Casement windows: features and benefits

Casement windows: features and benefits

Casement windows are versatile systems that fit a variety of architectural styles. They harmonize with the exterior of the house and fill the rooms with natural light. If you want to make the right investment in your Edmonton home, new pendant windows are a good choice.

What is a casement window

The window can consist of one or two parts. It is possible to combine options: one movable sash and one fixed sash or both sashes with opening mechanisms. The hinges are installed at the top or bottom of the frame.

The windows work vertically, so they save space. When you open a pendant sash, its moving side moves on guides. The sash can tilt inward or outward.

Casement window types

Single wing

The window consists of one fixed part and one active part. The movable unit opens up or down on the guides, while the fixed unit remains stationary. The operable part makes the outside of the window accessible for cleaning and provides ventilation for the space. A popular option for replacement windows in homes in Canada.

Dual hinged

The distinctive feature is two movable units. Windows in this style can open without a projection, making them suitable for corridors, porch exits, and patios. Double-hung windows are a good choice for classic homes, bungalows and other architecture. A popular option for saving space.

Single-wing with arched top

Decorative windows combine the design of a traditional single leaf system and a classic arch. Offers a wide choice of size, radius of the arch. Individual production of windows in your style is possible.

The upper transom is fixed, so it can be decorated with stained glass, paintings, drawings. The bottom unit opens with hinges in the classic way. Arched-top windows are popular in Alberta’s colonial-style two-storey houses.

Equipment options

Upon your request, we will install windows with a push handle, with one movable unit, a fixed fanlight or with two movable units. Additional elements can be added to the package.

  • Removable frame with fly screen

A lightweight aluminum profile and fiberglass mesh is used. The design is installed without pins. The frame is lightweight, durable, it can be removed and washed. Mesh will keep insects out of your home.

  • Grid

Vinyl bars divide a large glass pane into several smaller pieces. The bars will be a distinctive element of your colonial or bungalow-style home. You can install the bars inside or outside for easy maintenance.

  • Double or triple glass panes

High-grade glazing with a low-emission coating will reduce heat loss in winter. Conserve energy by increasing your energy savings with curtain wall windows.

  • Argon or krypton

Inert gas inside the insulating glass unit reduces thermal conductivity. The gas is environmentally friendly.

How much do casement windows cost

The cost depends on the size and shape of the units. We also consider which glass unit you choose: double or triple. It is possible to paint the frames in any color to order, so that the outer surface blends in with the facade of the house, and the inner surface complements the interior. The most popular colors: white, black, cream and brown. You can choose a window with a pattern of wood.

The installation of the hinged units is included in the price. We will bring in a window, replace or upgrade your old windows. The designs come with a warranty.

Advantages of casement windows

Casement windows are one of the best choices for replacement windows in Edmonton. They have a stylish design and offer good thermal energy savings. The sashes can be easily locked with a single push handle. In addition, the bargain price of curtain wall units installation in Alberta will pleasantly surprise you.

Main advantages:

  • Energy Efficiency. Unique construction with LoE glass, multi-chamber construction provides high energy efficiency. Glasses with a special coating reflect heat energy and keep it in the house. Sealed glazing is filled with inert gas argon or krypton, which does not conduct heat. Savings on home heating are up to 50%. It is one of the best options for the climate of Canada.
  • Easy operation. Hinged units are easy to clean. They don’t require much maintenance. You don’t waste time maintaining the window, and its efficiency is maintained.
  • Versatility. Although a hinged window is a simple option, it fits any architectural style. At Canglow in Alberta, you can order custom units in the design you want. We offer a variety of finishes, from classic wood grain to custom shapes.
  • Space Savings. Sash windows are the ideal choice for small rooms. The sash opens vertically and doesn’t take up unnecessary space. There will still be good ventilation inside the house.
  • Attractiveness. New windows will give your home an improved style. It’s a good investment in home quality and comfort.
  • Longevity. Canglow windows are made in Canada with high-end materials. Vinyl or fiberglass frames are highly resistant to UV, cold, snow.

Advantages of ordering casement windows from Canglow

We will install new windows in your home in a short time.

What benefits Canglow customers receive:

  • Installation of new Energy Star energy efficient windows.
  • Manufacturing of casement windows with individual dimensions.
  • Discounts of up to 28% on construction and installation.
  • 25 year warranty.

With a wide selection of designs and prices, you’re sure to find the best option. Order the curtain window installation that fits your budget and quality requirements. Call Canglow in Edmonton.

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