Hung windows in Edmonton – combining style with affordability!

Hung windows in Edmonton – combining style with affordability!

Looking for quality and efficient huge windows in Alberta? Want to replace your traditional windows with modern energy-efficient windows? Canglow installs modern hung windows with a classic look in Canada!

Single and double hung windows are popular in Edmonton. These windows are a classic architectural style and are often used in homes that retain a vintage style: colonial homes, farmhouses or bungalow houses.

Going to replace your windows while maintaining a unique style? Want to understand the difference between double- and single-hung windows? Canglow can help you understand the difference and the features and make the best choice!

Single and double huge windows: What’s the difference?

The main difference between single-hung and double-hung windows is in their construction, namely the number of movable sashes.
In a single-hung window, the upper sash remains fixed, while the lower, movable sash provides ventilation.

Double-hung window has two movable sashes, which can slide up and down, providing ventilation from both above and below.
It is because of their design features that these windows differ in terms of energy efficiency and maintenance.

Similarities and differences
Single-hung windowsDouble-hung windows

Very easy to use.

Have one operating sash moving up
Very easy to use.

Have two operating sashes moving up and down.
VentilationAir only passes through the bottom sash, i.e. this model allows less ventilation.
Allow opening two sashes at the same time, passing air from both above and below. Thus, you get excellent ventilation as well as the effect of recirculation.
Energy EfficiencyMore energy-efficient. Since they have only one moving part, single-hung windows are air-tight and more insulated.

Still have a higher rate of air leakage than casement windows.
Less energy-efficient compared to their single-hung counterparts due to their moving parts.
SecurityQuite safe and reliable, but less secure for kids. Unlike two-hung windows, you cannot open the top sash to allow ventilation, which means you leave a potentially dangerous opening.Quite safe and reliable.
However, they may be less secure if they are not closed properly. Gravity can lower the top flap slightly and prevent it from closing completely, so make sure you lock the window.
MaintenanceCleaning is harder, especially on the upper floors. It is easy to clean the bottom sash from the inside, but it is difficult to wash the outside of the top sash as it doesn’t tilt inwards.Cleaning is easier as the sashes can tilt inward and you can easily wash them from inside the house.
Places to useOften used in houses that retain a vintage aesthetic, but it’s easy to find options that fit into the modern style.

Commonly used in kitchens and bedrooms and other areas where you don’t need a lot of ventilation on the lower floors of the house.
More versatile in style and more popular. Modern double-hung windows come in a variety of options that are easily combined with any home design.

Commonly used in living rooms and bedrooms both on the lower and on the upper floors of the house.

Which type to choose?

When replacing windows, both double-hung and single-hung windows will be good options in Edmonton. Knowing the basic similarities and differences of each model will make it easy for you to make your choice. Compare models for ventilation efficiency, ease of cleaning, convenience and other features to choose the best option for your home.

No matter what type of windows you choose, Canglow will provide you with reliable, aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient windows. Our company offers a large selection of color and style options for this window model. It is worth considering that double-hung windows are more popular and are available in a wider range.

The advantages of double-hung windows

Double hung windows are popular with Canadian homeowners for their traditional look. These windows can fit into any style of home and this is just one of the many advantages that modern double hung windows have.

They are distinctive:

  • space saving
  • versatility
  • reliability
  • durability
  • affordable price

Most homes in Alberta are equipped with double-hung windows (a little less frequently, single-hung windows). But there is another effective and popular model – casement windows. We suggest looking at the difference between bi-fold and casement windows, and understanding which is better for your home improvement needs.

Casement or double-hung windows: Side by side comparison

Each unit has its own combination of benefits to meet the specific needs of the home. Both models allow you to maximize the view from your window and let fresh air and sunlight into your home. To make the right choice, it’s important to know their features. Let’s compare the features:

Saving space and functionality

The principle of operation of double-hung and casement windows has significant differences. Double-hung windows open up and down, and casement windows are equipped with a hinged sash that opens inward or outward like a door.

An important advantage of hung windows is that when you open the sash remains inside the window frame. Objects on the window sill and standing furniture do not interfere with the hung windows. Hung windows allow you to use the space of the room as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Energy Efficiency

Casement windows are more effective in restricting air infiltration into the house. They are sealed on all four sides and practically do not let in draughts. When the window is closed, the sash presses into the seals.

Hung windows have areas of potential air leakage, making them less energy efficient. The problem of air leakage is easily solved with good seals.


Both units provide excellent ventilation. Casement windows provide better ventilation. The tilt sash provides a larger opening and maximum fresh air flow. Hinged windows open only half of the window and limit the air flow.


The casement window mechanism is usually the first to fail. It is necessary to closely monitor the condition of the crank mechanism and lubricate in time.

Hung windows have fewer mechanical parts susceptible to breakage. But they have their own specific problem – falling sashes when they are not secured in the vertical position.

Casement windows are more susceptible to external weather conditions: rain, wind. Hung constructions reduce the impact of weather conditions.


Double-hung windows cost less than casement windows. High-end casement windows can cost almost twice as much as double casement windows. If your budget is limited you should consider more affordable double or single hung windows.

Aesthetics & Style

Casement windows give a more modern style, while double huge windows add a touch of classic and traditional flair. In this case, the choice is up to you and your design. In addition, you can always combine styles, as these models are versatile.

How much do hung windows cost?

How much does it cost on average to replace a window? The answer to this question is: it depends on the situation. The cost is influenced by the type of window, size, and factors such as labour costs, customization, and others. Canglow, understands the difficult situation in Canada and offers different loyalty programs for your budget.

Single and double hung windows are more affordable. If your budget is limited, but you want to buy a window with high performance, we advise you to consider installing these windows.

Window personalization options.

Custom windows can result in higher costs. Custom sizes and shapes and modern glass coatings increase the price, but make your windows more unique. A variety of features allow you to overcome the disadvantages of double-hung windows.

Canglow offers:

Window Grills

Window grilles are decorative vinyl strips for visually dividing glass into panes. They complement the design of the house and emphasize individual style.

Heavy-duty hardware

Canglow offers stainless steel locks and latches available in a wide range of finishes.

LoE Glass Coatings

LoE glass coatings maximize the energy efficiency of your windows. This coating improves thermal insulation, reduces heat loss and minimizes condensation on the surface of the glass.

Double and triple glazing

Double (with two glass sheets) and triple (with three glass sheets) windows increase the energy efficiency of the house. Additional glass filled with air or gas reduces heat loss. Your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

Argon and krypton gas

Argon and krypton gases as fillers for double- and triple-pane windows increase sound and heat insulation. Argon and krypton have a higher density and viscosity than air. A window filled with the gas is more energy efficient.

Installation of hung windows

Hung windows are easy enough to install, but require special skills. Improperly installed window will be more difficult to open and close, failing faster. The professionals at Canglow have extensive experience in installing and replacing pendant windows. We care about the quality of our work and the well-being of our customers.




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