Triple Pane Windows or Double Pane: What’s Better?

When buying new windows, the question arises as to whether it is better to buy windows with triple or double glazing. Windows with triple glazing, when properly installed, will make your home more comfortable, increase the energy efficiency of the house, keep warmth in winter and cool in summer.
Here’s a look at how these two types of windows compare. Let’s talk about ways to achieve maximum energy efficiency when replacing windows. And we will try to answer the question what is better after all, windows with double or triple glazing.

What are double and triple pane windows?

To begin with, we offer to define the concept of what a glazing unit is. Classic window glass is a sheet of glass separating the inside of the house from the outside. A glazing unit is a construction consisting of several sheets of glass, the space between which is filled with air or inert gas. Double and triple glazing consists of two or three panes of glass, respectively.

Additional panes of glass in windows led to the development of insulated glass units (IGU). Insulated or sealed glazing is a unit that combines several panes of window glass with an energy-efficient separator into one. Argon or krypton gas fillers are used between the panes to increase efficiency.

Double Pane Window
Triple Pane Window

Triple Pane Windows and Noise Reduction

Triple glazing is more effective at absorbing noise, which is why homeowners in Edmonton often choose triple glazing over double glazing. Improved noise reduction is achieved by the configuration of triple glazing. Three-chamber double-glazed windows consist of three layers of glass separated by gas-filled spaces. This structure allows to effectively dampen the sound transmission, and at the expense of additional weight reduce vibrations. Also due to the different thickness of glass the structure of sound waves is broken, increasing the noise insulation properties of the insulating glass unit.

How are triple-pane windows better than double-pane windows?

The simplest and most obvious answer is that the additional glazing does a better job of controlling city noise. Compared to double-glazed windows, triple-glazed windows are more energy efficient, produce less condensation and better insulate your home from street noise.

In addition, three-layer windows allow the use of Low-E coatings due to the additional glass. To the layman, Low-E coatings look similar to tinting. But in fact, the coating is applied at the molecular level in the production of windows. Most windows manufactured today in Canada use low transmittance coatings. These coatings improve the performance and efficiency of the window. This applies to both double and triple glazing.

Combined with the insulating properties of an additional pane, these features make your window even more efficient, and your home more comfortable.

While the windows with double glazing have an R-value from 3 to 3.8 windows with triple glazing have an R-value up to 7-8, which suggests that the windows with triple glazing in the heat blocking.

!Conclusion. By replacing double-glazed windows with triple-glazed windows, you will reduce your heating costs.

By comparison, an Energy Star rated double pane window with an R-value of 3, when the R-value is increased from 3 to 5, the average heat loss through the window is reduced by 30 to 40 percent. (See Figure 1). Modern triple-glazed windows can achieve an R-value of up to 8, depending on the type of window and glazing. Note that triple-glazed products can be up to 50 percent more efficient than double-glazed products.

When selecting a triple glazed window, be sure to consider the overall thickness of the IG. In the Alberta market, most manufacturers offer triple glazing with a total thickness of “7/8 as opposed to 1″ 1/4 or 1” 3/8, which are the most efficient triple glass configurations. Figure 2. These products are about 30% less efficient. The insulating glass manufacturing process is also an important factor. Responsible manufacturers adhere to quality certification programs such as NAMI and NFRC.

Exhibit 1 – “R” value for double and triple pane Casement
Exhibit 2 – Double pane vs triple pane windows centre of glass and glass spacing

If you are considering replacement windows, Canglow recommends you purchase ENERGY STAR rated products. For a list of ENERGY STAR rated windows, visit the Natural Resources Canada website. These products meet international standards and are considered effective in a variety of climates. The use of Low-E coatings, foam in the inner window frame and argon or krypton gas filling improve the performance of double-glazed windows and bring them into compliance with the new standard.

Naturally, such additions affect the price of the window. It is worth clearly planning the purpose of the windows in different rooms. So on the sunny side of the windows it makes sense to put windows with a higher solar heat gain and a low U-factor. For the shady side of the house on the contrary it is worth to put windows with a lower heat dissipation index and a higher U-factor.

Strategically planning which window to choose for a particular room can save a lot of money on custom windows.

Of course, different Canadian window manufacturers produce different products, and the above table is just a general idea. But our company strongly recommends that you clarify the differences in ER ratings for different types of windows from different manufacturers.

How much do triple-pane windows cost?

The issue of the price of triple-pane windows often discourages homeowners from installing these products.

On average, windows with triple glazing cost 10-15% more than windows with double glazing.

This difference is not significant when replacing one or two windows, but if you are removing old windows throughout the house, the difference can be several thousand dollars. Canglow, understands the difficult situation of homeowners and offers a range of programs to save your budget. In addition, spending a little more money on quality windows will save you money on heating costs in the future.

Of course, investments must be profitable. This brings us to our next question:

Are triple-pane windows worth the money?

Rereading American window replacement websites you will most often encounter the statement that spending money on triple-pane windows makes no sense. However, this statement is only true for most of the United States. Canada’s climate is harsher than that of the United States, which is why most of the United States does not require a strong insulating barrier in the window opening. The temperature difference between indoors and outdoors is not as great as it would be in the north.

There is no way to calculate exactly how much money triple glazing windows will save you in the future. However, on average, triple glazed windows can help you save 2-3% per day on your energy bills. Of course, that figure is equally dependent on the condition of your home, the construction of your walls, the temperature you are comfortable with, and even the condition of your furnace. We recommend using your monthly heating bill as the basis for your decision.

Should You Get Double or Triple Pane Windows?

If you are interested in the difference between double and triple glazing, then most likely you are deciding for yourself the advisability of investing money in replacing your windows. You are also looking for a solution that will save you money and make your home comfortable. Consider our climate and the condition of other elements in your home before deciding to install or replace your windows in Alberta.

Company Canglow, offers you double and triple glazed windows with professional installation services in Alberta, Calgary, Edmonton, etc … In addition, our managers are always ready to answer your questions and our representatives are ready to come to your home and give you expert advice on the need for replacement and the type of windows needed.


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