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Installing energy efficient windows and doors is the first step to insulating your Sherwood Park home. Without replacing outdated window frames and door frames with insulated ones, all efforts to reduce utility bills will come to naught. All the heat generated by the heaters will escape through gaps and airless glass to the outdoors.

Canadian Window Company Canglow manufactures and installs insulated PVC windows and vinyl doors in Alberta cities. Our experts will take care of the most complex turnkey cottage insulation job. The customer is only required to select the appropriate designs and accept the finished project upon completion.

The money spent on replacing old windows with new ones is recouped through savings on utility bills. Over a number of years, the investment made is returned, after which you will pay less for gas and electricity until you sell your cottage and move to a new home.

Why change the doors on your home

The main task of entrance doors is to protect the house from intruders. When buying, owners pay more attention to durability, forgetting about insulation. As a result, during the cold winters that often occur in Sherwood Park, you will have to increase the temperature on the thermostat. But even that doesn’t always keep you warm and comfortable for your loved ones.

If you want a truly cozy and warm cottage, you should start insulating your home by purchasing energy efficient doors.

Signs of a poor-quality door

When building houses, builders often install inexpensive entrance doors made of wooden slats and veneers. New wood looks beautiful, but it is not adapted to strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity. In the province of Alberta, such structures quickly deform, dry out, and crack.

These signs indicate that the door is worn out and needs to be replaced with a new one:

  • severe creaking, which cannot be eliminated even by lubricating the hinges;
  • draughts from gaps around the door and through cracks in the door;
  • inability to close or open the sash without force.

But the main thing is the loss of insulation properties. If poor-quality thermal insulation material was used in the manufacture of the door, it cakes during operation. The heat escapes unhindered to the cold street.

There are two ways to check the quality of a door:

  • With a thermal imager. It is sufficient to look at the entrance door in the infrared range. The door leaf will be clearly visible as a bright red or orange spot.
  • To the naked eye. On a cold winter day, an uninsulated door is covered with frost.

Loss of heat energy is not the only nuisance. Constant freezing leads to increased humidity in the corridor, hallway and living rooms. This causes mold and fungus to appear, which are dangerous to the health of your loved ones.

What is the best door to install

For the reasons described above, wood sheathing and strapping is not suitable for insulating a home in Sherwood Park. Natural wood does not tolerate fluctuations in temperature and humidity well. It has to be constantly stained, hinges adjusted, etc.

Canglow engineers suggest using polyvinyl chloride products. This polymer is used for window and door profiles and is completely harmless to the human body and lead-free.

The popularity of vinyl doors among Canadians is due to several attributes:

  • Durability. Reinforced profiles withstand strong mechanical effects and intensive operation. They can be frequently opened and closed, slammed. They do not break when hit with hard objects. It will be difficult for a burglar to get into the house in your absence.
  • Hydrophobicity. PVC profiles are absolutely not damaged by water. Even the constant ingress of rain or melted snow does not lead to deformation of the structure. It is not necessary to protect the entrance group with a canopy.
  • Beautiful appearance. In the classic version of the door is made of white polyvinyl chloride. But the customer can choose another option. In addition, the canvas can be decorated with transparent inserts. They are made of durable two-chamber double-glazed windows to further exclude heat loss.
  • Stability of dimensions. The door is not affected by changes in temperature and humidity depending on the season. It will always close and open without effort. Small deformations due to house shrinkage can be easily compensated for by adjusting the hardware.

The thermal insulation properties of the door are increased by using foam. The leaf is filled with a porous composition. Air bubbles reduce the heat transfer coefficient of the construction. Heat stops escaping from the house through the closed door. This allows the homeowner to significantly reduce heating costs.

Advantages of energy efficient doors from Canglow

Our doors are adapted to the cold climate of Alberta from the design stage. Canglow products have these features:

  • Energy Star certified. The products are one-third better at conserving heat energy inside the house than other manufacturers’ wooden panels. Thanks to them it is possible to reduce heating costs in winter and reduce electricity costs for air conditioners in summer. The main benefit of having a certificate is the opportunity to participate in the Government of Canada’s Sherwood Park Home Insulation Grant Program.
  • Equipped with energy saving packages. Transparent door inserts consist of two panes of glass with air or inert gas in between. They also have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity, so they do not form cold bridges.
  • Our company works in accordance with the BBB principles. Canglow is among the best window companies in Canada. Our engineers can realize the most complex and custom designs. New doors and windows will beautify your home, insulate it and increase the value of your home on the real estate market.

We don’t just manufacture energy-efficient products. Our builders install the finished structures. Experienced craftsmen accurately measure openings, tightly seal gaps after installation, finish soffits and attach drip pans for water drainage. We guarantee that your cottage will be warmer and your utility bills will be lower.

