High quality casement windows in Calmar

Have you decided to replace the windows in your home in Calmar? Give Canglow sash window company a call! We will install new, high quality casement windows with a quality assurance guarantee. Modern glazing systems will increase the performance of your home, giving it an attractive appearance. This is one of the best real estate investments in Canada!

We work with individual projects. We will install windows that will emphasize the architectural style of your home and match the interior. The designs are specifically engineered for Alberta’s climate. Order replacement windows throughout your home and save on utilities.

Advantages of Canglow

Take a look at our collections – they include all popular window models. We have been working in the market for 12 years and can realize any of your desires. We guarantee that our windows meet all requirements, standards, reliably protect homes from cold and noise from the street.

Accurate figures will confirm our benefits:

  • 28% – your maximum benefit. We give a discount on everything: on windows, accessories, installation.
  • 25 years – a guarantee of reliability of windows. You will receive documents that prove the warranty.
  • $5,600 is your grant money. Our windows qualify for the Greener Homes program.
  • 12-14 days — your time savings. We can deliver your windows two weeks sooner than any other company in Alberta.

Call Canglow managers to place your order. The more windows you replace in your home, the better it is for your budget. All designs are Energy Star certified.

What are high quality casement windows

Casement windows are traditional models that suit all styles and designs. Install the design in any room of your home: living room, bedroom, kitchen or even garage.

The casement window consists of one, two or three sashes. For glazing of wide openings it is possible to make a design of four or more sashes.

Fixed parts are combined with movable parts. When the window has an opening sash, you can easily clean the frame inside and outside the house. Such models are convenient to maintain and operate.

The hinges of the casement window are fixed laterally to the frame. The movable unit opens to 90 degrees. You can open two sashes at the same time and completely free the aperture. The new window will allow you to fill the room with sunlight, fresh air at any time.

Differences between casement windows and awning windows

Awning window consists of one sash. The hinges are placed in the upper part of the frame, so the structure opens upwards. To raise the sash, you need to make an effort. The width of the awning window is always greater than the height. The peculiarity of the model is that the sash can remain open even during heavy rain – the water will not get inside. Awning windows are perfect for kitchens, workshops, cellars and other rooms that need constant ventilation.

Casement windows can be used in large openings. Even heavy sashes can be opened easily due to the side hinges. This is an excellent option for installation in the living rooms of the house. Casement designs are suitable for tall and narrow openings, allowing you to open the space completely.

Differences between casement windows and sliding windows

A sliding window has no hinges. To open the opening, you must slide the sash to the side. The unit slides along the guide, but remains in the plane of the window. The opening cannot be opened completely: some part of it will always be covered by the sash. The advantage of sliding windows is a completely free space in front of the opening. This is an excellent solution for loggias, patios – you can put furniture near the glass and not worry about the possibility of airing the room.

The casement window opens inwards or outwards. The movable part extends beyond the plane of the opening. You can’t put a sofa in front of the window, because the sashes need free space. But unlike sliding windows, casement windows are easier to open, provide good ventilation and fully open the opening.

Configuration options for casement windows

Single sash windows

If your room has a narrow window opening, we will install a single sash. The unit can be fixed or movable.

The movable sash will allow you to ventilate the room when you need to. You will be able to fully open the view, look at the garden and breathe fresh air.

A fixed unit will let sunlight in, protect you from drafts, wind and noise. Choose a fixed single pane window if other openings in the room provide good ventilation. The model is great for attic, garage, storage room or restroom installations

Double-pane windows

Two sashes are installed in the opening. The movable part can be one part or both. If we install a window with one movable sash, you can easily clean it, but only half of the opening will be open.

Two movable sashes allow you to fully open the opening for better ventilation. We will install reliable hardware on your window so that the circuit is airtight. When you fully open the opening, there will only be one thin post that does not obstruct the view.


The three-pane window is used in wide openings. An additional vertical post increases the strength of the structure. A window with three sashes is more wind resistant than two wide units.

The middle part can be made movable and the two side parts can be fixed. This is a convenient configuration. You can clean the window from both sides without going outside.

It is possible to make the side blocks movable and leave the middle part fixed. This is a convenient option for windows with complex shapes, when the sashes are angled to each other.

Order the installation of triple glazed windows in your living room, veranda, fireplace room. The design is simpler and cheaper than panoramic glazing, but will allow you to enjoy the views and provide ventilation to the room.

We will offer you the best casement windows in Cal

We work according to individual projects. This means that your new windows will perfectly match the architecture of your home and your interior. The designs combine high energy efficiency, durability, and aesthetics that you customize for your home. Order your customized windows from Canglow.

  • The right color.

You can choose a white, black, brown frame for your window. We will paint the structure in any covering shade according to the RAL or NCS catalog. If you do not know what the desired color is called, send us a sample. The specialists will choose a shade that perfectly matches your wishes.

  • Energy-saving double-glazed window.

Calmar has very cold weather in the winter. A new window will keep your home warm and keep the cold and wind out of your rooms. We use double pane windows that are filled with inert gas. We additionally install gaskets around the perimeter of the frame. If you want a window with increased performance, we will install a triple-glazed unit.

  • Any shape you choose.

We will install windows that will emphasize the style of your home and perfectly fit the openings. You can choose a frame of rectangular, square shape, order an arched design from us. Measurements are taken from each opening so that the facade of your house looks harmonious.

  • Reliable hardware.

The window is completed with handles, hinges, locks. At your request, we will complement the design with an anti-burglary mechanism, a device for slit ventilation. You can install on the window lock with locking, so that the child could not accidentally open the sash in your absence. We also select colored hardware, hidden hinges and other accessories.

Advantages of vinyl casement windows

We install high quality vinyl (PVC) casement windows. The designs are strong, durable, and beautiful. Unlike wooden frames, vinyl windows do not rot. Install the structures once and forget about the fact that they need to be painted. Windows will stay bright for years, even in Canada’s harsh climate.

PVC frames are easy to maintain. You can wash them with plain water. Structures are rigid, well retain the load in wind and heavy snow. Choose vinyl windows if you need reliable protection from cold, drafts and moisture.

How much do high quality casement windows cost in Calmar

Canglow Company will install new windows in your home at an economical price. Our services cost almost 10% less than other companies in Alberta. If you want to invest in your own comfort, choose windows from our company.

The price of the project depends on the following factors:

  • Size and shape of the frame. We will make a window of any configuration. We install large, non-standard designs, work with openings of complex shape.
  • Type of double-glazed windows. We use double and triple glazing with different energy efficiency. At your request, we will install tempered glass, apply LoE coating for an additional fee.
  • Completion of the window. You can choose any options from our catalog. You can add a mosquito net, colored handles, fill the window with inert gas for better heat preservation.

To learn more about home window replacement in Calmar, call Canglow Window Replacement. We will provide you with a detailed consultation. Our experts will design your window replacement project, calculate a favorable price for you, and tell you about getting a grant. The phone number is listed on the website.


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