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High-quality windows and doors are the foundation of good insulation for your home. Alberta has cold winters. If the openings in your home are not properly sealed, you will spend a lot of money on heating your home, but you will not be comfortable. Old windows will let in cold air, and your door may just jam in the winter.

Canadian Window Company Canglow can help improve the insulation of your Fort Mcmurray home. Order replacement windows and doors in all openings to maximize energy efficiency. We guarantee high quality construction.

You will save money on utility bills and enjoy comfort. The expense of installing doors and windows will be serious to your budget, but in the long run your savings will amount to many thousands of dollars.

Replacing old doors with energy efficient doors

Have you ever wondered what good doors should be like? Of course, they should be durable, reliable, match the style of your home, emphasize the interior design. But, in addition, they should keep heat in the rooms and protect your personal space from snow, heavy rain, strong wind.

Canada’s climate is characterized by surprises. Canglow’s new doors will keep your home safe from the cold.

When you should replace doors

We recommend replacing all old wooden doors with new ones. Wood is not well adapted to the Canadian climate, so it often dries out and warps. Large gaps appear in the door. If the sash warps too much, it won’t close or it will stick. You should say goodbye to warm air in your home or order a replacement:

Signs that indicate wear and tear on the door:

  • the sash creaks a lot every time you go in and out;
  • there is a draft in the rooms, you feel cold even when the door is closed;
  • the sash does not open very well – you have to push it or pull the handle hard.

Doors with poor thermal insulation can even freeze through. In severe frosts, snow and frost appear on the inside. Do not wait for such bright signals – order the installation of an energy-efficient door now.

Blade material

The material of the door is important for thermal insulation. Before modern plastics came on the market, doors were made of wood. Wood is not well suited to Alberta’s changing climate – it shrivels, cracks, and rots.

We at Canglow manufacture vinyl and fiberglass doors. These are innovative polymer materials that are better than wood in many ways. Our doors are great for the Fort Mcmurray climate.


PVC – polyvinyl chloride – is used for manufacturing doors. The material is very popular in the Canadian market. Doors made of vinyl do not rot, retain their shape in severe frosts and heat, do not crack from drying out.

PVC is highly recyclable, so it can be made in any size and design. We will install you a colored door, a model with glass inserts, filings, etc. PVC structures will retain their brightness for many years.

Modern solutions for thermal insulation

Doors from Canglow are high quality and energy efficient designs. Why we can say that:

  1. Energy Star certification. We have received certification for our entire door collection. The thermal insulation level of our designs is almost 30% higher than that of standard wooden doors. Our doors keep your home cool in the summer, and keep out drafts in the winter. You will pay less for utilities.
  2. Energy-saving thermal windows. We offer great doors with glass inserts. Don’t think that glass will freeze in winter. Double glazed glass inserts guarantee your door will be insulated.
  3. Turnkey installation with quality assurance. We will bring and install the new doors in your home ourselves. Our employees prepare the openings, clean and level the surfaces. We fill the smallest gaps with sealant. The door leaves are adjusted to ensure the tightest possible operation. We guarantee excellent thermal insulation.

Canglow operates under the Better Business Bureau (BBB) principles. We have a reputation for being one of the best window companies in Canada, and we do complex and custom projects. You’ll see the quality of our work immediately after the door is installed – your home will be warmer and street noise will be reduced. If you want to invest in your own home, order your door replacement from Canglow.


Replacing old windows with energy efficient windows

Through window openings, sunlight, fresh air enters your home. In order for the rooms to be well lit, you need large and beautiful windows. But you should pay attention not only to the style of the designs, but also to their thermal insulation. New windows should keep the heat in the house so that you have to pay less for heating.

When you should replace windows

Let’s list the main signs of bad windows:

  1. The frame freezes. When there is even a small gap in the structure, cold air enters your home unimpeded. A drafty, unpleasant cold appears. Frost often forms in places of leakage. Even if you increase the heating, the house will still not be warm. Order window installation from Canglow to forget about freezing frames.
  2. Condensation on the panes. In well insulated windows, the inner pane stays warm. Heated air circulates freely in the room without making you uncomfortable. If the insulation is compromised, the glass temperature drops. The warm air comes in contact with the cold surface and water collects as droplets – you see condensation. If this happens, you should be thinking about a whole house window replacement project.
  3. The window has difficulty opening or closing. Do you have to use force to move the sash out of place? Is warm air always blowing out of the window even when it is tightly closed? You are advised to replace your old construction with a more energy efficient one. Canglow installers will install your new windows, adjust the sashes and show you how they close perfectly.

