Peace River home insulation

Peace River home insulation

Insulating the walls and roof of a home will not be enough to improve its energy efficiency. Peace River’s harsh climate requires a comprehensive approach to thermal insulation. In addition to installing mineral wool in the walls, you need to worry about replacing the windows. Installing PVC frames with multi-chamber double-glazed windows will avoid heat loss and significantly reduce utility bills.

Get new windows installed in your Peace River home by the experts at Cangflow. We make metal frames and install them in homes in any city in Alberta. Our employees make energy efficient designs that will keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Improving energy efficiency with new windows

The main role in the insulation of the building is played by the thermal insulation material. In Canada, mineral wool is most often used, which retains heat well inside the house, plays the role of a fire barrier and acts as a soundproofing layer.

But all efforts to improve energy efficiency will be in vain if you don’t take care of replacing old windows. Let’s find out how they affect the heat retention inside the cottage.

Through gaps

One of the causes of heat loss from the house is the gaps that are formed in the places where the frame joins the walls. The heat energy generated by the radiators escapes through them. Draughts also appear, making the house uncomfortable. You have to spend more money on utility bills.

New windows are manufactured strictly according to the dimensions of the opening in the house. The gap between the frame and the cladding is no more than a few millimeters. This space is filled with insulating assembly foam, which completely excludes the appearance of drafts through the gaps.

Heat transfer coefficient of frames

Wood, which was often used for windows in the past, has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. But builders in most cases install frames that are not thick enough to prevent heat loss through them. Consequently, the heat energy generated will escape to the outdoors. This forces you to set a higher temperature on the thermostat.

Vinyl windows are made of PVC. The profile consists of several internal chambers, which eliminates direct contact of the material with the cold air on the street. Such windows will be more energy efficient. The homeowner will have to spend once on their purchase, after which he will save monthly on utility bills.

Multi-chamber double-glazed windows

To reduce the cost of houses, developers can use glass without air spaces between them. Such windows are not suitable for installation in residential buildings, as they lead to severe heat loss during the cold season.

You can make your home energy efficient by using insulated double-glazed windows:

  • Double-layered. Consist of two panes of glass, between which there is one airtight chamber filled with air. It does not allow heat to pass outside in winter. Such windows are suitable for installation in technical and auxiliary rooms.
  • Three-layer. The most efficient models. In them, the number of chambers is increased to two (three panes of glass are used). Increased thermal insulation properties allow to reduce heat loss through the glass to almost zero.

The heat transfer coefficient of single and double glazing can be reduced by using argon instead of air. This inert gas is pumped inside and plays the role of an additional insulator. Such glass will never get cold, condensation or frost.

Gaps in frames and sashes

Old windows in houses built 20-40 years ago are made of wood, which over time loses its shape and properties. Constant exposure to moisture causes it to warp and crack. Because of this, the opening sash ceases to adhere to the frames, which leads to the appearance of gaps. Cold air blows in through these gaps, which reduces the heating efficiency.

Vinyl windows do not depend on external weather factors. They retain their characteristics during the entire service life, so gaps between the elements do not appear. Moreover, during production, an additional rubber seal is installed on the frame. It completely seals the lumen, making the construction as energy efficient as possible.

Insulation and sealing of slopes

Replacing old windows can simultaneously improve the thermal insulation of window openings and jambs. For this purpose, when installing the frames, builders carefully fill the gaps with assembly foam, and in some houses they also put insulation material in the openings.

This offers several advantages at once:

  • Improved energy efficiency. The owner will suffer less from cold in the winter and heat in the summer. Utility bills will be reduced.
  • Protection against frost. Eliminating gaps and insulators prevents frost at the joints between the frame and the wall. This ensures that the window sill will always remain clean and the window opening will not get wet.
  • No mold. After installing new window frames and insulating the jambs, no black or green spots of mold and fungus will appear on their surface. Thus, the owner protects himself and his loved ones from respiratory diseases.

Modernizing a home by installing new energy-efficient windows can cost $3,000 to $5,000, depending on the number of frames and selected models. But such investments are fully justified by the increased comfort of living in it and savings on utility bills.

Signs of poor quality windows

Contact a window company and replace outdated windows with new ones if you decide to optimize heating and air conditioning costs and insulate your cottage.

