Window replacement costs in Edmonton: What to look out for.

Replacing windows is an investment in upgrading your home and improving your living conditions. To make the investment worthwhile, research window prices in Edmonton and other Alberta cities. Pay attention to what the installation costs are, and understand the different options. Canglow staff can help you understand all the factors.

What affects the price of replacement windows in Canada

Knowing the prices in Edmonton and Alberta can help keep you on budget. Calculating the cost of a project is a complex task.

The following factors affect the bill for window installation and upgrades:

  • room layout in the house: living room, bedroom, kitchen;
  • type of project: bay and bow windows, lap windows, full frame, traditional model;
  • window size;
  • material;
  • type of installation and others.

Canglow specialists will tell you how to calculate the average cost of a window in Canada based on key factors. You will be able to figure out what budget you need for home improvements.

How does the location affect

The location of the window determines the cost of production and installation. In the living room will need a window with a mechanism for opening, and in the closet only deaf. Large windows are installed in the kitchen, and medium-sized windows in the bedroom. Patios with panoramic views are often purchased for the living room, which increases the price.

How to do the calculation? The most expensive windows are installed in the living room of the house. Choose large models of luxury with energy-saving glass, the mechanism of opening, ventilation. In the bedroom and other rooms, the window is almost half the size. The price for installation is also lower.

When working in an apartment on the top floor of a building, the amount increases. Installers can work from the roof or from a room.

How does the type affect

Windows of different types have different technology of production and different prices.

The types we work with:

  • Suspended (single and double). The price is influenced by the size of the window.
  • Mansard. Energy-efficient models, cost more. They are equipped with seals that do not let cold air inside.
  • Bay window. Bay windows are difficult to install. The price of the work increases.

The type of glazing is also taken into account. In Canada, standard double-glazed windows are usually installed. Energy-efficient windows with triple glazing and ENERGY STAR certification cost about 15% more, but they are more energy-efficient and reduce heating bills.

How does the size affect

The more glass, the higher the price. The size depends on the size of the opening.

How the material influences

The material is important for durability, quality of the finished product.

Prices for vinyl windows are lower than those for wood and aluminum. Frames made of plastic are highly efficient, easy to care for, environmentally friendly to produce. Foam is used for additional insulation. Vinyl is UV and corrosion resistant, so the finish lasts a long time. A choice of colors is available.

Aluminum frames are strong and durable. They are inexpensive and require little maintenance, just like vinyl. Aluminum is usually coated with a protective layer to prevent moisture accumulation. The frame is additionally insulated to retain heat.

Fiberglass frames cost about 25% more than vinyl, but they replicate the look of natural wood. The windows are durable and do not require maintenance, unlike wooden structures. Fiberglass frames are rot-resistant and can be painted in any color.

How the type of installation affects

Home remodeling and full frame panoramic window installation have different prices.

When retrofitting or improving, the old frame remains in place. The new glass is installed in the existing opening.

Installation of the full frame is carried out with the removal of the old structures. The installer cleans the window. Remove dust, rot, mold from the old frame, prepare the surface. The work is more expensive, but the full frame guarantees the reliability of the new window.

Which option to choose depends on the condition of the opening and the walls around them. In many older homes, complete removal of the structures is not carried out. Installers retrofit the window to make the house more comfortable.

How to calculate prices

The estimate in Edmonton is free of charge. Specify the room the window will be located in, its size, style, type of glazing. We will calculate prices for a bedroom or other living room in a short time.

Why is it profitable to change windows with Canglow:

  • more than 12 years of experience;
  • travel to many cities in Alberta;
  • Energy Star certification;
  • discounts up to 28%;
  • warranty of 25 years.

With us you can buy Canadian-made windows at a bargain price. Call Canglow for an estimate.

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