Home insulation in St. Albert

Canada is located in the northern part of the American continent. Because of the harsh winters, only reliable home insulation can reduce heating costs. This includes installing an insulation layer in the walls and installing energy-efficient windows and doors.

If you need to insulate your St. Albert home, you should start by choosing quality window frames and door frames. They occupy more than half of the area of the enclosing walls, so they are the most serious source of heat loss. These upgrades can improve a cottage’s energy efficiency by 30-50% and reduce heating and air conditioning costs by 10-30%.

Canadian window company Canglow offers insulated windows and doors with installation services in St. Albert. Our products will make your home warmer and more comfortable, protect it from drafts and freezing, prevent mold on the walls and condensation on the windows.

Insulated windows for cottage

Window frames are an indispensable attribute of a living room. They are necessary for lighting and ventilation. In addition, the presence of a window is necessary to comply with current building standards.

But in the province of Alberta, frames and sashes and front doors need to be more than just beautiful and durable. They need to be energy efficient. Replacing old windows with new ones can help keep your home warm and avoid excessive heating costs.

When windows need to be replaced

You don’t have to call an engineer or builder to assess the quality of your own windows. You can carry out the diagnosis yourself. Order the replacement of old windows when these signs appear:

  • Freezing of the structure. Frost and frost on the frame is formed due to leaks in the profiles. The draft enters the house through the smallest cracks and leads to freezing of moisture from the air on the surfaces near the window. As a result, the room becomes damp and uncomfortable, and residents begin to suffer from colds. Increasing the temperature on the thermostat will not solve the problem. Only installing a new energy efficient window from Canglow will help.
  • Water droplets on the glass. If the house has good double-glazed windows, the temperature difference on the surface will not be felt. Heated air does not contact the cold glass and it does not fog up. The problem arises when the heat exchange is disturbed. Cold from the street cools the surface, on which then condenses moisture. Further it flows to the window sill and leads to the appearance of mold in its corners. If you see wet marks, condensation or mold stains, you should think about insulating your home and installing insulated windows.
  • Difficulties with opening the sash. A quality and properly adjusted window opens with a slight push. It is just as easy to close it after airing. If you have to apply force, it is recommended to repair the construction or replace it with a new one. Canglow specialists will suggest a suitable option after examining the window and assessing its technical condition.

Insulating a home in St. Albert cannot be cheap. In a large cottage, replacing all the windows can cost $5,000 to $10,000. But this money is invested in modernizing the home, which will help save on heating costs later on. If in the future the owner wants to sell the property, it will cost more and the investment will pay off many times over.

What PVC windows are good for

The best material for window frames in terms of price and performance is polyvinyl chloride. It is a safe polymer that does not contain lead. It produces strong and durable profiles that can withstand the harsh Alberta climate.

Vinyl windows, unlike structures made of wood and aluminum, have such pros:

  • Beautiful color and appearance. During the production of profiles, coloring pigments are added to the polymer to give them the color desired by the customer. Most often white versions are used, as they fit any style of facade. But if desired, they can be made brown, beige or painted in any other shade. And the owner will not have to repaint the frames every year or two.
  • Preservation of shape. Low coefficient of thermal expansion and hydrophobic properties prevent deformation of the frame and sashes due to rain, cold and heat. Such windows are perfect for St. Albert, where the winter temperature drops to – 30oC, and in the fall there are frequent precipitation. The windows installed by our company will always be easy to open and close.
  • Long service life. Vinyl frames are not subject to corrosion and rot due to the appearance of mold and fungus. They do not lose strength from constant exposure to ultraviolet light and withstand strong mechanical impact. Windows production Canglow retain their characteristics and appearance for at least 25 years. And the owner does not need to pay for their maintenance and adjustment.

Windows with low thermal conductivity allow you to save money at any time of the year. In the winter, they reduce the cost of paying for electricity or gas for heating. In the summer, they allow you to run the air conditioner less and less often, which also helps reduce utility costs.

Engineering solutions for greater energy efficiency

Canglow makes windows designed to operate in the climatic conditions of St. Albert and other Alberta cities. They feature several innovative solutions that help to greatly reduce heat loss.

