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Replacing old windows and doors with modern energy efficient designs is a must when it comes to home insulation in Grand Prairie. In Alberta, winter temperatures drop to -30°C and below. Insulating the walls is not enough to keep out the cold and reduce heating costs. You need to make sure that the heat generated doesn’t escape to the outdoors through worn frames and thin glass.

Canadian window company Canglow offers solutions to improve the thermal insulation of cottages. Our company makes vinyl windows and installs them to replace old plastic or wood structures. This modernization of the home will not just make it warmer. It will increase the market value of the property and attract buyers to it.

By ordering the service, the owner can save money on utility bills and later sell the house profitably. You don’t have to have a large sum of money to pay for our work. Canglow offers a variety of financing programs so you can insulate your home now and pay for new windows and doors over several years.

When windows need replacement?

Windows are an indispensable attribute of any living room. Sunlight enters through the glass, which illuminates and warms the dwelling. Open sashes help to ventilate the room, getting rid of excess moisture, dust and unpleasant odors. Not to mention that the frames decorate the facade of the building.

But at the same time window constructions are the biggest source of heat loss. You can be sure of this after a thermal imaging survey of the cottage. On the thermogram you will clearly see bright red and orange spots on the windows. They indicate large heat leaks, which leads to increased heating costs.

If you decide to insulate your Grand Prairie home, you can start by installing or replacing old windows with energy efficient models. There are several signs that this upgrade is necessary.

Frame freezing

Due to the high thermal conductivity of the window, frost and ice can appear on and near the frames. Even a small construction defect causes cold air from the street to enter the room. The draft makes the living room or bedroom less cozy and cools them down.

To compensate for heat loss, you have to turn up the heat more and spend more money on buying gas or electricity. If you contact Canglow, you will be able to install insulated windows in your home. They will not freeze even in the harshest winter.

Moisture accumulation and frost on the glass

In energy-efficient constructions, double-glazed units with air chambers are used. The gas layer keeps the inner pane warm. Water droplets do not accumulate on it, causing inconvenience to people living in the house.

When the structure has low energy efficiency, the temperature difference between the outside and inside will be noticeable. Because of this, moisture will condense on the cold surface, which will gradually run down and moisten the window sill. If the old frames are not replaced with models with low thermal conductivity, sooner or later the occupants will have to suffer from fungus and related diseases.

Opening and closing problems

The thermal insulation of the house is directly affected by the integrity of the structure. In a quality product sashes tightly fit to the frame, there is not even the smallest gap between them. If you can not open or close the window without effort, it affects the convenience of its operation and heating costs. The resulting gaps lead to draughts, which are a source of heat loss in the house.

In case of such a problem, you should contact Canglow specialists. They will diagnose the structure and based on its results will offer two options – repair with partial replacement of sashes or installation of a new window. In the manufacture of frames used quality hardware, which works for dozens of years without the need for replacement and adjustment.

What materials are used to make windows

In private construction, several types of window frames are used in the construction of residential cottages:

  • Wood. Natural wood has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity and contributes to the thermal insulation of the house. But in Grand Prairie it is not recommended to use such windows because of sharp seasonal fluctuations in temperature and humidity. Constant contact with water leads to swelling and deformation of the material of the sashes, because of which they are worse fit to each other. In addition, the frames require constant maintenance and coloring, they need to be treated with water-repellent compositions.
  • Aluminum. Aluminum alloy profiles are suitable if you need to make a large and beautiful window. High strength and minimal weight of metal allow you to develop complex projects with a small number of partitions. But these windows can not be called energy efficient. Through aluminum frames due to the high thermal conductivity of the material leaks a large amount of heat. In winter, this will lead to overspending on heating, and in summer – to cool the air in the house.
  • Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). Vinyl windows are ideal for use in the Alberta climate. They can be used in high and low temperatures, have hydrophobic properties, and do not lose color or shape during use.

The main advantage of PVC products is high energy efficiency. Heat losses are minimized due to the multi-chambered design of profiles and the use of double- and triple-glazed windows.

Service life of such structures – from 25 years and more. Although their installation and requires costs from 250 dollars per window, the investment is recouped through savings on utility bills.

