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Window replacement costs in Okotoks: What to look out for.

Warmth, coziness, and heating bills depend on how high quality windows are installed in your cottages. Therefore, if you do not want to freeze, overpay for electricity, be sure to order window installation in Okotoks using the services of our company. We offer only quality windows that match the architecture of your cottage.

To Alberta residents, Canglow offers professional installation services for modern windows at affordable prices.

Window costs

The price depends on a variety of factors. We will calculate the cost for your project when we know all of your window performance requirements.

In the table we have written the minimum prices for different styles of windows.

Window typePrice
Casement Windowsfrom $395
Single-Hung Windowsfrom $425
Double-Hung Windowsfrom $445
Bay Windowsfrom $2995
Bow Windowsfrom $2995
Awning Windowsfrom $395
Picture Windowsfrom $295
Sliding Windowsfrom $375
Hopper windowsfrom $395
Patio Doorsfrom $1995

*Please note that these prices are not final. The amount may vary depending on the type of glazing, hardware, shape of the window and other characteristics. We will calculate the final price upon your request.

What affects the cost of window replacement?

The prices for window replacement in Okotoks listed in our company’s price lists can vary depending on several major factors. In order to calculate your budget correctly, you need to consider the following points:

  • Type and material of window frames.
  • Configuration and size of windows.
  • Installation features and additional work.
  • Options and accessories selected.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these factors.

Choosing window frames: vinyl, aluminum or wood?

The material from which the window frames are made significantly affects the price and performance characteristics of the windows. In our company you can order:

  1. Vinyl windows: affordable, strong, durable (over 50 years of service), easy to maintain and environmentally friendly.
  2. Aluminum windows: durable and reliable, but more expensive and less practical compared to vinyl windows.
  3. Wooden windows: aesthetic and respectable, but require regular maintenance and have a high cost.

For most Okotoks residents, the best choice will be vinyl windows that combine excellent quality, attractive appearance and reasonable price. These windows are suitable for installation in any room – from living rooms and bedrooms to kitchens and bathrooms.

Types and sizes of windows: how to make the right choice?

Not only does the configuration and size of insulating glass units determine the cost of window replacement, but also their functionality, energy efficiency, and appearance. The main types of windows available for ordering:

  • Single-chamber (two panes) – the basic option for unheated rooms.
  • Double-glazed (three panes) – the optimal solution for living rooms, providing good heat and sound insulation.
  • Energy-saving (with special glass coating) – double-glazed windows with increased energy efficiency, allowing to reduce heat loss and heating costs.
  • Multifunctional (laminated, tinted, self-cleaning) – double-glazed windows with additional options for maximum comfort and safety.

When choosing the type and size of windows, the purpose of the particular room should be taken into account:

  • For living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens, large panoramic windows are optimal, filling the rooms with natural light.
  • For bedrooms, medium-sized double-glazed windows with high thermal and acoustic insulation are suitable.
  • For bathrooms, toilets and utility rooms, compact windows with a simple configuration are sufficient

Properly selected windows will allow you to create a comfortable atmosphere in every room while saving money on window replacement.

Installation of windows: what does the complexity of the work depend on?

The cost of installing new windows is directly related to the complexity of the installation work. The following factors can affect the final price:

  • Accessibility of window openings (need for installation at height, in hard-to-reach places, in cramped conditions).
  • Condition of window jambs (need to dismantle old structures, restore and finish jambs).
  • Non-standard shape or size of window openings (arched, trapezoidal, round windows).
  • Additional work on insulation, waterproofing and noise insulation.

Specialists of our company have extensive experience in the installation of windows of various configurations and are ready to cope with tasks of any complexity.

Why trust a Canglow window replacement company?

Canglow is the leading expert in the window solutions market in Alberta. Here are just a few good reasons to choose our company:

  • Over 14 years of impeccable work and thousands of satisfied customers.
  • Utilizing advanced technology and high quality materials from trusted manufacturers.
  • A staff of experienced and qualified professionals ready to solve problems of any complexity.
  • Strict compliance with quality standards and safety regulations at all stages of work.
  • Extended warranty on windows and installation for up to 25 years.
  • Energy-efficient double-glazed windows certified according to Energy Star standard.
  • Favorable prices for window replacement in Okotoks , discounts up to 28% and convenient installment terms.
  • Free measurement, consultations and support at all stages of cooperation.

How do I order replacement windows from Okotoks?

To calculate the cost of window replacement in your home, just contact us by phone or through the feedback form on the website. Our experts will answer all your questions, help you choose the best solutions and prepare a preliminary estimate.

After agreeing on the details of the order, we will send an experienced surveyor to you, who will take all the necessary measurements and specify the final cost of the work. You will only have to sign a contract and choose a convenient installation date.


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