A comprehensive guide to window sizing for your home in Red Deer

A comprehensive guide to window sizing for your home in Red Deer

In our own experience, choosing the right window sizes can make a big difference in the look and feel of a home or building. However, it’s not just about appearance. Choosing the right window size can also affect the amount of natural light and energy efficiency. With careful consideration, you can create a more comfortable and inviting place in Red Deer and the surrounding towns of Lacombe, Bentley, Penhold, Innisfail.

In this guide, we’ll provide important information about standard window sizes to help you choose the right window for your style and comfort.

Standard Window Sizes

When it comes to selecting window sizes, it might seem like there are only a few options available. Yet, there are actually many types of windows, and each type has many standard sizes to choose from. While this might seem overwhelming, it’s much simpler than ordering custom-sized windows.

You should also know how window sizes are being labeled by manufacturers and dealers. For example, a window that measures 32 inches wide by 54 inches tall is labeled as “2846”. The first two digits (28) or show the width, with the first digit (2) representing 2 feet and the second digit (8) representing 8 inches. The second two digits (46) represent the height, with the first digit (4) representing 4 feet and the second digit (6) representing 6 inches.

Take note that the actual dimensions of the window will be smaller than the labeled size, by about ½-inch in both height and width. This allows for adjustments during installation to ensure proper alignment and operation.

While this labeling system may seem confusing, it’s a common practice used by manufacturers, dealers, and contractors. Understanding this system will help you feel more confident when ordering windows.

Our findings show that each manufacturer may also have their own idea of what “standard” is, and there may be some differences in sizes from brand to brand. It’s always a good idea to double-check the exact dimensions before placing an order to ensure a proper fit.

Casement Window Sizes

Casement windows are windows that can be moved and opened on the sides as if they were doors and they have one or even two or more sashes. Sashes can be opened by turning.

Because they are efficient for ventilation, they work well in kitchens as well as bathrooms. They’re also ideal for those who are disabled or in places where accessibility is difficult, for instance, behind the kitchen sink. This is because you don’t need to work hard to move or lift the sash, loosen the latch and make the turn.

Width: 14 inches to 35 ½ inches
Height: 29 ½ inches to 77 ½ inches

Double Hung Or Single Hung Window Sizes

Double hung windows are made up of two sashes – an upper and a lower that go up and down. Most of the time, the top sash remains in place, while the lower one is, allowing air into the house.​​​​​

Single hung windows are identical to double-hung window dimensions. Single-hung windows have the top sash staying in place, while the lower sash is mobile.

They are common windows that can be used for a wide variety of houses. They’re best suited for bedrooms, common areas, or any space where windows are needed. which can be opened.

Width: 24 inches to 48 inches
Height: 36 inches to 72 inches.

Bay Window Sizes

Bay windows are like picture windows because they are large, and their main purpose is aesthetics and natural light. But, bay windows have double hung windows or casement windows that can open to allow airflow.

They are ideal to be installed in front of your home or in the living room. Bay windows can make your room seem larger and provide beauty to the outside.

Width: 42 inches to 126 inches (3 feet, 6 inches to 10 feet, 6 inches)
Height: 36 inches and 78 inches

Sliding Window Sizes

Sliding windows, also known as slider windows, have sashes that move. One sash may be fixed in position while the other one is moved, or both may be able to move.

Sliding windows can be found in almost every home space room, common area bathroom, kitchen, and dining area as well as basements.

Width: 36 inches to 84 inches
Height: 24 inches to 60 inches

Custom Window Sizes

Unfortunately, residents of older homes may not have the benefit of standard windows. Houses built before the housing boom often had single-glazed windows designed to fit into the opening. Today, it is difficult to find a window that fits these openings.

However, customized orders can be an alternative. It should be borne in mind that they take longer and cost more. Canglow specialists are experienced in this field and will carry out window replacement and installation work in Red Deer quickly and efficiently.

How To Measure Windows?

Proper window measurements can help you avoid costly mistakes when ordering new windows.

Through trial and error, we’ve come to the conclusion that here are three simple steps you can follow to measure your windows.

Vertical Measurement

Vertically measure the distance from the head jambs to the window sill, on your window from the bottom to the upper, left, and right sides. Get the 3 measurements from the frame to calculate the opening size. Mark the smallest size from the 3, which is the rough opening height.

Horizontal Measurement

Horizontally measure the frame of the window to determine the approximate dimensions that the window will be. The jambs should be measured from the top, the bottom, and the middle.

