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Types of popular insulating glass units for Canada’s climate: Drayton Valley windows

Canada’s capricious climate requires double-glazed windows in homes and apartments that provide superior thermal and acoustic insulation. Several types of glazing are available to meet the specific needs of the country’s residents, providing unrivaled comfort and energy efficiency all year round.

Varieties of insulating glass units in demand

Headquartered in Edmonton, our company offers sales and installation of double and triple glazing in Drayton Valley, Alberta. To make it easier to choose the right models, we want to tell you about the most popular types of double-glazed windows, which are characterized by numerous advantages.


Double glazing is one of the most popular types of windows in Canada. They provide excellent thermal insulation and soundproofing, which is very important in the country’s cold climate. These models consist of two panes of glass separated by a space filled with air or gas, creating a barrier to heat loss and noise intrusion. Ideal for most regions of Canada, double glazing provides a balance between efficiency and affordability.


With three layers of glass and two insulating gaps, these models offer enhanced functionality and performance. This makes them popular for use in the Drayton Valley, a province where winter temperatures can reach -16 degrees Celsius (3.2 degrees Fahrenheit). Although the cost of replacement windows in this design option is slightly higher, the superior performance justifies the investment, especially during harsh winters.

With low-emission glass

Double-glazed windows are characterized by a special coating that in summer reflects the sun’s rays, preventing the rooms from overheating. In winter, they retain infrared radiation, helping to retain heat in the house. This innovative technology can be called energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Low-E glass windows are a smart choice for Canadians looking for eco-friendly solutions without sacrificing comfo

Argon-filled windows

Windows with argon filling in the inter-glass space, which contains argon gas – increase thermal insulation, reduce infiltration of cold air. The odorless inert gas improves the insulating properties of double-glazed windows, providing better thermoregulation inside the house. Models:

  • help save money on utility bills;
  • save the owner a significant portion of their budget;
  • do not harm the environment.

With tilt-and-turn system

Tilt and turn models are characterized by their versatility and convenience. Owners can choose between fully open and half-open positions, providing excellent ventilation options. This innovative design not only improves air circulation, but also provides ease of use. These models are a great solution for cottages and apartments.

With reinforced profile

In Canada’s harsh climate, where frost and snowfall are not uncommon, windows with reinforced profiles become not only an integral part of the home, but also an important solution for indoor comfort and warmth. Models made from high quality materials have:

  • increased durability;
  • resistance to external influences;
  • durability.

Their resistance to mechanical damage and exposure to harsh weather conditions makes them an ideal choice for residents who value durability and reliability. The service life of the models is several decades (about 50 years and more).

In addition, models with reinforced profiles have excellent thermal insulation, which helps to reduce heating costs during the colder months. They are also resistant to UV rays, preventing the material from fading. Their modern design and variety of color variations make them an attractive choice for those who value not only functionality, but also the beautiful appearance of their home.


Slider windows are a stylish and functional solution for homes. They open smoothly left-to-right, maximizing airflow and ease of use. This design is especially popular in older homes, adding a unique charm and elegance to them.

Slider windows look harmoniously in houses that are designed in classic styles of traditional architecture. Smooth lines and exquisite appearance make them attractive both inside and outside of buildings. They provide excellent ventilation and natural light to the room. Slider windows are not just a functional element, but also a stylish accent that gives the house a unique character and coziness.

Window installation – new possibilities

When thinking about replacing the windows in your Canadian home, carefully examine the models that our company offers. Evaluate before making a decision:

  • their needs and desires;
  • climate requirements;
  • budgetary constraints.

Double glazed windows are available in a variety of styles and designs, allowing you to find the perfect match to your home’s aesthetics while prioritizing energy efficiency.

Price table: a wise purchase

Understanding the price of replacement windows is a critical aspect of the decision-making process. While triple-glazed windows offer superior performance, they are more expensive than double-glazed windows. Low-E glass models and argon-filled windows, while slightly more expensive than standard double-glazed windows, offer significant energy savings in the long run, making them a cost-effective choice for Canadian homeowners.

For accurate pricing and professional advice tailored to your specific needs, contact our window installation company in Drayton Valley. Our experts:

  • make an assessment;
  • recommend suitable glazing options;
  • calculate the discounted price.

How double-glazed windows are installed

After the calculations, our craftsmen will come to your house or apartment to perform the installation of glass. The installation is carried out in compliance with the following requirements:

  1. During installation, our craftsmen strictly comply with the norms established by technical regulations.
  2. During installation we use quality materials such as profiles, glass, seals.
  3. Masters of our company carry out installation using flashing to prevent water penetration into the wall cavity or other structural elements.

By following the rules and guidelines, we provide reliable installation of double-glazed windows, ensuring maximum performance.

When you contact our window installation company, you will receive expert advice and detailed pricing information tailored to your home’s requirements. Make an informed decision and invest in windows that provide comfort and energy savings!


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