Why replace the windows in your home

The second step in insulating a Sherwood Park home after replacing the doors is installing new windows. They have no less impact on the energy efficiency of the cottage. This is due to the large glazing area. As a rule, it makes up to half of the area of the building’s enclosing walls.

When you need to replace old windows with new ones:

  • The frame is constantly freezing. This happens due to the small thickness of the blocks themselves, the appearance of through gaps in the profiles or in places of adhesion to the walls. If the problem is not eliminated, the room will never be warm, no matter how high the temperature on the thermostat.
  • Glasses often fog up. Moisture condenses because of the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the room. The cold surface of the glass collects water vapor, which then drips onto the windowsill. If you do not change the windows to energy efficient, the air in the room will be very humid, mold and fungus will appear in the opening.
  • Sashes do not open without effort. Difficulties with operating the window arise due to its deformation and swelling. Moisture is absorbed into the wood, making it larger and resizing it. If the problem is left unresolved, a frame that is open for ventilation cannot be closed. You will have to call a craftsman to fix the problem urgently.

Buying new windows can be compared to an investment. You will have to pay for the manufacture and installation of PVC-frames. But the invested funds bring profit in the form of savings on utility bills. Another result of such an investment is an increase in the market value of the real estate. An energy-efficient house is worth more than the same cottage with old cracked frames.

If a homeowner doesn’t want to pay $5,000 to $10,000 for Sherwood Park home insulation right away, one of the financing options is available.

Advantages of PVC windows compared to wooden windows

As in the case with doors, the optimal solution is to install vinyl windows. Our company uses PVC profiles from well-known manufacturers. They have air chambers to increase energy efficiency and are reinforced with metal elements to increase strength.

In addition, the choice in favor of polyvinyl chloride is due to such factors:

  • Color retention. The classic white color of the frames is preserved forever and does not yellow from ultraviolet rays. The owner of such windows will not have to repaint them in a year or two. If desired, you can order designs of other colors or decorate them under wood, stone or other natural materials.
  • Stability of forms. Regardless of the amount of rain and temperature outside the window, the owner of the house and members of his family will be able to open the sash by simply turning the handle. There is no need to call a carpenter to trim the swollen frame or reattach the hinges.
  • Long service life. PVC windows are suitable for use in Alberta’s harsh climate. Our company makes and installs windows that serve their owners for at least 20 years. Throughout this time, they do not lose energy efficiency and durability.
  • Convenient operation. When installing plastic windows, you can order special mechanisms and fittings. With their help, you can open the sash wide open or for slit ventilation. In the second case, you can let fresh frosty air into the house without creating an additional load on heating devices.

Canglow designers can prepare a window project for your home that will transform the look of your home. Plastic is easy to work with. It makes beautiful frames in rectangular, trapezoidal, round, triangular shapes. You can choose different numbers of blind and opening sections, number and shape of linte

The appearance of the window depends only on the customer’s imagination, taking into account the minimum technical limitations.

How PVC windows help insulate your home

Thermal calculations show that replacing old windows with PVC frames increases the energy efficiency of a home by 30-50%. This saves on utility bills from 10 to 35% depending on the weather, the size of the house, the heating used and other factors.

Why plastic windows contribute to insulation:

  • Fully airtight. Due to their precise shape and dimensions, the sashes fit well together. For additional sealing, a rubber strip is installed around the contour. The places of adjoining to the opening are insulated with foam.
  • Multi-chamber double-glazed windows. Instead of a single pane of glass, packages with one or two air layers are installed in the frames. The gas medium has low thermal conductivity, which contributes to insulation and prevents condensation in winter.
  • Reflective coating. At the customer’s request, a metallized reflective layer is applied to the glass. It is necessary to protect the room from infrared radiation in summer. Thanks to it, the heating of the room by solar rays is reduced. In winter, it reflects heat from heaters into the room. This allows you to set a lower temperature on the thermostat and save on utilities.

Our engineers come to the site and scrutinize the structure to offer clients the best solutions in terms of price and features.

Home insulation services from Canglow

We install new windows and doors in Sherwood Park and other cities across Alberta. The Canglow office is located in Edmonton, where you can come to see our projects and choose energy efficient designs.

You can order the service remotely. To do this, just fill out an electronic form or call our managers. Savings on payment for manufacturing and installation of windows with us will be up to 15% compared to other companies.

When ordering windows for the entire cottage, we offer a discount of up to 28%. You only need to deposit 30% of the estimate to get started on the project. If you choose a financing program, we proceed after receiving approval from the lending institution.



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