Casement Windows in Edmonton – comfort and energy efficiency

Casement windows in Alberta

When it comes to replacing windows in your Edmonton home, you have a choice of products with different levels of energy efficiency, comfort and budget. Two types of designs are commonly used: casement and sliding. Casement windows are more expensive, but they are better suited to Canada’s climate. Let’s explain why these will be the best deal for your home.

What is a casement window?

The window casement is mounted on the side of the crank mechanism. It opens outward or inward, to the left or to the right by means of a handle.

Standard casement windows fit almost any architectural style. The structures are usually installed vertically, with sliding casement secured to side hinges. Modern fasteners are almost invisible on the window frame and do not obstruct the view. Casement windows also create effective ventilation in the rooms.

Dimensions and forms

Casement windows are suitable for openings where the height is greater than the width. They look elegant in the exterior of the house, visually making it look taller. Casement windows come in different sizes, shapes and layouts.

In the boiler room, basement, storeroom install a fixed casement window that does not open. This is the best offer for technical rooms where security is important. Stationary models will not provide ventilation, but they will protect your home from intruders. The sturdy frame is resistant to burglary.

The standard casement window has one or two movable sashes with an opening mechanism. The central casement can be fixed. The movable elements are combined for effective ventilation. You can complement the window transom at the top.

Energy Efficiency

What type of glass to choose for replacement windows in Alberta: double or triple? The choice depends on your need. Let’s briefly explain the differences between both types of windows.

Double-glazed windows are thinner, lighter, and cheaper. They are easy to install, but they do not retain heat well. In Canada, double glazing is used in non-residential rooms: kitchen, boiler room, basement, emergency exit.

Three-chambered windows let less heat through. Condensation does not form on them. Additional glass allows the use of Low-E type coatings for better heat retention. The low emissivity surface will improve the performance of the window.

Replacing double-glazed windows with triple-glazed windows will reduce heating costs. High-quality triple-glazed windows in Alberta can be up to 50 percent more efficient than double-glazing.

The layout

Casement windows have two designs:

  1. Movable casement. The structure is attached to the frame on the hinges, opens outward. The sliding part is installed on the right or left, depending on preference. The glazing area can be any for an unobstructed view and comfortable ventilation. The sliding casement window is easy to clean.
  2. Fixed casement. Part of the window is fixed, it has no mechanisms and no handle. In Canada, it is customary to combine fixed and movable casements so that the window can be opened for evacuation or emergency exit. The fixed part is additionally equipped with seals to preserve heat.

Materials of manufacture

Classical casement windows in Canada used to be made of wood. Manufacturers used oak, pine, and other species. Such windows were large, heavy and inconvenient to replace. Modern materials give better suggestions for aesthetics and finishes. The homeowner can choose the color, style, and performance of the window. Also choose different elements for the quality and safety of the glazing.

What materials are used to make modern windows:

  • Wood. A material with natural beauty. Wood is susceptible to rot, so it is recommended to prime and paint it according to the exterior of the building. The frame is strong, durable, with low heat transfer. Provides comfortable conditions in living rooms. Wood is one of the most expensive materials in Canada.
  • Vinyl plastic. Inexpensive and effective material. Plastic frames can have any style, color, shape. Vinyl retains heat well. It is not subject to rotting, corrosion, resistant to ultraviolet rays. Windows retain a beautiful appearance for a long time. Available with wood texture options to match the exterior.
  • Fiberglass. Fiberglass windows are more expensive than vinyl windows. The material is lightweight, durable, and can look like real wood. Fiberglass can be painted in different colors. It is a good insulator, extremely durable, resistant to corrosion.

The advantages of casement windows over other types of windows

Casement or tent windows

Awning windows are installed in small openings and hard-to-reach places, such as the wall above the kitchen sink. The sash opens horizontally outward and provides good ventilation. However, large awning windows are very heavy. The frame is difficult to open. Such a window cannot be used as an emergency window.

In contrast to the awning, the casement design is easy to open even if it is large. In addition, it is easy to fix for airing.

Casement or slider

Sliding windows are quality and safety for openings that are wider than the height. In Canada, sliders are used for panoramic glazing, for exits in private homes. For basements or escape routes, it’s too expensive. In addition, it is difficult to regulate the ventilation opening.

The casement model is the best option in terms of aesthetics and convenience. The window will provide a good view and allow fresh air to circulate freely in the living rooms.

Casement or French windows

Both are similar to each other. The French window actually consists of two casement windows placed side by side. The structures open outward and have no vertical strut between the elements.

In a casement window, each part opens separately. Between them there is a vertical post. In contrast to French glazing, casement models make it difficult to see.

Otherwise, the two options are similar and are great for replacing windows in a home.

Now you have the knowledge of what casement windows are. They are comfortable and efficient. Order your new window installation from Canglow. We work in Edmonton and other cities in Alberta.


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