Engineers also recommend replacing windows when these signs appear:

  • A draft. It can be felt by hand or detected with a lighted match (paper). Air currents will blow from the street into the house because of the pressure difference. The presence of a draft indicates gaps through which expensive heat escapes in winter.
  • Condensation on glass. Moisture collects on windows due to the surface temperature being too low and in contact with the air outside. As water droplets accumulate, they drip downward and lead to an increase in humidity and mold growth. They must be gotten rid of immediately by replacing ordinary window glass with a double- or triple-pane window pane.
  • Mold in the window opening. The appearance of unsightly gray or green spots (streaks) on the frame, window sill or jambs indicates freezing and water leaking through the window structure. Microorganisms not only spoil the finish of the house, but also cause dangerous diseases.
  • Cold to the touch frame. Windows made of aluminum and thin wooden bars transmit heat well. For this reason, the air heated by heating devices cools down quickly. As a result, you have to raise the temperature on the thermostat, which increases your housing costs.

Replacing the windows in your home will avoid these problems. It should be done as soon as possible to prevent even more serious consequences. Old window structures with defects may break down completely. They will have to be repaired as a matter of urgency, which will be even more costly.

Benefits of insulating and replacing your home windows

Insulating a cottage with new window installation gives the owner such perks:

  • Low energy bills. This is a direct consequence of installing PVC frames and multi-chamber glazing. Depending on the size of the house, winter temperature, glazing area, savings can reach 10% or more. Investments in the purchase and installation of new glazing will pay for themselves within a few years.
  • Increased market value of real estate. The number of energy efficient homes in Peace River is still small. Installing insulated vinyl windows will give the cottage an immediate competitive advantage. If the owner wants to sell it or use it as collateral, they will be able to get more money than before the upgrade.
  • Quiet in the rooms. Fully sealed sash construction, double or triple glazing and insulation absorb sound vibrations. Noise from the street will not interfere with rest in the house, even if the cottage is located next to a noisy highway.
  • Beautiful facade appearance. The Canglow window company makes classic white frames as well as profiles painted in various colors. The film can be used to give the structures the appearance of wood or aluminum. They will fit seamlessly into the style of the building’s exterior design.

With window replacement that takes only a few days or weeks, the owner will get more than just a warm living room or bedroom. It comes with comfort and quietness in the rooms.

Why plastic is more suitable for making a window

When replacing your windows with energy efficient windows, vinyl (polyvinyl chloride) profiles are the most suitable option. This material is suitable for the cold climate of Peace River and other Alberta cities.

PVC Features:

  • Preservation of shape and dimensions. The geometry of plastic profiles does not depend on temperature and humidity fluctuations (unlike wood). The sash will open and close easily both in summer and winter. There is no need to constantly adjust it.
  • Unchanging color. Polymer frames are well able to withstand exposure to ultraviolet rays. As the window is used, it will remain as white as after installation. It does not need to be painted or varnished every 3-5 years.
  • Simple operation. The window company equips the frames and sashes with hardware that can be used to swing the sashes open or open them for slit ventilation. You can let fresh air into the house in winter without cooling the whole room.
  • Reliable sealing. A rubber strip is installed along the contours of the opening sashes. It ensures a tight fit between the movable part and the stationary part. The absence of a gap will not allow a draught to occur, which will cool the room.

In addition to reducing heating costs, replacing your windows can save you money on the operation of your home. Since PVC is not affected by external factors, you won’t have to call in builders or carpenters from time to time to fix defects.

Advantages of ordering energy efficient windows in Canglow

Our company provides old window replacement services in Peace River and other cities in the province of Alberta. Ordering frames and double-glazed windows from us gives you these benefits:

  • Precise measurements and individual design. The company’s engineers will come to the site, determine the dimensions of the window openings and manufacture the frames. In addition, we offer a service of modernization of windows, when only damaged elements of vinyl structures are replaced.
  • Frame installation. Our builders install the frames into the openings. They will make sure to properly seal the gaps with foam and insulate the jambs.
  • Completion at the customer’s request. In addition to the standard set, we can equip the window with reinforced hinges, burglar-proof lock, antimosquito nets and other accessories.
  • Metallized spraying. On request, we install double-glazed windows with LoE coating. This is a layer of metal that does not change the transparency of the glass, but protects the room from heating by infrared rays. This solution prevents the temperature in the room from rising in summer and saves on air conditioning.

We are ready to offer non-standard designs, including frames of large area, arched and triangular models, glazing for bay windows and verandas.

Ordering new windows in Canglow

Our company provides turnkey window and door replacement service for home insulation. The customer can choose a convenient method of payment or arrange financing for credit funds.

When you insulate your home yourself, Canadian residents are eligible for a grant from the government of up to $5,600 CAD to help offset the costs incurred.

Come to our Edmonton office where you can view completed projects and select the windows for your home.



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