What Happens To Old Window Frames – A Quick Guide

Old window frames are an interesting thing. Over time they tend to warp and let through drafts. The paint peels and the structure slowly degrades. This costs you money in the long run and destroys the look of your home. In this article, we’ll be discussing what actually happens to old window frames. First of all, let’s discuss which windows replaced and thrown out the most. Back in the late 1970s, the majority of window frames that were thrown out were made of wood. Only a small portion of the frames thrown out was made of uPVC, or 3% to be exact. It’s pretty obvious that wood is easy to get rid of. Eventually, it’ll rot away into nothing.

uPVC lasts a lot longer than wood regarding window frames. As 97% of window frames that were replaced were wood, it simply makes sense that there is going to be an abundance of window frames made of uPVC being thrown away. So how do uPVC window frames get recycled? Turns out, there’s already a massive plan for these window frames. The plan is put into place before the frames are even installed! They are sent to recycling plants that are tasked with handling that specific material. Through their various recycling methods, a lot of this uPVC material will last over 300 years. It can be recycled over 10 times, which is absolutely crazy. After this point, it’s disposed of appropriately.

A lot of people ask us about the products that uPVC is turned into after they’re recycled. The most common is a replacement for things like timber and even cast iron. Because of its strong structure and long-lasting lifespan, it’s the perfect solution. It’s also very good for piping, as it’s smooth and not overly resistant. Believe it or not, uPVC is actually used for medical equipment. Most of the time it’s used for containers and sanitary devices, but it’s also used to create retainers. Interestingly enough, your retainer could be made out of old windows! Need something to stand up to the sun for your garden? uPVC is what you need. It’s strong, resistant to the sun, and looks great in the outdoors. Last but certainly not least, uPVC is a great choice for toymakers. It’s easy to use and is actually quite cheap.

Why should you replace your window frames once they’ve gotten old? Well, over time houses tend to warp, and your window frames warp along with them. This allows sound to enter and exit your home. Excessive amounts of light will work their way in as well. The overall security of your home becomes compromised, and it simply just does not look good. Old window frames need to be replaced, for if they’re not, you won’t benefit from everything new window frames have to offer.


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