Windows replacement in Edmonton

Canglow is performing window and door replacements in Edmonton at bargain prices. We work in private houses, cottages, apartments. We perform a full range of work: from the choice of components to installation and garbage removal. Replacing older windows will make your home more comfortable and cosy. Official guarantees are provided for work.

25 year

As a manufacturer, we provide transferable warranties with the most extensive coverage options for our products


More than 80,000 satisfied clients, 1,000,000 windows and doors installed, 2,000+ positive reviews on HomeStars


Do not pay for a year. Get 0% financing with payments as low as $29 per month

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What windows do we offer in Edmonton

Our catalog contains a large selection of windows with double and triple glass for any requests. Models are manufactured at a factory in Toronto.

We also work with individual projects. We will make a highly efficient window that will meet your wishes in shape, style, energy-saving characteristics.

Views of windows for installation in Edmonton:

Swinging. The design is carried out with one, two or three flaps. The hardware allows you to fully open the frame or adjust the slit ventilation. The position of the flap can be fixed.

  • Hinged. The upper part is opened by reclining inside the room. Compact, convenient option for rooms of small area. The space near the windowsill remains free – the open sash does not interfere with the passage. You can put a sofa, a table, decor items.
  • Lifting. A classic design in which the movable flap is moved up the guides. Only half of the opening remains open. Such models save free space, allow you to enjoy the views and ventilate the room.
  • Sliding. The flap opens by the slider type – rolls aside along the guides. The position can be fixed: you yourself adjust the intensity of ventilation.
  • Panoramic. Luxurious floor glazing with panoramic views of the surrounding area is a popular solution in the design of country houses. A large area of glazing fills the room with natural light.

We work with non-standard, author’s projects. The size and shape of the article can be practically any. Tell us about your wishes, and our specialists will help to implement them.


Canglow offers an extensive selection of premium doors enabling you to create functional spaces within your home.
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casement windows

Casement windows are a modern looking type of style that is widely chosen in new home building or just replacement of old windows. If you choose to go with casement windows, there is a large range of customizations that you can pick from.
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Double Slider Windows

With double slider windows, ventilation is the key thing that these focus on. They are a creative variation of the single slider window that has been tried and tested over the years to be highly reliable.
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Double Hung Windows

Considered to be a variation of the evergreen single hung style window, these contain two sashes and the simplicity of these windows makes them an ideal choice for customers that prefer the ease of use and comfort.
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single slider

Single slider windows appear to be basic on the outside, but actually contain a number of features that makes them so great for houses. They contain triple gazing that is energy star rated and uPVC frames which provide effortless use.
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Hung Windows

The Single-hung window provides a balance between functionality, simplicity in operating and installing, and the overall form is just eye-catching. Single-hung windows are a popular choice for one main reason: cost.
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End Vent

With a high degree of energy efficiency thanks to the fixed pane that is situated between the two sliders, end vent slider windows also offer great views. Insulation is used to ensure that these windows retain heat.
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Picture windows are an attractive way to let in natural lighting from the outdoors while at the same time, not having to compromise on energy efficiency. Picture windows are an excellent choice for letting in light from hard to reach spaces.
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Hopper windows are a little similar to awning windows in that they are built with similar engineering principles in mind. The main difference is that they open up from the top.
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bay & BOW

Bay and bow windows are a clear choice among many people. A bay window will typically have three openings that are available in angled projections while a bow window will have four or five openings.
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Especially if you’re a young, first-time new homeowner, you’re excited at what the future possibilities hold for your property in giving it a signature look and making your house truly your own home. One makeover project may be in upgrading the backyard patio.
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Canglow offers an extensive selection of premium doors enabling you to create functional spaces within your home.
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Pick Options

For the manufacture of translucent structures, the manufacturer uses a PVC profile with metal reinforcement. The materials are lead-free. Plastic is rigid, durable, resistant to external influences. The models are fully adapted to the Canadian climate in any season.

The package includes an energy-saving double-glazed unit. The number of cameras depends on the requirements for heat and noise insulation. Along the perimeter, the double-glazed unit is glued with a seal that ensures complete tightness. The price is calculated individually for each configuration.

The appearance of the window can be almost any of your wishes. Color staining, lamination of profiles or double-sided staining is possible. The shade of the frame inside will match the interior. On the outside, the frame fits perfectly with the facade design. Your Edmonton home will look stylish, modern.

We select equipment for configuration together with the customer.

Why Choose Canglow Windows & Doors?

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