Home insulation Edmonton

Home insulation Edmonton

Cold winters and hot summers are common for Edmonton residents. Alberta’s harsh climate requires homeowners to pay special attention to the insulation of their homes. Old windows and doors or defective frames lead to significantly higher heating and air conditioning costs, high humidity in the home, mold and mildew on the walls. In addition, due to constant wetting and deformation in frost, the sashes may jam, which does not allow ventilation of rooms.

If you need to replace your old windows with new vinyl frames, contact Canglow for help. We are located in Edmonton, so you can visit the office in person, explore your remodeling options, and book the service. We guarantee you’ll be pleased with your low utility bills and the transformed look of your home.

Improving the energy efficiency of the house with windows

Windows occupy up to half of the total area of the enclosing walls of the cottage. They are necessary for natural light and periodic ventilation. Residential buildings are often equipped with large window openings, as they are liked by the residents and increase the value of real estate on the market.

But there is a disadvantage to this approach. If the window is not energy efficient enough, the heat will escape through it to the cold street. In summer you will have to face the opposite situation. Constant heating by sun rays will lead to the fact that the air conditioner will use a lot of electricity.

Canglow windows can help you reduce the cost of maintaining your home in summer and winter. They are made of PVC profiles and have double or triple glazing that reduces heat loss to almost zero.

What windows are better to change

To save money on your utility bills, you need to replace old frames that have already lost their properties. This is evidenced by symptoms such as:

  • Sash deformation. Due to changes in size and shape, parts of the window structure may not fit together properly. As a result, drafts appear, it becomes difficult to open the window for ventilation. To eliminate these defects, it is enough to contact our company to repair the profiles or install new ones.
  • Drafts and frost. This is caused by gaps between the frame and the wall or between the window sashes. A cold wind will make the room uncomfortable, so you will have to increase the temperature on the thermostat. More gas or electricity will be used for heating, and you will have to pay 200-300 dollars more for utilities.
  • Window fogging. Moisture from the air condenses on the window due to the temperature difference between the outside and inside. This happens only if the windows have a single pane of glass, not a package with an air gap. As a result, it becomes a large source of heat loss and reduces the energy efficiency of the home.

By refusing to replace old frames, you have to endure the cold in winter and the heat in summer. Owners are forced to overpay for gas and suffer every time they ventilate a room. By contacting Canglow, you will forget about the problems for at least 20-30 years. During this time, the money invested in home insulation in Edmonton will pay for itself many times over

Technical features of Canglow windows

Modern windows are made of innovative polymers. Our company cares about the health of its customers and the environment, so it uses PVC profiles. This material does not contain lead, so it is harmless to humans and the environment.

In addition, compared to aluminum or wood frames, vinyl windows have these features:

  • High strength and durability. Polyvinyl chloride is not susceptible to corrosion when used in Alberta’s climate. Plastic frame and sash profiles remain strong for 25+ years. They do not need to be cared for, protecting them from the negative effects of natural factors.
  • Beautiful appearance. You can use profiles of white or any other color for manufacturing windows. They are also decorated “under wood” or “metal” with vinyl films. The addition of ultraviolet filters in the composition of the plastic contributes to the preservation of color throughout the entire life cycle. They do not burn out even when installed on the south side of the house. You won’t have to buy paint and paint shabby frames every year.
  • Retention of size and shape. Compared to wood and metal, plastic does not swell when wet and has virtually zero coefficient of thermal expansion. The shape of the frame and sashes will remain unchanged all the time, so the homeowner will have no problems with opening and closing the window at any time of the year.

Replacing old windows requires certain costs. The cost of installing new structures in the whole cottage is from 3 thousand dollars and more. But these investments can be considered an investment. Thermal insulation of the house with replacement of old window frames increases the market price of the property. It becomes more attractive to potential tenants.

Why windows contribute to insulation

Installing energy efficient frames can improve home insulation by up to 50%. Canglow uses Energy Star certified window profiles to manufacture its windows.

Why our windows increase the efficiency of your insulation:

  • Air interlayers in the profiles. Vinyl window elements have a hollow construction. Inside the cavities there is air, which plays the role of a natural heat insulator. Low thermal conductivity and the presence of several chambers prevents heat loss and the formation of “cold bridges”.
  • Multi-chamber double-glazed windows. Instead of the cheap single pane option, energy efficient windows use double and triple glazing. The intermediate chambers can be filled with air or inert gas, which maximizes savings on heating bills.
  • Metallized spraying. At the customer’s request, a metallized layer can be applied to the surface of the insulating glass unit during its manufacture. LoE coating filters infrared rays from the solar spectrum, preventing heating of the room. In winter, this layer reflects heat energy inside the house, preventing it from dissipating to the outside.
  • Sealing of the sash contours. Due to the accuracy of shape and dimensions, the window elements fit tightly together. For additional sealing, a rubber strip is installed along the contour. In the closed position, there will not be even a minimal gap between the sashes, through which a draught can penetrate inside.

