Yellowknife home insulation

Yellowknife home insulation

Due to the extreme seasonal fluctuations in Alberta temperatures, Yellowknife residents need to take extra steps to improve the energy efficiency of their home. Insulating your home should include more than just installing mineral wool insulation. The heat retention properties of windows and doors are equally important.

If you use old single pane window frames, most of the heat energy will leak out to the outside through them. Because of this, the owner will have to pay higher utility bills. Replacing old windows, while costly, will pay for itself in the future through savings on electricity and gas.

Canglow helps Yellowknife residents make their homes more comfortable to live in during the summer and winter. We offer services to replace outdated frames with modern, energy-efficient vinyl models. Experienced engineers will match your home’s price and performance to Canadian weather patterns, customer preferences and available bud

What affects the energy efficiency of a house?

Yellowknife is located in a rather harsh climate zone. The city is characterized by low air temperatures in winter and high temperatures in summer. Because of this, residents have to pay a lot for heating and air conditioning.

The only way to reduce costs is to improve the energy efficiency of the house. This indicator is influenced by the material of the walls and the thickness of the insulation. Buildings made of natural wood are considered the warmest. Traditional frame buildings are insulated with mineral wool, which is laid in the walls.

But the most important factors that lead to heat loss and overconsumption of gas (electricity) are the following:

  • Type and construction of window frames and doors. Frames produced by construction companies 20-30 years ago do not meet today’s energy efficiency requirements. Thin wooden or aluminum constructions let the cold through well. Vinyl windows are made of plastic profiles with air chambers inside. The low thermal conductivity of the air helps to keep the heat inside the dwelling.
  • Condition of windows. For a comfortable winter you need high-quality and reliable windows that are free of defects, through gaps and deformations. If the house was built decades ago, the service life of the frames in it has expired. To avoid drafts, freezing and mold, it is necessary to replace them with new models.
  • The type of insulating glass unit and the number of air layers in it. The cheapest option, which is often used in Canada, is single panes of glass in the frame. Their energy efficiency is very low. More “warm” will be double-glazed windows with one or two air layers. Especially if they are filled with inert gas inside.
  • Quality of installation of windows and doors in openings. The way the window is installed has a great influence on the thermal insulation. During operation, the seal between the frame and the walls has already lost its properties. As a result, gaps appear through which water enters. Sealing does not help to solve this problem. Installing new windows with correct dimensions makes it possible to reduce the foam layer and make the house warmer.
  • Insulation of slopes. Not only walls, but also parts of walls near door or window frames need to be insulated. To avoid freezing and cold bridges when replacing old windows with new ones, builders can insulate these parts of the structure. The energy efficiency of the house will be further improved.
  • Protection against water ingress from the outside. In addition to heat leakage, installing windows to replace old, worn-out structures can prevent leaks. They occur due to loose fitting double-glazed windows and water seeping into the gap between the wall and the frame. During installation, the window company makes flashing, moldings and other elements that drain rain and melt water. The house will be dry and warm.

If an owner has decided to insulate a home in Yellowknife, the first step may be to install energy efficient windows. This alone helps to increase the temperature inside by 2-3oC and reduce annual heating costs by thousands of dollars.

When you need to replace your windows?

It is recommended to replace window frames to make your home more energy efficient. Especially since the Government of Canada supports such endeavors and provides grants of up to $5,600 to help offset the cost of installing new windows.

The following signs indicate that a home is in need of insulation and modernization:

  • Drafts. In strong winds, draughts can blow into the gaps between the frame and the wall, as well as into the gaps between the opening sashes due to their loose fit to each other. This creates discomfort for the people living in the house and also reduces the air temperature. You have to turn on the heaters more and spend more money on utility bills.
  • Condensation on the windows. Moisture condenses on windows without double-glazed windows due to the temperature difference between outside and inside. It accumulates on the surface in the form of droplets and gradually flows to the window sill. As a result, mold can appear in the window opening. Only thermal insulation of the house helps to solve the problem.
  • Severe heat loss. Because of their construction, windows are one of the biggest sources of heat loss. If the cottage has frames with a high coefficient of thermal conductivity, even at zero air temperature, the heating will have to be turned on to maximum. Simply replacing old windows with energy efficient windows makes it easier to control the climate in the house.
  • High utility bills. Turning heaters or air conditioners on turbo mode because of poor quality windows results in the homeowner having to pay hundreds or thousands of extra dollars for gas and electricity. Investing in new windows once can save you from overpaying for utilities for decades.
  • Change of appearance and deformation. The need to change window frames is indicated by loss of color and shape of window structures. People living in the house will not be able to open the windows for ventilation, close them without effort, etc. Old windows, due to their peculiarities, sometimes cannot be repaired, in which case only replacement will help.
  • Cracks. The presence of through cracks causes heat loss, contributes to moisture inside and freezing of the frame. Frost forms in the window opening, which moistens the surface when it melts. Mold, which is dangerous to your health, forms in this area. It is better to replace windows in advance than to put your family at risk of getting sick.

