The Right Window Treatment for Home in Red Deer

The Right Window Treatment for Home in Red Deer

No matter how much we like our old windows at home, sooner or later it’s time to replace them. There are many reasons to replace your windows and it’s hard to name any of them as the most important. Here is a short list of questions that, if answered in the affirmative, you should definitely consider replacing your old windows in Red Deer:

  • Do you find it difficult to open and close your windows?
  • Are they failing in their task of keeping the room cold or warm?
  • Are there any signs of damage?

Choosing new windows is always a difficult and time-consuming process for a homeowner. After all, we all want new windows to be not only functional but also fit in with the design and architectural style of your home. One of the first and foremost decisions to make when choosing new windows is what type of windows will suit you and your home. Each type of window has its own characteristics in maintenance, functionality and appearance. It is not necessary for all windows to be of the same type, you can and should combine window types to give a unique look to your home, as well as create a cozy interior space.

In order to make your choice more informed and easier Canglow experts will tell you in this article about the different types of windows available on the market in Canada, their features, advantages and disadvantages.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right type of window for your home in Red Deer. Here are some of them:

  • How easy is it to clean?
  • Does it look attractive?
  • How easy is it to open and close?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • How will it work with the existing set up of my rooms?

What Are the Different Types of Windows?

While we can’t tell you which type of window will be best for your home, we can give you information on the different types of windows that are available. Here are some you can choose from.

Double and Single Hung Windows:

Double hung windows have two panes of glass that can slide up and down. They can open wide from the top or bottom but they won’t extrude from the interior of the house. Double hung windows are easy to clean because both panes can be tipped inward and cleaned from indoors.

Single hung windows have a similar design to double hung windows, but the top pane is stationary. This limits options when considering opening the windows and it also makes them more difficult to clean.

Casement Windows:

Casement windows operate by cranking outwards and they have a hinge on either side. They are great for giving a streamlined, modern look to tall narrow spaces.

Casement windows are ideal for energy efficiency because they seal tightly. They are also easy to open, close and clean.

Some drawbacks of casement windows include the fact that their design does not allow for a mounted air conditioner or any type of screen.

Awning windows:

Awning windows have a hinge at the top allowing them to open outwards and let in air from the left, right or bottom. They can be installed alongside stationary or operating windows.

Awning windows have an adjustable panel making it easy for you to regulate the air flow in your home. They also have a standard hood that keep the elements out so you can leave them ajar during a summer rain shower.

Picture Windows:

Stationary windows don’t open but they are great for letting light into a room. They work well in spaces that could benefit from natural light, but where airflow isn’t necessary.

A hallway could be an ideal spot for a picture window as people generally don’t hang out in hallways for long amount of time making the need for airflow minimal. Yet a stationary window can provide a magnificent view for passers-by.

Stationary windows can also be ideal in rooms where there are a lot of windows including some that are stationary and some that open.

Because stationary windows are often paired with operational ones, they have larger and thicker frames that allow them to match the site lines of operational windows. This feature makes them appear bolder and more defined making them great choices for contemporary and modern homes.

Picture windows are a type of stationary window. They feature a low-profile frame to maximize the glass surface. They are known to provide unobstructed views and are commonly used as a decorative focal feature in living rooms and bedrooms.

Transom Windows:

A transom is defined as a horizontal structural beam that serves to separate a window or door from the window above it. Transom windows work well when featured on the top of almost any type of window and can add to the aesthetic of your rooms.

Transom windows can also add to the window’s energy efficiency.

Transom windows were introduced in the 14th century in times before air conditioning was invented. People would open these windows to increase air flow in their houses.

Today, transom windows can still be used for the same purpose making them a great, low cost alternative to air conditioning. However, if you would like your transom windows to help cool your house, make sure they open! Transom windows can be operating or stationary, and obviously, the latter will do little good in keeping your house cool.

Transom windows also allow more light to enter the room; another advantage when considering energy efficiency.

Sliding Windows:

As the name suggests, sliding windows open by sliding from one side to another across a track. They are perfect for contemporary or modern style houses.

Slider windows are often found over kitchen sinks and in bathrooms. However, they are not ideal for areas that are prone to driving rain as they do little to keep the elements out.

Sliding windows can be double sliding or single sliding. With double sliding windows, both sides of the window open, but with single sliding windows one side is stationary. Double sliding windows are often preferred over the single sliding variety because they allow for more ventilation and are easier to clean.

Bay or Bow Windows:

Bay and bow windows bump out and expand to increase your living space slightly. They also allow you to create a cozy nook and beautiful focal point to your room.

Bay windows differ from bow windows in that they consist of three frames or openings arranged at a specific angle. The frames can be opening, stationary, or a combination. They are recommended for modern or contemporary style homes.

Bow windows have four or more frames or openings. They are often arranged in a curved manner giving homes a Victorian era inspired appearance.

How Do I Find the Window That is Right for My Home?

Hopefully, this article has given you information that will help you make an informed choice when determining which type of window is best for your home. However, if you are still undecided, we suggest you seek professional advice, such as calling a Canglow representative to your home for a free presentation. Our staff member will not only tell you more about window types and their features during the presentation, but will also help you choose the best options for your home in Red Deer.

From there, you can get some quotes to determine what fits your budget and talk to customers who bought similar products to find out if they were satisfied with the product, service and window installation.

It’s also helpful to have a reliable contractor on your side. If you are looking for new windows for your home in Red Deer, we highly recommend our company.

Canglow has a lot of experience in window installation. We work with our customers from the very beginning, helping them find the product that best suits their lifestyle. We then provide excellent communication, unrivaled service and a seamless installation process.

Installing new windows in your home is a major undertaking. Canglow Companies can make the process as stress-free as possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help get your home looking its best.



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