Advantages of energy-efficient vinyl windows

Why is it better to use vinyl frames to replace old windows:

  • Long service life. The condition of PVC profiles is practically independent of external natural influences. Plastic is designed to operate for tens of years. The owner of the house does not need to incur additional costs and hire carpenters to repair the windows.
  • Stable dimensions and shape. The geometric parameters of PVC frames are not affected by changes in temperature and humidity (unlike wood and aluminum). Sashes can be opened and closed in winter and summer. There is no need to trim them from time to time and adjust the hinges to compensate for deformations.
  • Absence of rot and mold. The polymer material is not susceptible to biocorrosion when used in a humid environment. No matter how difficult Grand Prairie’s climate may be, the homeowner does not have to suffer from rotten windows or get rid of gray or green unsightly stains on the surface of the frames.
  • Do not need to be painted. Polyvinylchloride profiles are painted in white or other color according to the customer’s request. Pigment is added during the production of the polymer mixture. The paint does not rub off during the use of the window and does not burn out in the sun. Your frames will always look attractive both from the facade and from inside the room.
  • Complex design. Due to the ease of processing from PVC profiles can be assembled frame of unusual shape, including with an arch, in the form of a triangle or trapezoid. New windows can transform the facade of your cottage and attract buyers to it.
  • Versatility. Plastic energy-efficient profiles fit seamlessly into the design of any building. They can also be installed in bathhouses, hunting lodges, barns, garages. Low coefficient of thermal conductivity of frames and double-glazed windows will simplify heating and conditioning of premises.
  • Increased durability. The special internal structure of the profiles increases their resistance to burglary. No intruder will be able to get into the house, especially if you order the installation of reinforced locks in our company.

But the main benefit is that you can make your Grand Prairie home’s insulation as efficient as possible with vinyl windows. Reducing heat loss by 30-50% helps you save 10 to 30% on heating costs during the cold season.

How new windows help insulate your home

Canadian window company Canglow manufactures frames and glazing using energy efficient solutions that help keep the heat inside your home during the colder seasons. All products are Energy Star compliant, so when you purchase them, you can apply for a $5,000 grant from the Government of Canada. This payment will offset some or all of the installation costs incurred.

The thermal insulation properties of our windows are enhanced by such technical features:

  • Placement of the sealing strip along the window contour. The design of the frame provides a strip of rubber installed along the edge of the sash. When closed, it closes the gap between the elements and prevents drafts.
  • Sealing the gap in the places of adjoining to the walls. Our specialists do turnkey replacement of old windows in the house. The service includes installation of the frame and sealing the gap with insulating foam. This approach allows you to make a complete insulation circuit, which has no loopholes for heat leakage.
  • Double and triple glazing. The main role in improving the energy efficiency of the window is played by the glass, which is assembled in several layers into a sealed package. Between the individual layers are placed chambers filled with air or argon. Since the gas medium has a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, heat loss is reduced to almost zero.
  • Reflective coating. Customers can order glass with a metallized LoE layer from a window company. It reflects infrared rays, so that the room is less heated by the sun in summer and warms up faster in winter when the heating is switched on.

Quality insulation in Grand Prairie can’t come cheap. Low-e windows will cost $250 or more per frame. But this investment is fully justified and is offset by savings on utility bills throughout the year.

Cost of windows and financing options

The estimate for the installation of new windows is calculated for each customer. To do this, our engineers survey the site and measure the window openings and find out the customer’s requirements.

Several factors affect the cost:

  • Size and shape. Our factory can make a standard window for a kitchen or technical room or replace the glazing on a beautiful house facade, veranda or terrace. Complex designs are more expensive, but beautify the facade and increase the value of the property.
  • Appearance. The most affordable option is PVC-window of white color. But at the customer’s request, our craftsmen will make frames of any shade, install beautiful handles and other hardware. It is also easy to decorate the surfaces with wood or metal to fit in with the design of the exterior walls of the house.
  • Fittings. The standard equipment includes high-quality and durable locks, handles, hinges and other accessories. For an additional fee, you can equip the window with an anti-burglary lock, gnat net, more powerful hinges.

You can familiarize yourself with the various designs and options at your home during the measurement. Our employee will bring samples of materials and tell you about possible modifications, as well as make a preliminary calculation of the estimate.

Ordering a window replacement service in Canglow

To apply for new window installation in Grand Prairie, use the electronic form on the website or call the phone number provided. You can also visit our Edmonton office for project details, payment terms or financing arrangements.

You can get up to 28% discount when you order replacement windows for your entire house. We offer services at prices 10-15% lower than other Canadian window companies. Some of the costs can be recovered through a government grant.

We start work after credit approval or a down payment of 30% of the estimate. If you hurry, you’ll be enjoying the comfort of your living room in as little as a month without overpaying for utilities.



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