The smallest measure is the approximate width of the opening. This is the primary measure to consider when purchasing windows for replacement.

Depth Measurement

The right depth for your window is crucial because certain windows are too deep for the opening of a replacement window.

Measure the distance starting from the outside towards the inside. Take measurements from the edge of the frame to the edge of the window frame.

Make this a few times within the window frame, and take the smallest measurement for your final size.

Choosing The Right Window Size For Replacement In Red Deer

Based on our experience, there is a lot involved when it comes to complete window replacement, especially since every home has multiple types of windows in each room. This means that the sizes and dimensions can be different and unique, which will be difficult to accomplish without professional guidance.

Canglow is here to share with you a few tips to consider when choosing the right window sizes for your home in Red Deer and the surrounding cities of Lacombe, Bentley, Penhold, Innisfail.

Window Placement

It is important to be aware of which part of your house receives the most sun throughout the winter and autumn seasons. This can help you decide the best size of windows for that particular side, allowing in more light.

In the case of windows facing the sides of your house that are subject to the most shade, they must be smaller to ensure that the interior of your house remains cool and comfortable.

Window Types

There are various kinds of windows offered in standard sizes. Although they’re generally designed to fit in most windows, it doesn’t mean they’re perfect for every room of your house.

For example, picture windows that are larger work best in bedrooms and living rooms, but smaller-sized windows, such as the casement window are best suited for above kitchen sinks.

Window Thermal Mass

It’s difficult to figure out the amount of heat energy required to alter the temperature of certain substances within your home. Certain materials have a greater volume than others meaning they’ll have more thermal mass. This includes concrete, bricks, and tiles. Harnessing their thermal mass could enhance your home’s energy efficiency and ease of use.

Yet, the kind of window you select is still crucial to how you will make the most of the thermal mass inside your home. For instance, suppose your house has significant thermal mass and is surrounded by windows that face north. If that’s your situation, then you’ll enjoy better heat retention if windows are installed with huge glass areas!


There are various window styles available to work with any style you’re planning. The best thing about standard window sizes is that they allow you to save money, and make the sales and installation process or replacement easy.

You should remember that even though measuring and finding the right standard window sizes for your home seems easy. But, when you are doing the actual work, you may face some difficulties.

The best approach is to contact your trusted windows contractor in your local area to avoid difficulties. Having professional advice and guidance is nothing to be ashamed of.

Canglow is one of the most trusted windows and doors in Red Deer. From standard window sizes to custom window sizes, you can be confident that will finish the job right!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get custom-sized windows for my home in Red Deer?

Yes, absolutely! You can get custom-sized windows for your home in Red Deer. Many window manufacturers offer customization options to ensure that the windows fit the unique dimensions and requirements of your home.

Keep in mind that custom-sized windows may be pricier and require more time for production and installation compared to standard-sized windows. It’s always best to consult with a professional window installer or manufacturer to determine the best options for your home.

Our specialists will provide expert advice and guide you through the entire process to ensure you get windows that are perfectly suited to your needs.

What are the average prices for different window sizes in Red Deer?

The average prices for different window sizes in Red Deer can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the window type, materials used, and level of customization required.

For instance, standard-sized windows like double-hung or sliding windows can cost anywhere from $300 to $1,000 per window, while larger or specialized windows like bay or picture windows can cost upwards of $1,500 to $3,000 per window.

It’s worth noting that these prices are just averages and that the actual costs may be higher or lower depending on your specific needs. It’s always best to consult with a professional window installer or manufacturer to get an accurate estimate of the costs of different window sizes for your home in Red Deer.

How long does it take to install new windows of different sizes?

When it comes to installing new windows of different sizes in Red Deer, the time it takes can vary depending on a variety of factors. The size and type of the windows being installed, as well as the complexity of the installation, can impact the installation timeline.

Generally, professional window installers can complete the installation of a standard-sized window within 30 minutes to an hour. However, larger or more complex windows, such as bay windows or custom-shaped windows, may require several hours to install.

It’s important to keep in mind that other factors, like the need for custom-sized windows, repairs or modifications to existing window frames or walls, and the availability of the installation team, can also impact the installation timeline. Your chosen window installer can provide you with a more accurate estimate based on your specific needs and circumstances.

Canglow is Alberta’s leading provider of high quality windows and doors. With a focus on energy efficiency, advanced engineering, and exceptional craftsmanship, our company has built a reputation for providing innovative products and superior installation services to transform homes. Trust Canglow to provide an unrivaled customer experience, ensuring satisfaction with every project.



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