If we directly compare prices, energy efficient windows with multi-chamber glazing will cost more than standard windows. But simple calculations of savings on utility bills for 20-30 years make it clear that this difference quickly pays off and saves thousands of dollars.

Ways to improve the energy efficiency of a house

Canglow offers two methods of home insulation in Edmonton. They differ in cost and effectiveness.

The first and less expensive is modernization of existing windows. In this case, masters will replace only the damaged and deformed elements of the sashes. The frame profiles remain the same. The result of such remodeling:

  • better opening of the sashes;
  • tight fit of the profiles to each other;
  • heat retention and draught-free;
  • protection against mold.

This option is suitable if the frame is still strong and there are no gaps between it and the opening. The cost will be considerably lower than manufacturing and installation of a new window.

Full-fledged replacement of old windows includes making frames with opening sashes and double-glazed windows, dismantling damaged structures and installing new ones in the openings. Builders remove foam and other installation materials, after which they seal and insulate the openings.

Large-scale thermal insulation of the house will cost more, but the result will be more tangible. This is the best solution for those who want to save significantly on heating costs.

Our engineer will help you to choose the right option after an inspection of the object. He will propose a method of thermal insulation taking into account the technical features of the house, frames, windows and other parameters.

Costs of replacing old windows in Edmonton

The cost of manufacturing energy efficient windows and installing them in a customer’s home is calculated for each project. A small rectangular window will cost $250, while a huge, complexly shaped frame can cost up to $1,000.

Several factors affect the price:

  • Window characteristics. The larger and more complex the frame, the more money it will take to manufacture it. The cost is made up of the cost of buying PVC profiles and their assembly at our factory. If non-standard window units are installed in the house, the price will be higher. But such models decorate the facade and increase the value of the property.
  • Fittings. When assembling the window used standard certified hinges, handles, seals, brackets. At the customer’s request, Canglow craftsmen can put a burglar-resistant lock, a safety device against opening the sash by children, a mechanism for partial opening in the horizontal plane, insect screen and other accessories.
  • Appearance. The classic PVC window is painted in white. The buyer can choose profiles of other shades from the offered palette.

Calculation is made by a surveyor after visiting the object and collecting the wishes of customers. The cost is fixed in the estimate and contract. It can be changed by agreement with the customer when making changes in the design of new plastic windows.

Effect of doors on the thermal insulation of the house

In addition to windows, we suggest changing your entry doors to improve the energy efficiency of your home. Our company produces door leafs and trim that are Energy Star certified. This means that our products retain 30% more heat. When you install them, you can spend even less money on heating and cooling your air.

Insulated doors are made of vinyl or fiberglass. PVC-floors do not swell from moisture and do not rot under the influence of microorganisms. The door will always open and close well, keep its shape and appearance in frost, heat and rain. Polyvinylchloride profiles do not need to be painted, they retain their initial color throughout their entire service life.

An alternative is a fiberglass door. It is distinguished by the presence of reinforcing glass fiber in the structure of the profiles. To increase insulation properties, the inner cavities are filled with porous material.

We manufacture two types of doors:

  • Deaf. The leaf is protected by a multilayer panel with insulation inside.
  • Glazed. Transparent inserts are made of double-glazed windows that keep the cold out of the street and into the house.

You can choose the right option with the help of our consultants or by yourself.

How to insulate a house with Canglow

Experts will take care of the process of insulating your Edmonton cottage by installing energy efficient windows and doors. We provide a turnkey service. Stages of work:

  • preparation of the design of new windows;
  • manufacture of frames and double-glazed windows;
  • installation in the customer’s home;
  • maintenance after installation.

Our staff will help you choose a financing program and offer several payment options ranging from a down payment of 30% to a 12-month deferred payment

Additional advantages of working with us:

  • minimum lead times;
  • up to 28% discount on new windows throughout the home;
  • Opportunity to apply for a 5000 grant from the Government of Canada.

Contact a member of our staff at your convenience or come to our Edmonton office. We’ll familiarize you with our projects and our capabilities, help you select energy-efficient window frames and install them before the cold weather sets in.



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