Garden doors in Alberta. What you need to know before you buy

Garden doors in Alberta. What you need to know before you buy

Garden doors are the perfect choice for transforming your home. A large patio will make a comfortable, stylish exit. French garden doors combine elegance, good ventilation and fill rooms with sunlight. We’ll tell you what you need to know before you buy a design in Alberta.

Where best to install garden doors

Replacing a traditional door with a garden door will update your home and refresh the space. Large glass will visually enlarge the room. The updated exterior of your home will attract the attention of passersby and make your home more attractive to buy.

Garden doors in Canada are large glass panels that slide on rails. A wide patio will provide a smooth, transparent transition between the outdoors and the room. Doors are great for any interior, allowing you to admire the garden at any time of year.

French panels are also installed at patio and backyard exits. Glass lets in more sun, gives the cottage an interesting design, and conserves energy efficiently.

Advantages of installing garden doors

  • Profitable investments in real estate.

Replacing doors will increase the value of your home. If you want to put your home on the market, install glass sashes on the garden exit. They will improve the exterior of the building and increase the return on investment.

  • Extra sunshine.

Garden door panes let in more daylight. You will spend less on artificial lighting, saving electrical energy.

  • Effective ventilation.

Garden doors open easily to improve air circulation. Freshness will fill your rooms. There will be more oxygen in the rooms.

  • Attractive design.

Panoramic windows will enhance the interior and appearance of your cottage. Silent sliding system, sealed seals, push handles will make the entrance comfortable and unique.

  • Safety

Garden doors are made of impact-resistant glass. The multi-layered construction will protect your home from burglary. We can supplement the glass with a child safety system so that your child cannot accidentally open the sash.

  • Energy Efficiency.

Modern garden doors will protect you from cold, drafts, street noise. It is one of the best choices in the Canadian climate. We can install glass with an additional coating that reduces energy loss. In the winter, the doors will help save on home heating, and in the summer, reduce the load on your air conditioner.

Glass patio doors or French garden doors: which option to choose

There are two versions of garden doors for sale: patio doors and French doors. They are popular not only in Alberta, but also in other Canadian provinces. The units are great for access to the garden and backyard. Let’s talk about the two options in more detail.

French doors

The doors consist of hinged units with two leaves. The flaps open outward to whatever side is convenient for you. The French door closes a large opening – almost twice as wide as conventional sliding glass. Swinging sashes are considered more secure than a slider and more burglary-resistant.

To install a French door, you need to make room near the exit. Nothing should interfere with the opening of the sash. The design can slam in a strong wind, so additionally install door closers.

The advantages of design:

  • security;
  • cover a wide opening;
  • energy efficient.
  • Disadvantages of design:
  • need space to open the exit;
  • high wind load;
  • expensive installation.

French doors are suitable for classic architecture and modern constructions. They fit into any style and design.

Sliding patio

To open the door, you need to slide the glass panel to the side on the guide rail. There can be 2, 3 or 4 units in one design. The double-leaf sliding door opens only half of the opening – this is less than the French door.

Patios usually have thin frames, so they provide a better view of the garden, the street. Sashes do not require additional space to open. Next to the opening you can put furniture, flowerpots or other objects. The doors are compact.

Design Advantages:

  • unobstructed view;
  • compact shape;
  • lower price than French glasses.
  • Design disadvantages:
  • Reduced energy efficiency;
  • less secure;
  • do not blend well with traditional styles.

Sliding patios are suitable for modern architecture. For vintage or classic style it is better to choose another system.

If you want to buy garden doors but have little backyard space and a limited budget, opt for sliding patio doors. If you want the widest possible access to the garden and perfect ventilation, buy French garden doors.

Where to order garden doors with installation in Edmonton

Let yourself enjoy the beauty of your surroundings with a new glass garden door. Canglow offers a large selection of garden doors in different sizes and configurations. We will install hinged or sliding units to your liking.

Features garden doors of your choice:

  • Material profiles: steel or fiberglass. Metal models are strong and durable. Structures made of fiberglass are lightweight and resistant to corrosion.
  • Type of glass: transparent, textured, colored. You can install triple impact-resistant glass or cover it with film against ultraviolet rays.
  • Type of fittings: choose handles and mechanisms that will be convenient for you. We offer several different options for ventilation, child protection, burglary resistance.

We can produce doors with individual design or help you choose a model from the ready-made collection. Your new garden doors will accentuate the style of your home and make it more elegant. Call Canglow and our estimator will come to you to prepare your project.

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