Bow Window vs Bay Window: Which to Choose in Edmonton

Bay & Bow Windows

When replacing windows in your home, there are many questions. One of the main questions is what design to choose. All options have advantages and disadvantages. Replacing windows will make your home energy efficient, protect it from noise from the street, and improve its appearance.

Canglow installs new windows in Edmonton and other Alberta locations. If you want to give your home a new style, bay windows are just what you need. Many Canadian residents are upgrading their homes this way. We will tell you which option is better: Bow Window or Bay Window.

Bow and Bay Windows: delightful style and panoramic views

The bay window is prominent on the facade of the house. It looks like a polygonal structure with a regular geometric shape. This is the Bow and Bay windows. Such panoramic windows have advantages that other designs do not have.

A bay window consists of several sashes. Windows can be single sash, double sash, and blank. What they have in common is that they protrude from the wall of the building. Bay windows let in more sunlight, offer great views of the garden or the city. The house becomes more beautiful. Its architecture draws attention to itself.

Undoubtedly, these windows are worth their price.

The main advantages of bay windows

Order a Bow Window or Bay Window in Edmonton from Canglow. Our windows are made in Canada and are certified to be environmentally sound.

Additional benefits of installing bay windows:

  • Expanding space. Panoramic windows will increase the usable area of the room by providing better light. Bay windows are often chosen in Alberta to modernize the kitchen, bedroom and other small rooms. In the resulting ledge, you can put an extra table or chair.
  • Panoramic view all around. A bay window protrudes from the wall. You get a 180 degree view. If the window overlooks the garden, you enjoy the views of nature, greenery, flowers. If the window faces the street, you get urban views.
  • Improved ventilation. A bay window can have one or two movable sashes. Open the sash to ventilate the room. The larger the window, the more fresh air enters the room.
  • Investment in the home. Bay windows increase the appeal of a property, making it more valuable. A cottage with projecting parts looks spectacular.

Bay or Bow Windows: What’s the difference


Bay Windows обычно состоят из трех оконных блоков. Створки соединены под углом 25-45 градусов. Выступ имеет два угла, средняя часть неподвижная. 

Bow Window consists of 4-6 blocks connected at an angle of 10 degrees. The design has a more curved appearance, protruding strongly from the wall.

Installation location

Bay Window is suitable for installation in a wall 40 inches thick or thicker. They are used in homes made of wood, concrete, and CIP panels.

Bow Window is suitable for installation in walls at least 80 inches thick.


The central part of the Bay Window provides a panoramic view. It does not open. On the sides, there are two movable flaps, either hinged or sliding. The flaps can be opened to allow good ventilation in the room.

Bow Windows have multiple opening elements. You can open one, two or three sashes, depending on your desire. When designing a window in Alberta, the homeowner decides how many fixed and movable parts there will be in the bay window.

Ability to transmit light

The three sash Bay Window lets in a lot of sunlight. Bow Window has 4 or 5 casements for maximum light exposure.


Bay Window are suitable for homes in modern design. Straight lines, corners look spectacular.

Curved Bow Window looks good on classic homes, vintage style cottages, Victorian design buildings.

In more detail about the advantages and disadvantages of the two options.

Bay Window

– more space in the room;
– Improved layout in small spaces;
– more natural light;
– good ventilation.
– complicated installation, a lot of additional work.

Bow Window 

– great panoramic view;
– maximum amount of light;
– installation of various functional blocks;
– elegant curved look.
– less additional space;
– complicated setup;
– high cost.

Where to order bay windows

Now you know the differences of windows and can make the best choice. At our company, you can order the configuration that meets your requirements. We will install the window in any location in Edmonton.

Our advantages:

  • production 100 % from Canadian materials;
  • discounts up to 28% on all windows;
  • replacement and reconstruction of windows of any complexity.

Fill out the feedback form on the website or call us. An appraiser will come at your convenience.


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