s standards, are highly regarded for our work, and have an impeccable business reputation. When you contact Canglow, you are entrusting your home’s door installation project to true professionals.
  • For glass inserts, energy-saving double-glazed units are used. We know that every transparent part reduces the thermal insulation of the door. To maintain excellent performance, we use an inert gas-filled insulating glass unit. The thermal insulation of such an insert is not lower than that of a solid door leaf.
  • We will perform turnkey installation of the structures. Our installers carefully prepare each opening. We clean the surface, eliminate defects. The smallest gaps are filled with sealant. We use elastic gaskets for a tight fit of each part. You will see your guarantees in the contract.

Investing in new doors is the best choice for improving the energy efficiency of your Canadian home. Give us a call and we’ll customize your project.


Energy-efficient windows for your home

Windows take up most of the walls of a house. They provide rooms with sunlight, fresh air. Windows should be large, beautiful and reliable. But thermal insulation is also very important. Old windows are not always able to retain heat, so they need to be replaced.

Order new construction installation from Canglow and you’ll see its effectiveness on your own budget.

How to realize it’s time to replace the windows in your home

You should consider replacing your windows if you see any of the following signs:

  • Heavy condensation on windows in winter. Quality constructions are completely airtight. The glass inside remains warm, so you will not see a drop of liquid on it. If condensation is detected, it means that the circuit of your window is not airtight. It’s time to replace the design.
  • Drafts, frost on the frame. Cold air will enter your home through even the smallest of gaps. If the defect is large, there is a draft in the room. You will increase the heating, but it will not make it more comfortable. Order modernization of your old window or installation of a new one. Our specialists will eliminate all defects in the construction.
  • Difficulty opening or closing the window. Has the sash become deformed and is difficult to close? You can not get a tight fit and therefore the window is always blowing? Would you like to get a window with more modern and reliable hardware? You should contact Canglow Window Company. We will install a new turnkey window and test its functionality.

You don’t have to put up with cold, discomfort and increased heating costs. We suggest opting for high performance. You will spend once on new windows and improve your home for at least 25 years.

What materials we use

Canglow Window Company is committed to preserving the environment in Canada. We use environmentally friendly materials that meet standards. You can rest assured that our windows are environmentally friendly.

PVC is used to manufacture the profile system. The plastic is 100% lead-free. And this is not the only advantage of PVC for the manufacture of windows. We will mention a few more important advantages:

  • Perfect preservation of shape, dimensions, geometry. Plastic does not deform when the weather changes. PVC will not crack or swell even after many years.
  • Color retention. We will paint the frames in any color. The paint is distributed in the mass of plastic, so it won’t fade or fade, even in sunny conditions. Forget about tinting your windows.
  • High durability and reliability. Unlike wood, PVC does not rot. There is no mold, corrosion on plastic. Windows will retain strength for 25 years and even longer.

If you are looking for a real estate investment option in Canada, you should order window installation from Canglow. New vinyl designs will increase the market value of your home. Your home will be more modern and attractive.

Guarantee of energy efficiency

We will customize your window package to maximize efficiency up to 50% for your home. All catalog designs are Energy Star certified and eligible for the Green Homes Grant program.

Solutions that guarantee high insulation:

  • Modern double-glazed windows. The window is double glazed as standard. This is a budget-friendly and fairly efficient option that is suitable for most homes in Alberta. If you want to maximize savings on your utility bills, opt for triple glazing. Not only does it keep your home warm, but it also protects your home from the sun’s rays.
  • Low emission LoE coatings. A thin metallized layer is applied to the glass that reflects heat rays. Heat will stay inside your home and hot sunlight from the outdoors will not be able to penetrate the room. We offer three different reflective coating options.
  • Perimeter seals. All parts of the frame fit together perfectly. We additionally use foam, sealants, elastic seals to protect your home from the cold. Our installers will not leave even the slightest loophole for a draft. If necessary, we level the opening to ensure a tight fit.

We recommend not to emphasize the cost of windows. Today you will pay 10-15% more for a better double-glazed window, and in a year you will compensate your expenses by saving on heating. Our windows will last at least 25 years, which means that your benefit will amount to thousands of dollars!

Window and door replacement options

We will offer you a modernization or full-frame replacement depending on the condition of the old structures. Our specialist will explain which option is right for you.

  • Modernization of windows and doors is a partial replacement of individual elements of the structure. If the opening is strong, good, and the frame has no defects, the modernization option is suitable for you. We will replace only the sashes. The profile system will remain the same. The sashes will open better, fit more tightly, more effectively retain heat. The price of modernization is lower than a full-frame replacement. Our installer will make a decision after examining the openings.
  • Full-frame replacement is a large-scale work with the dismantling of the old frame. We remove all parts of the structure, clean the opening. Remains of old foam and seals are removed. Our installer will fix in the opening a new profile system and glazing. Full-frame replacement is more expensive than modernization, but it is the best solution for the thermal insulation of the house.

How much does it cost to insulate windows and doors in Red Deer

The price of each project is calculated individually. At our window company you can buy new windows with installation from $250.

Factors that affect project cost:

  • Dimensions and shapes of structures. We will manufacture windows and doors of any configuration. We install non-standard designs, models with multiple sashes. You can order doors with transparent inserts, patios, exit windows, etc.
  • Completion of constructions. At your request, we will install reinforced hinges, anti-burglary locks, child protection, slotted ventilation system. We will choose the necessary accessories to make the operation of windows and doors more convenient.
  • Design of structures. If you want unusual, non-standard windows and doors, they will cost more than usual. We realize the project of any complexity. With our help, you will turn your home in Red Deer into a real work of art.

Call us and make a request for a measuring visit. A specialist will come to your home, inspect the openings and make a preliminary calculation.

Improve the energy efficiency of your home with Canglow

Canadian Window Company Canglow will install high quality windows and doors in your home in Red Deer. We offer a full range of insulation improvement services: design, installation, maintenance, and financing. You will appreciate the quality of our work and service.

Why you should partner with Canglow:

  • $5,000 is your benefit for the grant;
  • Up to 28% – your maximum discount on replacement windows and doors throughout your home;
  • a wide range of styles, designs of constructions for every taste;
  • just 30% is your down payment.

Quality home insulation is your comfort and financial benefit. Call Canglow to book a turnkey energy efficient window and door project.



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