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Canglow is a leading company providing window and door repair, replacement and installation services in Edmonton, Alberta and Northwest Territories.

Window Replacement : Everything You Need to Know

There are a wide variety of window companies in Canada. But which one is right for you? Are you planning a full replacement or just a repair of your windows? What questions should you ask to choose the right company for your budget and quality? We will answer these questions and more in this article.

How do you know if your windows need replacing?

Canglow managers are often faced with a situation where a homeowner is unsure whether they need to replace old windows or have them repaired. Indeed, most problems with windows can be solved without replacing them and extend their lifespan.

Most windows in Edmonton and Calgary are replaced every 20 to 25 years. If your windows are draughty, or the window frames are coming apart, or if they have water damage on or around the frame, it is best to replace the windows.

Before you replace your windows, we encourage you to read Natural Resources Canada’s guide, “Improving Window Energy Efficiency“. This guide will help you recognize the problems of existing windows, find the right options on the market, and answer the most common questions you may have when replacing your windows. Even if you don’t want to delve into window theory, Canglow encourages you to study this guide before you start meeting with companies.

But if you want to go deeper and be an expert at replacing windows and doors, we recommend you read the “Consumer’s Guide to Buying Energy-Efficient Windows and Doors“. This guide is conveniently structured into chapters and consists of 50 pages of answers to all necessary questions.

Understanding the current state of your windows

To understand the current state of the window, you should take action on the list drawn up by our experts:

Number of window panes

The number of insulating glass units significantly affects the energy efficiency of the window. If you replace the single-glazed windows with new energy-efficient windows with double or triple glazing, you are likely to reduce heat loss by half.

Window glass

Is your glass broken, loose, or has moisture gotten between the panes? Contact the manufacturer for glass replacement.

Window material

Vinyl windows last at least 20 years. If your windows are made of vinyl, you probably won’t need to replace them.

Air leakages

Be sure to check windows for air leaks. Light a stick of incense, candle, or lighter and walk around the window frame. If there are not too many leaks and the window is in good condition, you should consider new caulking and weatherstripping.

Window hardware

The presence of loose or malfunctioning hardware makes it difficult to operate the window. If the hardware is in very poor condition, and the window frame or sash is damaged the old window should be replaced. Sometimes it is enough to replace the failed parts and extend the life of the window.


Excessive condensation on the room side of the window, you can try to correct by reducing the amount of moisture in the house.

The formation of condensation between the panes indicates that the sealed unit is damaged and you are not getting any energy efficiency benefits because the gas has escaped.

First, contact the manufacturer to see if your warranty is still valid. Get a quote for a new sealed unit and be sure to compare the cost of a new sealed unit to a brand new energy efficient window. If the price is about the same, we recommend choosing a new window.

Why to replace with vinyl windows?

When buying a window, make sure it is of proper quality. This will keep your home comfortable in the local climate for decades to come. Most areas of Canada have the harshest urban climate in the world. Windows for homes in our country need to be of the highest quality. With the materials and methods that Canglow uses, you can achieve the right level of quality.

The most energy-efficient windows for our climate are triple-glazed windows. Vinyl is the preferred window material because it provides sufficient thermal protection at a lower cost than wood or fiberglass. A window that is well made and meets all the necessary energy efficiency specifications will last for a long period of time. We strongly advise you to pay attention to ENERGY STAR rated windows that have passed NAFS 11 tests.

Replacement vs Repair (Fixing)

It may sound absurd for a window company to say, but not all window problems require a replacement. Most often, window problems can be repaired, patched up, or fixed with parts rather than a whole new window. There are two common ways to replace windows: a full-frame replacement or a retrofit.


When it comes to full-frame installation, all the window parts get replaced down to the existing construction opening. This frame is checked for damage, mould, or moisture. New custom windows get outfitted with new exterior brickmoulds, jambs, and trim.

These vinyl components inside the window don’t deteriorate or weather over time and are easy to maintain. They can be a substantial part of the price in the full-frame replacement, but they also give full protection from the elements, and therefore longer-lasting windows. Altogether, a full-frame installation provides a completely new window.

Because of the additional labour and materials required for a successful full-frame replacement, these installations can cost as much as 15-20% more than a retrofit.


Retrofit replacement means that all structures around the window opening remain the same, and only the glass and frame are replaced. The wooden structures around the window will remain the same, so it is not possible to check them for leaks and rotting.

Finding the reputable company on the example of Canglow Windows

One serious mistake Canadian homeowners make is buying a good product and cutting corners during installation.

The quality of the installer’s work determines the life of your windows. The quality and reputation of the window installer is important. Trying to save a little money on installation can put the entire project at risk. Try not to miss the opportunity to spend a little more money on quality window installation. To choose the best company, we suggest you explore tips from our experts:

Check out the reputation

Reputation is the main factor when choosing a company. To understand whether a window company is reputable or not is easy enough.

