Window installation and replacement services in Alberta


Canglow Window and Doors Inc. provides window replacement services in Edmonton and other Alberta cities. We partner with a Canadian manufacturer. The windows are exceptionally impact resistant, energy efficient, and aesthetically pleasing. They will stand the test of weather and time. We will select a high quality window for your living room, garage, bathroom, basement and perform the installation. We offer low cost from the manufacturer.

Materials and components

We install vinyl windows in Edmonton. Vinyl has qualities such as strength, durability, and energy efficiency. Investing in quality windows can help you save on heating costs. Vinyl is easy to clean and maintain the beautiful appearance of the frames without too much effort.

ouble-glazed windows have a multi-chamber construction. We use double glazing for technical rooms and basements, triple glazing for living rooms. The cord around the perimeter will provide maximum insulation. Your home is reliably protected from noise, dust and drafts.

Each window has a certificate of environmental safety. We will perform remodeling of children’s rooms, kitchens with environmentally friendly materials.

What kind of window can be installed in Edmonton

Our offers are presented in the catalog. We will install a window with a deaf or movable sash. We carry out the conversion of attics, lofts, install sashes with hinged or sliding type of opening.

The benefits of window replacement in Edmonton from Canglow

Explore our offers and choose the best window option! We guarantee high quality installation for years to come.
Our benefits:

  • A large selection: from a small basement window to a patio window for access to the terrace.
  • Aesthetics: installers check the vertical and horizontal position of the frame. We use rubberized gaskets to prevent the window from sagging over time.
  • Energy efficiency: triple glazing and quality seals will keep your home warm.
  • Airtight: sealant is applied around the perimeter of the outer frame. It creates a vapor barrier layer. Moisture does not get inside.
  • Cleanliness: installers work carefully. Surfaces in living rooms are covered with films and napkins. We remove construction debris after replacing the window.

The installer always checks the quality of the work. We consider a project complete if the customer is satisfied with the result. We check the operation of fittings, opening of sashes, convenience of exit from the basement and other elements.

How to order replacement windows and doors

f you want to install a new window in your living room, bathroom, replace your garden exit, call Canglow. We’ll come to you in Edmonton or another Alberta city. Our models last up to 50 years.

We also do residential door replacements at 10% below market value. The company offers an EXTRA discount of up to 28% and works with grants. Save up to $5,600 with Canglow.


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