This is Why Window Height From Floor Standards Matter

We rarely think about window height from floor and that is absolutely fine, we are not builders after all. Still, this is a very important thing to consider when you are constructing a new house or renewing an old one.

Types of Windows


It is quite obvious that the window height from floor depends on its type as well as on the other factors but we will talk about them later. A window is a significant part of each house. It is crucial to have at least 15% area of the room to provide for window openings. And it is for a simple house or residential building. Offices and other public spaces should have much more windows because there are more people visiting them. 


The modern world offers us a lot of window variants. We can easily forget about simple rectangular windows since there are round and even triangle windows. The other parameter which differs from window to window is not only window height from floor but also the material of which it is made. You can pick from a huge variety of materials like old classic wood, industrial metal, or modern plastic (PVC). 


What also matters is the way a window should be opened. It can be sliding (up, down, right, left, only one part slides or all parts) and it is quite convenient if you have a small apartment and don’t want to waste a lot of space. Plus you can put a mosquito net there easily. A window can also open inwards. It is a very strange variant and mostly was used in the old houses. One more possible and common variant — a window opens outward. So here are some types of popular windows:


  • Single Hung Windows
  • Awning Windows
  • Bow Windows
  • Egress Windows
  • Skylight Windows


We know a lot about windows already and now we are ready to move forward to learn more about typical window height from floor.


What Is the Window Height From the Floor?

An average window height from floor depends on different factors up to the country where these windows are located. It’s height is also called sill level for which it is crucial to consider linter level. Simply put, the first one is the distance from the floor to the bottom of the window frame (from 900 mm or 3 ft.) and the second one is the level from the top of the floor level to the top of the door frame on which lintel is placed.

A standard window height from floor can vary, but here are the most common cases in Canada:


  • 6′0″ x 4′0″
  • 5′0″ x 4′0″
  • 3′0″ x 4′0″
  • 2′0″ x 3′0″


You should also know that the standard window height from floor is usually precalculated when building a house BUT it can be changed according to your preferences. 


Width of the Window Depends on Which Parameters?

We finally got to this part when we are ready to discuss what exactly you need to consider before placing a window. Too bad that we are not in a computer game where you can easily add a window to the wall from your inventory. In the real world, we need to be very VERY precise while measuring a window frame. It can’t be smaller than the window so we don’t need to break the wall to enlarge it. At the same time, it can not be bigger so we don’t need to buy a new window or another truck with cement. 


The first thing you need to think of is the size of your room. Depending on the size and free space in the room you can decide which window you can place and where. The second important thing is the use in the room. There is no need to put 5 windows in the bedroom, for example. Meanwhile, more windows for better air conditioning and lighting will look more logical in the kitchen.


It also won`t be bad to think about the climate in your area. Depending on this factor you can choose better materials for your window, so it won’t be cold in the winter and hot in the summer. Or you can even choose the color since black windows are not recommended for hot climates due to their extensive heating. Along with the climate think about prevailing winds so your windows won’t be randomly loudly opened like in horror movies. 


The last thing which is not as important as previous points is local trends and overall exterior. It is great that the modern world allows us to pick different colors for the inner and outer parts of the windows, but still, it is good to think as many steps ahead as possible so as not to draw unnecessary attention. So, before putting a window you should check:


  1. Size and use of the room
  2. Climate and winds in your area
  3. Exterior look of your windows to match with local trends


You can easily go back to our article to check yourself with these little points. We hope that you won`t miss even the smallest details and your windows, or eyes of the house, as some say, will be absolutely perfect.


Why is Window Height from Floor Important?


Last but not least is the importance of the window`s height. Let’s go over the basics. What are windows used for?


  • Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Safety
  • Design


It’s quite ok with air conditioning (ventilation) and saving electricity (lighting), but safety? Won’t it be safer if there weren’t any fragile glass windows? Our answer is no. Air and light are important for our health, but what is even more interesting is that windows can save our lives in case of any emergency like a fire. So their heights and placement should be convenient for a human to use and get through. This type of window is called an egress window. 


The last point is questionable. Designers can do magic with window placement and its colors. Simple humans like us can only seek inspiration in their projects to find something that will suit our taste and wallet.


Bottom Line

Today we have learned a lot of new interesting information about average window height from floor and windows in general. We hope that you enjoyed reading this article and found it useful and fun to read. 

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