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Doors Installation & Replacement Services Edmonton

Quality exterior doors keep your home warm and protected from the weather. Looking for an energy efficient model for your Edmonton home? Give Canglow a call. We’ll replace your old front door and install a modern patio door. Enjoy luxurious views and save on heating costs. New doors from a Canadian manufacturer will make your home more comfortable.

What kind of doors do we install?

  • Solid
    Reliable, sturdy models made of natural wood. They do not have glass panels, so the doors do not need maintenance. An excellent choice for front door installations.
  • With glass
    Glass front door stakes will add more aesthetics to your entryway. Models look lighter, more airy. Choose modern or classic doors that will perfectly match the exterior of your home.
  • Steel
    Metal doors are strong, shrink-resistant, and energy-efficient. They hold their shape perfectly in the Canadian climate and do not rot. The exterior sides are lined with steel sheets. The insulation is polyurethane foam.
  • Stormy
    Storm doors are the first entry doors that protect the main entrance from the weather. You can add a decor of glass panels, use colored handles. Sturdy materials are used to produce the doors.
  • Patio
    Glass doors are suitable for all interiors and exteriors. The patio features floor-to-ceiling glass. The transparent entrance will fill the room with sunlight. You can decorate the glass with curtains, tint it, give a mirror effect.
  • Fiberglass
    Fiberglass is highly resistant to shrinkage. Doors are strong, resistant to decay. Fiberglass allows making molds of any complexity and design.


We make ceilings with any design. In our catalog you will find garden, storm, decorative, interior, exterior models.
Choose the parameters of the future door to your taste:

  • configuration: single, double leaves, doors with side inserts or transoms;
  • door leaf type: glass, blind, decorated with transparent inserts;
  • coating color: trendy plain color, classical wood-like design;
  • form of glass door insert: plain, stained-glass, with imposts, with pattern, with frosted or transparent surface;
  • handle type: direct, rotary, push-button;
  • equipment: peephole, pet door, non-standard color hinges, smart locks, etc.

Choose a model in our catalog. If there is no suitable option, send a sketch to our company. We will advise you on the production possibilities.

Our benefits

Canglow installs windows and doors with a quality guarantee. Each product is tested for energy efficiency. Our doors keep your home warm and reduce your costs.
Canglow Benefits:

  • door replacement of any complexity;
  • gentle delivery of products to Edmonton;
  • low prices from the manufacturer;
  • complete installation and quality control of the work.

We work directly with homeowners. We replace doors in the house, apartment. We go to the surrounding areas at the request of the customer.
Order quality doors by phone listed on the website.

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