What Is An Awning-Style Window?

What Is An Awning-Style Window?

If you are planning on installing new or replacing old windows in your Fort McMurray or Edmonton home it is important for you to be aware of the options. This will help you choose the type of window that fits your budget and style. Awning windows are notable for their simplicity and efficiency. So what is an awning window?

This is a simple type of window that tilts at the top and opens outward from the bottom. These windows are great for certain areas of the house, they blend in with different interior design themes.

Replacing your old Alberta windows with awning windows will greatly improve the look of your home, as well as save money on utility bills due to their energy efficiency.

According to studies, awning windows are in high demand and their market will reach $11.95 billion by 2026. This demand is due to changing consumer preferences and the energy efficiency of these windows. So whether you are renovating your home or building a new one, awning style windows are a great choice.

In this article, we’ll look at the features and main characteristics of awning windows to help you better understand what an awning window is.

What Is An Awning Window?

Awning windows are simple and minimalistic windows with hinges at the top and open to the outside from the bottom. They are easy to operate and available in various sizes and finishes. 

Awning windows usually have a horizontal orientation to give a specialized look and great functionality. They are mostly rectangular with a width that is longer than the height. When the window is opened, the raised glass forms a shelter over the window opening, giving it an amazing appearance.

How Do Awning Windows Work?

Awning windows open with a handle and tilt up after opening. They require less effort to use and are much easier to handle. The handle turns clockwise to open and counterclockwise to close.

To operate the awning window, unlock the locks on both sides and turn the handle. Turn it until the window opens to the angle you want. Some awnings can open 90 degrees.

To close it, turn the handle in the opposite direction until the window is closed. Close both sides.

Canglow can also make these windows more accessible by adding additional items to your order.These can be extensions that cling to the handle and rotate to operate the tall window. If you choose windows with retractable awnings, you’ll get a clean, picturesque view out the window. These are simpler awning window options that feature a hidden lock status sensor for added security.

Advantages Of Awning Windows

In addition to the sleek aesthetics of the awning windows, they have practical benefits like other popular window styles.

1. Visibility And Natural Light

Awning-style windows allow natural light to enter the room and provide excellent ventilation. If you install them in hard-to-reach spaces, you will still benefit from natural lighting and fresh air.

2. Versatile Design

Awning windows have a very adaptable design that makes them ideal for many rooms in the house. You can fix them high on the wall to allow light and fresh air into the room.

This design makes them ideal for rooms that need privacy, like bathrooms. You can also fix them at an average height to provide an unobstructed view of the outside world.

Our company produces awning windows in a variety of sizes and shapes. Small awning windows are more common than large ones and fit well in most homes.

3. Noise Reduction

Awning-type windows have a single pane of glass surrounded by a seal. They have fewer sections for air outlet.

The noise is muffled when the windows are closed, and if you are in areas with high noise levels, it will help you get a quiet, restful night.

4. Energy Efficiency

Because there are no places for air to escape, awning windows, like other popular windows, are very energy efficient. Improving your window design with a quality triple-glazed or argon filled insulating glass unit can help lower your energy bills. Lower energy bills contribute to the value of your home.

5. Affordability

Marquee windows are affordable, making them a popular choice for most homeowners in Fort McMurray and Edmonton. Their simple construction and ease of installation make them the best choice for replacement windows, and they can fit a variety of budgets.

6. Security

Awning windows are placed high on the wall and are small in size, making them difficult for someone to break in.

Disadvantages Of Awning Windows

Despite their advantages, installing awning windows can have the following downsides.

1. People Can Walk Into Them

If you live in a high-traffic area, awning windows may not be the best choice for your home. Their outward opening is a potential crash haza

People do not typically expect a window to open outwards, and they can accidentally run into them, causing damage to the window or injury to the person.

2. Cleaning Difficulty

Awning windows need frequent cleaning because they are more exposed to the rain than regular windows. They do not open a full 90 degrees, making cleaning complicated.

It even becomes more difficult if they are in the upper story.

3. Emergency Exits Failure

The safety regulations require you to install fire escape routes on the upper floor of your home.

Awning windows cannot provide a quick, easy and safe emergency exit because of the way they open. Their size and location make them unsuitable for the job. However, if you wish, Canglow will manufacture awning windows of sufficient size for emergency exits.

Where Are Awning Windows Used?

The best places to put awning windows are the ones that are hard to reach, such as the sinks and counters. And because these windows take up much space, they work very well in small areas. The best rooms to fix these windows include:

1. Kitchen

The kitchen needs fresh air circulation throughout the day, and an awning window is a perfect choice. It is easy to open if you reach over the sink or a wide counter.

When you need to place a window over furniture and other fixtures, an awning window will be a perfect choice because it is easy to operate.

2. Bedroom

You can use an awning window in your bedroom if you love to sleep with your window open. You can enjoy the fresh air while remaining safe.

3. Bathroom

Air circulation in the bathroom is exceptionally vital throughout the year. The bathroom needs a lot of privacy, so get awning windows with obscured-view glass.

This glass can be decorative andfrosted or sandblasted.

4. Low-Level Locations

An awning window works well in the low grades, like the basements and utility rooms. They are very secure for such spaces.

Due to their ability to remain open in all seasons and their ventilation properties, awning windows are popular for basements and ground-floor rooms.

How To Blend Awning Windows With Other Windows

Awning windows are versatile. They look great independently, yet they can complement other window styles to create a balanced look. For example, you can use them alongside casement windows to create a visual appeal to your space.

They also work well when used together with picture windows. The awning-style window will maximize ventilation, while the picture window maximizes the view. Place multiple awning windows above the picture window to get the best results with this combination.

Materials Used For Awning Windows

The various components of the awning window, such as the glass, frames, and screens, are made of different materials. These materials include wood,aluminum, fiberglass, steel, vinyl, tempered glass, and a combination of wood and fiberglass.

Most people prefer vinyl awning windows. Vinyl window frames are lightweight, durable and cost-effective. Real split lights, simulated split lights or grilles can be placed between the panes of these windows.

All of these options give the window a unique look. Our company manufactures windows from high quality materials so they last longer without requiring repair or replacement.

How Do Awning Windows Compare To Casement Windows?

Awning and casement windows are quite similar and may even be difficult to differentiate. This is how they compare:

  • They are both hinged, cracked windows that are best installed in small to medium openings.
  • The awning windows have a wider width than the length.
  • The casement windows have a longer length than the width
  • Casement windows have hinges on the right or left side of the frame.
  • The awning windows open at the bottom and have a hinge at the top.

Start Your Journey Toward Beautiful Awning Windows

When building a home for the first time or replacing it, you’ll need the best awning windows. They come in many styles – dome, waterfall, semi-circular, double standard and gambrel track. So, choose a window style that fits your preferences and lifestyle. And Canglow will supply and install the best quality windows for you at the best prices in Alberta

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose Awning-Style Windows?

Homeowners in Fort McMurray or Edmonton have several reasons to choose awning windows. These may be personal preference, quality, cost, lighting, aesthetics, ventilation and window opening. Before choosing an awning style window, consider the needs of your home.

2. Can You Use Awning Windows Alone?

Awning windows can be used independently, even though they blend well with other windows. You can use them in all rooms in the house. They are the best choices for basements and underground spaces. They provide excellent ventilation and lighting.

3. Are Awning Windows Cheaper?

Due to their tendency to be smaller than other windows, awning windows are generally cheaper. They have a simple design which makes them easy to install. They also have fewer parts that may need replacing.


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