Modern or traditional doors? Choosing your style

The appearance of the front door speaks volumes. It indicates the Edmonton homeowner’s financial wealth and aesthetic taste. Doors should be energy efficient and match the exterior of the home. How do you choose your style? Which door is better: modern or traditional? Make the right choice.

Why design is important

Most front doors in Canadian homes fall into two opposites. You can choose the classic style with its austere elegance and charm, or opt for new designs. Both options are successful. The choice of style depends only on personal taste.

If you’re planning to replace your street door, understand the design differences. Canglow will install a fiberglass or steel model in the style you want. We can design the surface in a classic design or use modern features. We also sell doors for the kitchen, bedroom, living room, garage.

Features of modern style doors

The new models are suitable for those who like a single-color, smooth finish. The appearance of the door leaf does not have any unnecessary details. The models are minimalist. The addition of decor adds style to doors, and modern designs should be versatile. Fashions for decorations change over time, and the door stays on trend.

The main features of modern design:

  • simple, clear lines;
  • bright colors;
  • sleek design;
  • minimum of accessories;
  • blank canvas or glass inserts without a pattern.

Modern entrance doors are known for the linear shape of their parts. They are usually made of plastic, metals. The front should be resistant to the Alberta climate and match the exterior. You can choose a model to fit your budget. There are inexpensive room doors and energy-efficient, high-priced options.

Features of traditional-style doors

Classic doors include elements of different designs: vintage, colonial, neoclassical styles, and colonial architecture. The appearance of the door gives a sense of connection to history. The classic style is unique, fits all exteriors, and complements the architecture of the home.

The main features of traditional design:

  • a lot of decor;
  • glass inserts with exquisite patterns;
  • dark dim colors;
  • original handles, hinges, door eyes.

Classic models usually have a woodgrain finish. There are no strict rules to the decoration, the main thing is that the doors look exquisite and attractive.

Compare and find the differences


Traditional fiberglass or steel doors usually have the look of natural wood, wooden surface. The leaf is often supplemented with a decorative inset or grille. The surface is given an aged look and rustic charm with the help of surface treatment.

Modern doors are as smooth as possible, with a simple finish. There are no ornate drawings or decorative glass in the design. The color can be anything: wood-inspired or bright monochrome.


In Edmonton you can see doors with bronze, gold, silver hardware – these are features of the traditional style. The metal surfaces look aged. The original handles give the front of the door an extravagant look.

The classic style uses smooth fittings with straight lines. Handles have no decorations.


Classic doors are associated with natural wood. But now they are made of more industrial materials: metal, plastic. We contribute to the preservation of forests in Canada. Plastic or metal perfectly replicates the appearance of wood and perfectly complements the appearance of the cottage.

Modern doors have an individual design. Fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl are used for their production. The materials are resistant to weather conditions and retain their appearance for a long time in the northern provinces.


The cost of doors in opposite designs in Alberta is almost the same. Choose to your liking.

The cost of installing and replacing doors is also the same. The only difference is in production. It is more difficult and more expensive to produce a door with many decorative inserts than a blank canvas. Also affects the material: fiberglass is more expensive than metal.

Which door is right for your cottage

There are so many design options that it can make your head spin. Think about the exterior of the home. Does it look more like a farmhouse or a Victorian palace? You can choose different types of doors for different placements. The main thing is that the style should be in harmony with the whole setting.

Order door installation in Edmonton from Canglow. We will find the right type for any location: living room, bedroom, kitchen. We can replace patio doors, garden doors, and basement doors.

Call our company. We will prepare a favorable offer and replace the doors in your rooms.

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