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Energy efficient windows and doors are needed to protect your private home from the harsh Alberta climate. They differ from the classic ones in that they have a low heat transfer coefficient and are completely airtight.

Thanks to these structures, the heat energy produced by the heating appliances warms the air in the house and is not dissipated through the enclosing surfaces to the outside. In the warm season, they act in the opposite way, preventing the heated air from entering the house.

Replacing old windows and doors with insulated structures significantly reduces the household’s expenses on utility bills. In addition, new frames and sashes do not deform during temperature and humidity fluctuations, retain their color and decorate the facade of the residential cottage.

If you need to replace windows and doors in your home, call Canadian Window Company Canglow for help. Our experts will come out to any Bonnyville location, size the openings, and build frames with the right features. By spending money on builder’s fees, you will save money on your energy bills and increase the value of your property in the market for the next 40-50 years.

What materials are used to make windows in Alberta

The climatic features of Bonnyville and Canada in general impose limitations on the choice of materials that can be used to make window frames.

In private construction, these options are common:

  • Wood. Wood products are the most popular with Canadian builders. But they are least suitable for use in conditions of high humidity and strong temperature fluctuations. External influences deform the frames, lead to their drying and cracking. Because of this, gaps appear in the window, drafts begin to blow through them, the house becomes cold despite the maximum mode of operation of heaters.
  • Aluminum. Windows made of aluminum profiles are used in the construction of private houses, if they are equipped with facade glazing of a large area. This material has a minimum weight with high strength. But the metal is characterized by a high coefficient of thermal conductivity. It conducts and dissipates heat well, because of which cottage owners have to spend more money on heating.
  • Polyvinyl chloride. PVC window frames are specifically designed for use in countries and regions with cold climates. They are most suitable for Alberta. Plastic does not change size and shape when exposed to moisture and temperature. The sashes always remain airtight and are easy to open and close.

Canglow makes energy efficient windows. For their manufacture profiles with air chambers are used. Additional protection from heat dissipation are multi-chambered glazing and seals that eliminate the slightest draughts in places where the sashes adjoin the frames.

Why replace your windows with energy efficient windows

The main reason to install new windows in a Bonnyville home is to optimize the cost of utility bills. Since no heat will be dissipated through the window structures, the cottage owner will not have to spend more money on heating the home in the winter and air conditioning it in the summer.

Replacing windows and doors has additional benefits as well:

  • The appearance of the facade is improved. The beautiful white frames match any architectural style and the way the exterior walls of the building are designed.
  • Maintenance costs are reduced. Windows do not require painting or dimensional adjustments during use.
  • The value of the house increases. The use of modern technologies increases the value of the cottage and the demand for it, allows you to set a high price when selling or renting the property.

The Government of Canada recognizes the importance of making homes more energy efficient, so it offers grants of up to $5,000,000 for home insulation, including replacement of old windows. Canglow products are Energy Star compliant, so homeowners are eligible for this rebate.


Which windows to choose

Canadian window company Canglow has its own production center, where it makes frames, sashes and double-glazed windows from polymer profiles of well-known brands. Our engineers and technicians can realize a project of any complexity according to the client’s task.

Get information on available window options and options that will improve their functionality by visiting our product catalog.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a window design:

  • Thermal conductivity. When buying windows in Bonnyville, the energy efficiency of the designs is important. Models with a large number of internal chambers filled with air will do. The gaseous medium does not allow heat to pass through, so your home will stay warm with minimal heating costs.
  • Window shape. Cottages in Canada are characterized by simple rectangular frames. But if the cottage is equipped with arched, trapezoidal, triangular or any other window structures, engineers will reproduce this shape with high accuracy. Our windows will not only protect you from the cold, but also decorate the facade of the house.
  • Color. Polyvinylchloride frames are most often supplied white. The advantage of PVC products is that the initial coloring is maintained throughout the life of the product. The color does not darken or yellow. At the customer’s request, our window company can paint profiles in any other color from the RAL palette or decorate them with polymer film under stone or wood.
  • Type of insulating glass unit. To increase the heat preserving properties of the window, instead of one thin glass in the frame, a package of two or three layers with airtight air chambers between them is installed. The low coefficient of thermal conductivity of such products allows to reduce heat loss to almost zero. This can be clearly seen if you look at the facade of a cottage through a thermal imager after replacing old windows with new ones.
  • Security. Optionally purchased from us designs can be equipped with reinforced hinges and locks that prevent break-in by force. Thanks to such hardware your home will be safer, it will not be able to penetrate intruders.

You can use the catalog to make your selection, call a handyman at home, or visit our Edmonton office to form a specification with a consultant.

Cost of services

Before starting work, after studying the object, our experts make an estimate, which will indicate the cost of replacing one old window or all the frames in the object.

Canglow window company’s service rates are shown in the table below. The price includes the cost of manufacturing the frame with glazing and installation by our builders at the customer’s home.


Window typePrice
Casement Windowsfrom $395
Single-Hung Windowsfrom $425
Double-Hung Windowsfrom $445
Bay Windowsfrom $2995
Bow Windowsfrom $2995
Awning Windowsfrom $395
Picture Windowsfrom $295
Sliding Windowsfrom $375
Hopper windowsfrom $395
Patio Doorsfrom $1995

Replacing old windows and doors in a home can be considered an investment that will pay dividends for decades. The return on the money spent is made through savings on utility bills and an increase in the value of the cottage on the market.

If you lack your own funds or do not want to use them, we offer financing programs. Canglow Window Company has partnered with financial institutions that are willing to provide loans and installments to pay for the replacement of old windows.

With financing, you can order the installation of energy-efficient structures and insulate your home at any time, and repay the loan within one or two years. The interest on the loan is recouped through lower gas or electricity bills.


How to order replacement doors and windows in Bonnyville

To place an order for window fabrication and installation in Bonnyville, contact our managers at the phone number provided or fill out the online form on the website.


Time Offer

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Request Your Free Estimate Now & Save up to $9,555 on Your Order

We start working after you sign an agreement and make a payment or get approval from a financial institution. You can complete the agreement remotely or visit our Edmonton office to complete the agreement.

The term of manufacturing and installation of frames – from several weeks to a month depending on the volume and complexity of the order, workload of the production shop and employment of the company’s construction crews.

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