The thermal insulation of the house becomes twice as effective due to these features:

  • Multi-chamber double-glazed windows. Instead of one glass in the frame, insulated windows use sealed packages with two or three air chambers. You can optimize the purchase costs by choosing two-chamber models for common and technical rooms and three-chamber models for bedrooms. You will not have to install an additional heater or increase the power of heating devices to escape the cold.
  • Rubber seal. It is mounted around the perimeter of the sash in the places where it adjoins the frame. When closing, the rubber is tightly in contact with the surface and eliminates the appearance of even the slightest gap. And the tightness is maintained throughout the entire service life, as PVC does not deform over time. Metallized LoE layer. This is an ultra-thin and fully transparent coating on glass that can reflect UV and infrared rays. When applied, it can reduce heat loss through glass by up to 70%. In summer, LoE does not let in infrared radiation, which heats up the room. And in winter, heat rays are reflected inside the room, which increases the efficiency of heating devices.

Canglow does turnkey window replacement. With this approach, you can significantly improve the insulation of your St. Albert home. We take care of the installation of the frames and carefully seal the gaps. The gaps between the profiles and the wall are filled with thermal insulation foam and carefully protected from moisture. The result is a complete insulation layer without “weak spots” through which heat quickly escapes.

Home insulation costs in St. Albert and other cities in the province of Alberta

It is impossible to calculate the cost of window replacement in advance. The estimate is made by a surveyor after determining the size of openings, window construction, number of frames, glazing area, customer wishes and other factors.

The price of the window is directly affected by its height and width, as well as the complexity of the profile. A standard design in the pantry or garage can be bought for 250-300 dollars. But a large arched window will cost more. On our equipment we can make sashes in the form of trapezoids, triangles, circles.

The cost may increase if additional options are selected. These include:

  • A lock to prevent the window from being opened;
  • Mosquito net;
  • Beautiful handles;
  • Reinforced hinges for the sashes.

Our managers will offer several options so that the client can choose the right one for him, taking into account the planned budget for insulation.

To calculate the cost, you need to call our managers and agree on a convenient time for an employee’s visit. In advance, he can estimate the costs on site, the exact amount is specified in the contract.

Canglow offers comfortable payment terms, including deferred first payment and various financing programs. You can order and install your windows now and pay for them for a year or more. During this time, you’ll save money on your utility bills.

Replacing old doors in the house

Replacing doors will also make a big contribution to thermal insulation. In addition to high durability and design, when selecting doors, you should also consider their ability to retain heat and protect rooms from rain, snow and dust.

New doors should be installed in the house if the hinges are constantly squeaking when opening and closing, and the leaf does not fit the strapping. Most often the consequence of such a defect will be constant draughts in the rooms and cold even when the heating is turned on to maximum.

Doors without an insulating layer freeze through in severe frosts, becoming covered with frost on the inside. Because of this, heating costs increase, the room becomes damp and mold appears.

If you see any of these signs, contact Canglow, where you will have new doors selected, made and installed. We offer two design options:

  1. Vinyl. They are made of PVC. This solution is popular among Alberta residents due to its affordable price and good characteristics. Plastic will never lose its shape regardless of the temperature. In the profiles do not appear holes and cracks, they do not burn out and do not shrivel.
  2. Fiberglass. These doors are reinforced with fiberglass, due to which they acquire increased strength and stability. They are able to withstand the most severe frost and heat without damage.

A functional door can also look beautiful. Our designers will choose a model to match the interior and exterior of the house. At the customer’s request, the leaf and strapping can be painted in different colors, transparent inserts can be installed inside.

Energy efficient construction is distinguished from conventional construction by the insulation placed inside. Foam with a low coefficient of thermal conductivity is used to fill the voids. Transparent elements are made of double-glazed windows, which do not freeze in winter and do not lead to condensation on the surface.

Our doors are also Energy Star compliant and certified. This means that our doors are 30% better at conserving heat energy in the home compared to their classic wooden or metal counterparts.

Home insulation services from Canglow

Our company takes care of all worries about repairing windows in the house, as well as replacing them with energy-efficient models. You will be able to insulate your cottage before the onset of cold weather and enjoy the coziness, saving on gas and electricity bills.

When you contact us, it is easy to save up to 15% compared to ordering services from other vendors. Our company has reduced prices without sacrificing quality. All window profiles are Energy Star certified, which allows you to take advantage of a grant for home insulation to the Government of Canada. The payment under this program is up to $5600

A payment of 30% of the estimate is required to get started. If you are using a financing program, approval from a lending institution is sufficient. When you replace old windows throughout your home, we will provide a discount on frames and installation services of up to 28%.

For more advice and examples of completed projects, visit our Edmonton office. Contact the professionals and forget the hassle of poor quality windows and poor insulation in your home.


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