New windows are the best home investment option. You pay for the project once and start paying less for heating for the next 25 years or longer. Your savings will be many times the cost of new windows.


We use environmentally safe materials to manufacture our windows. We install vinyl profiles with metal reinforcement. Plastic does not contain lead. The frames are strong, rigid and will be an excellent replacement for old wooden structures.

Advantages of vinyl windows:

  1. Bright color and design. Your windows can be any color. We will match the shade to the exterior and architecture of the house, taking into account the style of your interiors. It is possible to perform two-tone painting of the frame, so that the inside and outside will be different colors. You will never have to tint your windows again! Vinyl retains its brightness and aesthetics in all weather conditions.
  2. Stable shape. The geometry and dimensions of the structure always remain the same. Frames are not deformed by changes in temperature, humidity. This is the best choice for Fort Mcmurray’s changeable climate. Even after many years, you won’t find bloating or cracks in our structures.
  3. Durability. There is no rot, mold, or corrosion on vinyl frames. Plastic does not oxidize, so it remains strong throughout the warranty period. Our windows will serve you for at least 25 years.

Windows with good thermal insulation will increase the market price of your home. They will make the dwelling more modern, beautiful and profitable.

Energy efficiency solutions

The windows are designed with the latest engineering solutions that provide high thermal insulation and keep the prices affordable. If you replace the windows in your entire home, its energy efficiency will improve by up to 50%. All models in our catalog are Energy Star certified and eligible for a grant.

Insulation solutions:

  1. Sealed circuit. The installers carefully check the position of each element. The construction has a perfect shape without the slightest gaps. The perimeter of the frame is insulated with special foam, elastic seals that completely seal the opening. The cold will not get a single loophole into your home!
  2. Double and triple glazed windows. The double-glazed window is one of the main parts of the window, on which the thermal insulation depends. In standard models, designs with two panes of glass are used. Such an option is suitable for a pantry, garage, kitchen, utility rooms. In the living room and children’s room, windows with three panes are usually installed – this is a solution for maximum thermal insulation of the house.
  3. Low-emission LoE coating. The coating is a thin layer of metal that reflects heat. Low-emissivity glass conserves energy inside the home. In the summer, LoE coating reflects the sun’s rays and prevents them from heating the air in your room. It is one of the best comfort solutions in the window industry.

Quality windows with good insulation can’t come at a low price. A good project will cost a lot of money, but you’ll quickly recoup your budget through savings on utility bills. We can help you choose windows that will suit your needs in terms of price and insulation.

How much does it cost to insulate a home in Fort Mcmurray

How much does it cost to replace windows and doors in your home? We’ll calculate the price of the project once we figure out your structural requirements. Our collection costs start at $250 – one of the best deals in Alberta.

Factors that affect the price of a window:

  1. Equipment. Any window can be supplemented with anti-burglary lock, reinforced hinges, mosquito net and other accessories. Options are paid additionally, but with them the design will be more convenient in operation.
  2. Configuration. We install standard windows and work with non-standard openings. It is possible glazing of large and small openings, installation of arched and triangular sashes. The configuration of the window will be any to your taste.
  3. Design. Design options do not limit your imagination. We will paint frames in any color, choose beautiful handles. Metal covers can be painted under wood, so that the construction has a harmonious appearance.

Call us and leave a request for a measuring visit. Our employee will bring samples of materials, find out your wishes, make a preliminary calculation.

The best deal for home insulation from Canglow window company

We offer a full range of turnkey window and door replacement services. You will be convinced of the excellent thermal insulation of our constructions already in the first days after installation.

Our favorable offers for you:

  • 30% – down payment to work on the project;
  • 10-15% – your savings over ordering from other window companies;
  • $5000 – the amount of the grant for the installation of new windows;
  • 28% – maximum discount on designs and our services.

Call us, or come to our Edmonton office so we can get started on your project today. Insulating your home with a reliable window company is your guarantee of comfort and savings.


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