Reasons as to Why You Should Consider a Black Front Door

Have you ever considered buying yourself a black front door? No, well you should definitely read this article. It may just change your mind. In this article, we’re going to talk about everything of importance. Whether it be material, the process of installing the door, why you should get one, and so much more. Trust us, by the time you’re done reading this article, it’s super unlikely you’ll have any more questions. Generally, a black front door benefits you because of a variety of different goals you want to accomplish. In this article, we’ll discuss how other colors benefit each goal, but overall we’ll be talking about black front doors. Stay tuned.

First of all, let’s talk about the popularity aspect. In the early 2010s, a lot of people put in white front doors with large glass portions. However, as of late, a lot of people are choosing to replace their white front doors with black front doors. They bring about a very formal and professional look, and may even give off a rich vibe. A lot of people find them perfect for large houses, as well as for minimalist areas and designs. One reason as to why black doors are commonly used is for aesthetic purposes. And no, we don’t mean personal style or aesthetic choices. We’re talking about large companies and building owners. Generally black is a very uniform color when it comes to standardizing design. A lot of companies won’t let people change the color of their townhouse door to something bright and inspiring because it distracts from the overall design involved. Plus, black tends to last a lot longer than white doors, as they don’t show dirt and smudges nearly as much.

So black front doors had to start somewhere right? Well, yes, that’s absolutely true. There are a variety of very famous black front doors out there. The first being 10 Downing Street. This particular location has been viewed by millions, if not billions. This door is one that’s inspired design ideas for years. Believe it or not this door, despite its reputation as being black, was once green. Granted it was more of a political spectacle. Once the political aspect fell behind, the color was returned to black. The black door on 10 Downing Street has been accompanied by black bricks for quite a while, but not forever. Frankly, it’s actually a somewhat sad story. The pollution in the area was so bad at one point in time that the brings actually turned black. Believe it or not, they used to be yellow! Yellow! Can you believe that?

The next famous black front door that’s inspired designs all over the world, is 221B Baker Street. Or in other words, the famous home of Mr. Holmes, the fictional detective that took the world by storm. This particular door was the product of a famous fictional series, meaning millions of people watched it and designed their homes based on it. Generally, popular designs are inspired by pop culture, hence this door’s popularity. As of now, this particular black door is actually surrounded in green. Frankly, it just goes to show how much black can match with literally any color. Yellow? No problem? A dull shade of green? Not a problem.

Ever heard of Westminster Abbey? Well, it’s got a door that’s nearly a thousand years old. Pretty ridiculous if you ask us. But the awesome part is it’s got a black painting design. Yup, people were using black front door designs a thousand years ago. If that’s not enough to inspire people to paint their front doors black, we don’t know what is.

One of the major reasons for choosing a black front door is that it doesn’t ruin any designs. You could put it alongside literally anything. Whether it be boring brickwork or a crazy wooden design. It works with any color combination and doesn’t distract from the various parts of your home’s exterior that you want to stand out. You could even pair up a black door with gold or silver! Frankly, the only drawback of a black front door is the fact that it may make very small houses look even smaller. There’s a reason why a lot of rooms are painted in bright colors. The darker the color is, the more light it absorbs. Hence the reason why people don’t wear dark-colored shirts and other pieces of clothing in the summer.

Another phenomenal reason to choose a black front door is easy maintenance and no hassle. It is very easy to keep your black front door looking good. They’re virtually immune to tiny scratches, and in the case that it needs to be painted or touched up, black paint is super cheap. You won’t have to worry about matching colors or any of that nonsense. Instead, you could simply pick up a cheap can of black paint and fix it up. Some people have been known to use just a black sharpie. It may not be the most modern of solutions, but it sure is cost-effective. Other colors tend to wear out over time, whereas black stands up to the test of time as no other color or shade could. Trust us, you won’t regret choosing a black front door.

So what colors would we suggest for a black front door? The first is of course wood (or timber). The black wooden doors look great. They’re relatively cheap, they’re super easy to paint, and they look really good. They go well with any design and fit most themes. You can also use something energy efficient like uPVC or composite material. Aluminum also works very well for more utilitarian or minimalistic properties. Do keep in mind that each of these options will compliment certain themes and designs well, but they’ll fit. Don’t worry about choosing the best paint or the best material, a black front door looks great regardless.

A lot of our readers ask us when they should replace their front door with the one they want. A lot of people are worried that it’s a waste of money for such a simple design change. Well, if you’re worried about money, you should inspect your door. By changing your front door and possibly even your door frame, you may be saving money. Check for a draft. If you feel air coming through the door or around it, chances are you’re losing money anyway. Remember, the more than outside air comes in, the harder your furnace will have to work. This of course works to drain your bank account and lose you money in the long run. New doors are an investment. The same thing goes for windows but that’s a story for another time.

For more information we recommend you check out some of our other articles on energy efficiency and the ease in which black doors can be installed and/or painted. We’re always happy to help out those with questions, so feel free to give us a call at any time. Looking to get contractors to change out your door? Our company prides itself on our top-notch service. Give us a call and we’ll put you in contact with the best contractors out there. You can count on us to get you a reliable and super efficient service. Interested in a consultation? Call today, we don’t attach any strings to our consultations. We hope this article satisfied all of your comments, concerns, and questions regarding why you should install a black front door on your home. We may not have delved into the ultra-specific regarding materials and methods, but this should be enough to get you started. So get out there and get yourself a black front door!

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