Many of us are used to trusting internet reviews when trying to research the market. But when choosing window companies, we advise you to use the two main sites for evaluating and reviewing window companies: Homestars and The Better Business Bureau. On these sites, you will be able to read the experiences of past customers of the company and how the company has handled the problem. Online reviews are worth considering when choosing a company, but don’t rely on them as a deciding factor.


The practical experience of the company is as important as its reputation. If a company has been on the market for decades, it most likely has a reliable and qualified team of installers. Canglow has installed over 40,000 windows in Alberta and Calgary. Our team includes highly trained installers with years of experience installing and replacing windows.

Standards and awards

In Canada, all efficient windows are tested and certified under the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) requirements. CSA uses ENERGY STAR guidelines for determining whether different company’s windows meet special requirements. Therefore, a reputable company must only deal with energy efficient windows and follow the CSA guidelines and local building code. Moreover, it is also a good sign if company’s products are NAFS-11 tested and approved.

Get the right installation for your replacement

Now you now know that to get quality products (windows and doors) you should shop for products that are Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested. But how do you make sure that the installation quality matches that of the windows? After all, no matter how good the new window is, it will still leak and cause damage to the wall structure if not installed correctly. So, here are the government standards (and organizations) to look for before installing the windows:

Before dealing with a windows manufacturer in Alberta and Calgary keep in mind that:

  • New construction windows in Canada, have to be installed in accordance with the National Building Code. 
  • Replacement windows and doors most often have to be installed in accordance with CSA’s Window, Door, and Skylight Installation Standard. You can purchase the publication yourself, but it is also available in parts online. 
  • What’s more important is that the company you decide to go with is actually familiar with the standard and utilizes it. Often if the company’s windows are officially NAFS tested, the company also takes it upon themselves to abide by the installation method standards and perform a “ start to finish” windows installation.

Why is our team the best installers in Alberta and Calgary?

Our installations are done in accordance with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Guidelines and local building code. We only work with in-house installers that specialize in window replacements. When the installation is complete, we ensure that all the construction debris is cleaned up, waste is removed, and your residence is left clean.

As part of our warranty, our dedicated service team is there to take care of your windows in the event any problems arise. All our windows are Canadian made, Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested.

Residential Windows Installation Case Studies: Casement, Slider, Picture

It’s time to share some of our past projects on different types of window replacements so you can get a better idea of the cost, timing and overall procedure.

Crank Windows (Casement & Awning)

Casement windows are great for use in any room, and can often be manufactured in a combination with a fixed window for bigger openings. Crank vinyl windows are the most efficient option. In these windows, the operable sash opens away from the window frame on an angle. They also utilize a mechanism to “crank” the window with a handle. The mechanism significantly reduces the amount of force required to open and close the window.

But what truly makes crank windows the best choice, are the compression seals these windows rely on for efficiency. When a crank window is closed, the compression seal evenly fills the gap between the sash and frame making the unit airtight and preventing heat loss.

Slider Windows

Traditional design, modern look. Slider windows are not as efficient as crank windows because they don’t rely on compression seals for efficiency. Because in sliding windows the sash moves inside the frame, the weather proofing material has to be more malleable.  Most slider windows rely on bristled weatherstripping to prevent heat from escaping through the window. Weatherstripping is not as efficient as compression seals, and as a result slider windows don’t match the performance levels of cranks. 

While slider windows don’t initially match the performance levels of casements or awnings, it is possible to improve the window’s performance with additional efficiency features like Low-E coatings, additional glass panes, or ETI foam inside the window frame.

Picture Windows

Picture windows are excellent for letting in natural light and offer improved efficiency when compared to operable windows.

Although operable windows are ideal for home replacements because they combine functionality and efficiency, you don’t always have to get crank or slider windows.

Picture windows are an inoperable window style. Windows that don’t open are more efficient than operable ones and can be used in a combination with casements and sliders or on their own.

These windows are also good to consider if there are multiple windows in a room. That way some of your windows can be operable for ventilation, and some fixed to provide views and efficiency.


All windows by Canglow are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards. Canglow warrants its products against manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship. Our window parts and components are covered during the stated period, under normal use and service, subject to the terms and conditions contained in this transferable limited lifetime warranty. When ordering our windows, you get:

Selection of Best Manufacturer on the example of Canglow

Now you know a lot about how to pick a reliable windows installer in Calgary and what type of services you might need. So, this final section is made to provide you with a quick checklist of a great manufacturer using the example of Canglow:

  • All our windows are Canadian made and we have our own production line, that produce windows specifically to all our requirements and needs, making the final product being Energy Star rated and NAFS-11 tested. This ensures you the top-notch quality of windows and proper installation.
  • Our experts follow all the CSA and local building codes guidelines to ensure the installation is done in accordance to all the local rules.
  • We have installed more than 40 000 windows and have a reputation of a reliable windows manufacturer with great real-customer reviews.
  • You get a full warranty for any windows ordered and installed.



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