High-End Casement Windows in Bentley


Canglow will perform turnkey installation of high-quality casement windows in your Bentley home. We create custom designs that provide optimal performance, durability and aesthetics. Our vinyl windows require minimal maintenance and save your budget. Replacing structures throughout your home will make it more energy efficient. Choose the best casement windows in Alberta from Canglow.

Canglow’s offer

Our catalog includes all the casement window models available on the Canadian market. We’ve been creating designs to meet urban requirements for 12 years. Our windows exceed standards and we promise your home will be safe from noise and cold.

Our reliability is expressed in numbers:

  • 25 years – warranty on windows from Canglow;
  • 28% – maximum discount on everything;
  • $5,600 – Greener Homes grant for new window installation;
  • 12-14 days – your time savings on window fabrication.

Call Canglow to order replacement windows throughout your home at an extra discount. Our designs are Energy Star certified and qualify for the grant. The more windows you buy, the greater your personal benefit.

What is casement windows

A casement window is a construction with one, two or three sashes. We make a combination of movable and fixed parts. The hinges are attached to the side of the frame, so the windows open inward or outward by 90 degrees. You can fully open the opening to fill your home with fresh air and sunlight.

Comparison of casement and awning windows

In awning windows, the hinges are placed on top of the frame. The sash does not open to the side, but upwards. You can provide ventilation of the room even during heavy rain, the water will not get inside the house. Awning windows are convenient for rooms that need constant ventilation. Designs are installed in the kitchen, boiler room, basement, pantry. The width of the opening must be greater than its height

Casement windows have a larger area. The sash opens more easily than awning structures and requires less effort. It is an excellent choice for installation in the living room, bedroom, children’s room. The height of the casement window is greater than its width, so the option is suitable for narrow openings. Unlike a canopy, the sash can be opened completely.

Comparison of casement and sliding window

Sliding windows have no hinges. The sash slides on the guide rail to the side and remains in the plane of the frame, so the opening cannot be opened completely. Sliding windows can be any size. Fully open sash does not take up space in front of the window. A good choice for large openings, patios, panoramic glazing.

In case of casement windows, the sliding part opens inward or outward. The space in front of the opening must be kept clear so as not to interfere with ventilation. Unlike a sliding window, the casement construction is easier to open, adjustable and provides better ventilation for your home.

Casement window types


Models are well suited for glazing narrow openings. The sash can be fixed or movable.

Fixed sash is reliable and durable, but it will not provide ventilation. This window is installed in rooms where there are other window constructions with ventilation or there is no need for ventilation.

The sliding sash opens the opening completely and provides an unobstructed view. Your home will be filled with fresh air and daylight. The single sash window with movable unit is the perfect solution for attics, storage rooms, garages and other small spaces.


The design can have one or two movable sashes. If you choose a window with one active unit, the opening will open halfway. The second part remains fixed.

Two sliding blocks allow you to fully open the opening. There will be only one vertical post in the window gap, which does not interfere with the view. Double sash models are well suited for installation in the bedroom, living room, attic.


Your best choice for glazing wide and low openings. The middle part will be fixed and the sides will be movable. Due to the active units you can easily ventilate the room, and the fixed unit will provide wind resistance.

Three-pane windows are suitable for glazing living rooms, halls, small bay windows. If you do not want to make a wall with a panoramic view, the design with three sashes will be an excellent solution for a large opening.

Choose your casement windows

You’re guaranteed to get windows that fit your home and your interior. Our designs combine elegance, durability and a unique aesthetic that you customize to your taste. Choose a custom design for your window.

  • Color.

    The most popular colors: black, white, brown, cream. It is possible to color in other hues from our catalog. If you can’t find the color you want, show us a sample and we’ll help you choose the best option.

    • Glazing type.

    Most homes in Bentley have double-glazed windows. If you want a model with maximum energy efficiency, we will install triple glazing and add LoE coating. The surface of the glass reflects the sun’s rays and protects against heat leakage.

    • Frame Form.

    A non-standard window will emphasize the unique style of your home. If you are looking for something unusual for your home, order complex shaped frames from us. We will take measurements of each opening and create a custom glazing project.

    • Type of fittings.

    The window is equipped with standard lever handles and simple mechanisms. At your request, we will install hidden hardware, select colored handles, add locks for locking and other elements.

    The best vinyl windows in Alberta: What’s their advantage

    Vinyl window constructions are very popular in Alberta. They differ from wood frames in their aesthetic appeal, durability, and strength. Install vinyl windows and forget about having to paint them. The color will last for years and won’t need to be updated.

    Vinyl windows differ from aluminum windows in increased energy efficiency and reliability. Frames easily retain their shape in extreme cold and sun. With proper care, the construction will remain airtight for a very long time and protect your home from drafts. Vinyl is also resistant to wear and tear and moisture.

    What do you get with Canglow

    • Energy Efficiency. Our vinyl windows are designed specifically for Canada’s northern climate. The frames won’t freeze, even in the harshest of winters in Bentley.
    • Savings on utility bills. Low-emission coatings keep the temperature inside the house. You’ll feel cool in summer and warm in winter. And you’ll pay less for electricity.
    • Increased security. Casement windows are securely locked from the inside. We will install tempered glass so it can’t be broken or broken from the street.
    • Problem-free installation. Our manager will oversee the process from start to finish. After installation, a specialist will call you and ask if you are satisfied with your investment.
    • Easy operation. Even a child can open and close the window. We will install accessories that make operation even easier.
    • Unobstructed view. Narrow profiles, large glazing area and no superfluous elements. Sash windows allow you to enjoy stunning views of the world around you. It is possible to install a movable sash in panoramic glazing, e.g. for access to the garden or backyard.
    • Large selection of configurations. The size, type, style of the window will be any according to your wishes. We will match the design to the exterior or interior of your home.
    • Your financial benefit. New windows increase the value of your home. Installing new casement structures is the best real estate investment for the next 50 years.

    Casement windows are great for replacing old frames that are leaking cold. We will install gaskets and treat the opening with sealant to prevent leaks. Energy-saving double-glazed windows reduce the load on the climate control equipment by up to 30%.

    How much does it cost to install casement windows in Bentley

    Canglow offers some of the best prices for windows in Alberta. You’ll pay nearly 10% less for our services than any other company. Get high quality windows at a great price.

    Factors that affect the cost of the project:

    • Type of insulating glass unit. We install double-glazed and triple-glazed windows with different degrees of energy efficiency. LoE coating and other options will increase the cost.
    • Frame Design. We will paint profiles in any color on order. The inner surface of the window unit will harmonize with your interior, and the outer will complement the facade of your house. You can order profiles with a pattern imitating wood.
    • The size and form of blocks. We work with projects of any complexity. We will bring and install for you a non-standard, large or small window in the short term. Possible production of arched, triangular designs.
    • Completion. At your request, we will install lever handles, frames with mosquito nets, fill the space between the panes of argon or krypton.

    Sash installation is included in the price of the project. We will bring in designs and upgrade your old windows. We will calculate the exact price on your request.

    To install high-quality casement windows in your home, call Canglow. The phone number is listed on our website. An estimating manager will come to your Bentley home at your convenience.


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