Are Black Windows Going Out Of Style?

We are sure that you have already heard (and seen a lot of times) that black framed windows are a new trend. However, can we be sure that it is true? Should we start renewing our old-fashioned white frames on something more stylish? We will discuss it in today’s article. Read below!

Where Can I Use Black Windows?

We have heard that black windows are very stylish, but where can we use them? Well, first of all, they are a perfect choice for contemporary interiors. Modern apartments with minimalism decoration and style simply look great with black frames. It is also true that modern homes do not try to stick to one particular style but enjoy a mix of them (mid-century modern, classic, and art-deco). White windows might be a bit too common here. Black windows will not just pop out but will also provide some depth to the interior design.


What Are The Big Plus and The Big Minus For Black Windows?


Black frames were considered very stylish and high-class in the past. Not in that past when they were used in factories and had an industrial look, but that past which is nearer to us. However, for some people, it feels a bit boring and too old-fashioned now. 


Nevertheless, black windows` big advantage is that they can be used in combination with almost any decoration and make it even more stylish. So, if you have already given up on black windows for your house design, you should definitely change your mind. Modern interiors with black frames will definitely impress people!


They can complement any type of decoration style. Give them a try and find out how stylish your interior will look! They are great replacements for a combination of white windows and some other decorative elements (e.g., abstract art). But, you should be very careful with design elements not to add too many colors or not to make it too dark. Remember, everything is good with moderation.


As for the disadvantages of black windows, there are some. First of all, these are quite heavy. They weigh more than two kilograms each. So, you will have to decide whether this is a good idea for your house or not. Also, black windows can get dirty easily. But perhaps you can find a way to maintain their freshness. You should wash them at least once a week (if it is not too inconvenient for you).


What is more important – they heat up quickly. That`s why you should pick up the form, style, and material considering your climate. It will be a good idea not to use aluminum mullions if summers are very hot in your area. If you chose material incorrectly, this could lead to early breaking of the window because of temperature differences inside and outside the house. Plus the color itself can burn out easily in the sun and become gray instead of black.



As you can see, black windows have their positive and negative sides. They are heavy and it isn`t advisable to use them in warm countries. However, they are much more stylish and will make your interior look a lot better. For people who love minimalism, this is definitely a good choice for house design. Also, it will be very easy to match black windows with any room in your home. But don’t get too carried away, your exterior and interior still require a lot of attention.


Remember one more thing! If you decide to pick black frames for your home, don’t forget about cleaning them once a week! In that way, they will look good, just like in the inspiring pictures on the Internet. If you choose material very carefully you can enjoy them for years!


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