If the cottage owner detected at least one of the above signs, it is recommended to immediately contact a window company. Otherwise, the situation will worsen. Sooner or later the windows will have to be replaced in an emergency, which will cause additional inconvenience and cost more.

How windows contribute to thermal insulation?

Home insulation in Yellowknife involves installing windows that can keep the heat inside the rooms. For this purpose, the old frames are replaced with new ones with these characteristics.

  • Multi-chamber double-glazed window. Insulated windows most often have two panes of glass with an air layer between them. More energy efficient is a package with three panes of glass. In this case, there are two chambers between them. Low thermal conductivity of the air contributes to the preservation of heat inside. Our company also offers a variant with argon filling. The inert gas works better than air, so your utility bills will be even lower.
  • Contour sealant. In the process of manufacturing vinyl windows, a rubber strip for sealing is installed along the contour of opening sashes and frames. When closing, it fits tightly against the plastic, eliminating drafts and water infiltration.
  • Air chambers in the frames. The PVC window profile has air cavities inside. They do not freeze even in the most severe frost. The lack of direct contact of the material with the street eliminates the appearance of “cold bridges” that lead to unproductive heat loss.
  • LoE Coating. Canadian window company Canglow puts windows with a special coating that reflects the infrared spectrum of solar radiation. Thanks to this, in summer the room is not heated by the sun, so you do not have to turn on the air conditioner at full power.

Installing windows with good thermal insulation characteristics will cost $300 or more per frame. But this investment will quickly pay for itself in utility savings. To reduce the financial burden, we offer several financing options, as well as deferred payment and installment plans.

Why else should you change the windows in your hom?

Reducing heat loss in the winter and heating up rooms in the summer isn’t the only reason to make replacing your old windows with PVC frames. There are several other factors:

  • Beautiful appearance. Vinyl profiles can be white or any other color. Their surface is decorated with polymer films that imitate the texture of natural wood or other materials.
  • Extended service life. Windows from vinyl well tolerate use in conditions of temperature fluctuations and high humidity. The owner of the cottage after replacement will not have to think about installing new glazing for the next 30-40 years. And all this time the frames will retain their size, color, shape.
  • Increase in market value. Improving the energy efficiency of the house and improving the appearance of the facades with new windows increases the price of the property. When you sell, you will get back the money you invested. With house prices constantly rising, this will be a very profitable investment.
  • Ease of use. Quality hardware, seals and lack of deformation makes it easy to open and close the window. It does not warp due to heating and cooling, and does not deform due to high humidity. You won’t have to call a carpenter every spring to fix defects.
  • Minimal maintenance. The frame made of plastic does not need to be constantly painted, protected with varnish or oil from water. Thus, the owner can further save on the purchase of paint materials or hiring workers to take care of the frames.

After replacing your old windows with new PVC windows, you will have a warm and beautiful home that will cost more than before the upgrade.

Cost of installing energy efficient windows

The price of one window and the amount for the whole job depends on several factors. One frame with double-glazed windows costs from 250 CAD. Costs will be higher in case of purchasing windows of non-standard configuration for large and arched openings, triangular and trapezoidal frames.

Also the price varies depending on the equipment. At the customer’s request, our employees can install:

  • a lock to prevent unauthorized entry;
  • mosquito net to protect against insects in summer;
  • child lock;
  • other accessories.

Another important factor is design. The price may increase if the frame is finished in other colors, beautiful handles and metal plates are installed.

Window and door replacement services from Canglow

Canadian window company Canglow offers turnkey window installation. Our craftsmen will come to the site and take measurements, help you choose energy efficient models, manufacture and install them on site.

You can save up to 15% on your service fees when you contact us. Just pay 30% of the estimate or use one of our financing methods to get started. When replacing old windows throughout the house, you can get a discount of up to 28% on your payment.

Upon completion, we will provide all the necessary paperwork to receive compensation from the Government of Canada up to $5,000.

Come to our Edmonton office or request a specialist at the phone numbers listed. We’ll schedule a convenient time to visit you today and get started on your home insulation in Yellowknife.



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