High-quality casement windows in Edmonton

Casement windows provide good ventilation in your home and improve visibility. Designs have a familiar classic shape, convenient mechanisms of opening. After replacing the windows, heat loss is reduced, so you will pay less for heating. It is an energy efficient, reliable solution, one of the best for the Canadian climate.

High-quality casement windows from Canglow are a good investment in your homeownership.

What is a casement window?

The design consists of 1-3 blocks. One part of the window can be fixed, and the other – movable. The number of sashes depends on the size of the window opening.

Casement windows are most commonly installed in kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. Movable units allow you to fully open the opening for better ventilation.

The main difference between a casement window and a hinged window is the direction of opening. In case of casement windows, the hinges are attached at the bottom or top of the frame. In casement designs, the hardware is located on the side. Units can open outward or inward by simply turning the handle.

Advantages of casement windows

  • Simple operation.

The windows conveniently open at 90 degrees. To open or close the sash, just turn the handle to the desired position.

  • Easy care.

Thanks to the opening of the sashes, the window is easy to clean from inside and outside the house. Vinyl frames do not need to be painted or renewed.

  • High level of security.

The window will protect your home from intruders. You can order a version with tempered glass, anti-burglary lock and other options.

  • High energy efficiency.

There is an elastic seal around the perimeter of the glazing unit. It will not let the cold into your home and will not let the heat out. We additionally seal the opening during window installation. In the cold month the construction will keep your home warm, and in summer it will help you save on air cooling.

  • Great ventilation.

Other window configurations will not provide as good ventilation as casement windows. You can open the opening completely and let lots of fresh air into your home. The glass will work like a sail and direct the wind into your room.

  • Unobstructed View.

The casement window has fewer frames that separate the glass and obstruct the view. In a double casement construction, there is only one vertical post. You can enjoy the view to the garden, to the street or to the surroundings.

  • Large selection of sizes, colors, configurations.

Replacing old windows with new ones will improve the exterior of your Alberta home. We will select options based on the style of architecture. New windows will give your home a modern, expensive look and increase its market value.

  • Universality.

Casement windows can be used in any room: living room, bedroom, attic, kitchen and others. Homeowners often combine panoramic glazing with movable sash windows to perfectly complement the home. Such a window has an attractive design and provides comfort at the same time.

Casement window types

Models with movable sashes are characterized by functionality, so they are suitable for almost all openings. We’ll install a narrow window where it’s important to save wall space, or bring in a large window that can be easily opened with a single movement. Choose the styles that are most popular in Alberta.

Exit windows

Take care of your own safety – install an exit window model in your basement. You will have an opening of the right size, which can be used as an emergency exit. An exit window is an additional escape route in case of fire and other emergencies.

Deaf windows

The design consists of one fixed block. This sash cannot be opened. Externally, the window looks like ordinary glazing, but it is not suitable for ventilation. Deaf units usually perform a decorative function where it is important to improve natural light. Fixed windows are combined with other opening options in the same room.

Configuration options

Bi-fold windows come in a variety of sizes and configurations. You can choose small models or combine units to fill the entire wall. In any case, the design will meet the requirements. Consider the most popular configurations.

Single casement window

This is the simplest design, which consists of one movable unit. The sash is medium sized and has two or three side hinges. Single sash models provide good ventilation in the room and add sunlight without taking up a large opening. It is a suitable choice for small rooms: bathroom, bedroom, basement, kitchen, etc.

Double casement window

Two movable blocks are fixed in one opening. There are a lot of design options, you can choose the right one for you. Double casement windows have a more complex design than single leaf windows, but they are easy to use and maintain. A good choice for installation in the living room, room with a fireplace, kitchen-dining room and other large rooms.

Triple casement windows

The design combines movable and fixed units. The three parts are fixed in one common frame. Most often, the middle unit is fixed, and the two side sashes are movable to ventilate the room. The three-wing models are suitable for large openings.

Edmonton installation options

We will perform upgrades or full-frame replacements for your windows.

Retrofitting will improve the performance of your home with minimal effort. The old frame will remain in place. We will remove and replace only the window sashes. Compared to a full-frame replacement, this option is less expensive and faster. The goal of our work is to optimize window performance.

Important: Modernization is recommended if the old frame is in good condition, has no through cracks, defects.

Replacing the window frame is a more thorough installation. The efficiency of the entire opening is increased, energy conservation performance is improved. We completely remove the old structures to the surface of the opening. Complete replacement allows you to renew the lining, interior and exterior finish of the frame.

Important: A complete frame replacement is the best choice for renovating your home. During installation, we will detect hidden defects and seal the contour.

Awning or casement window: which is better to choose

Two versions have crank mechanisms. The windows are easy to open, fully opening the opening.

The difference between the styles is that the casement models have side hinges and open to the left or right. The height of the opening is greater than the width. Casement windows have hinges at the top and open from bottom to top. The width of the opening is greater than the height, but the overall dimensions are small so that the sash is not too heavy.

The advantage of awnings: ventilation, even in rainy weather.

The advantage of casements: easy maintenance.

Awning windows are chosen for rooms with permanent ventilation, such as basements and kitchens. In other cases, casement structures are the best choice.

Sliding or casement window: which to choose?

Both provide excellent ventilation. The windows are easy to use, easy to maintain and blend perfectly with the exterior and interior of any style.

The difference is that in sliding models, the units slide sideways on rails. You don’t need a lot of space to open the window. Sliding designs are suitable for wide openings, but do not allow you to fully open the opening.

Casement windows are narrower. They are installed in small and medium-sized openings, and to open the sash, you need to free up space inside the room.

If you choose energy efficiency and convenience, you should order casement windows. If maximum performance and affordability are important to you, install sliding designs.

How much does a casement window cost?

We install high-quality vinyl frames, modern double-glazed windows, exceptionally reliable fittings. A good window does not come cheap, but our prices will be profitable for you.

Factors that affect the cost:

  1. Type of insulating glass unit: energy-saving, tempered glass, low-emission coating, two or three chambers.
  2. Completion windows: non-standard fittings, accessories, seals.
  3. Installation work: additional cutting of the opening, sealing, cleaning.
  4. The size and configuration of the window: the more complex the design, the more expensive its production.

You can leave an application on our website so that a measuring engineer can come to you as soon as possible. We will calculate the exact price of the window for your home. Our designs are certified, so they are eligible for the grant.

Your №1 choice for replacement windows in Edmonton

Order high quality casement window installation from Canglow. Discover all the options available in the Alberta and Canadian marketplace. Our casement windows are perfect for your home in any style.

Why should you choose a window from Canglow:

  • highly efficient with Energy Star certification;
  • individual design and any style for your home;
  • a large selection of glass with different types of treatment;
  • discounts up to 28% for replacement windows throughout the house;
  • optimal production time;
  • advance payment of only 30%;
  • Departure to any city in Alberta.

Consider improving the warmth and comfort of your home. Choose high-quality casement windows from our company and save on your heating bills. The design does not need regular repairs. The casement model will protect you from noise and drafts and create a comfortable living environment for your family.

Get the best deal in Edmonton for replacement windows. Call our company or request a call back.

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