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The microclimate in the living spaces of a cottage directly depends on the energy efficiency of the dwelling and the windows that are installed in it. The area of glazing affects the degree of illumination of rooms, as well as the amount of heat energy loss in cold weather. Poor-quality window frames lead to drafts, mold, freezing and increased utility bills.

Wooden structures were previously used to build houses in Canada. Due to insufficient profile thickness and poor glazing, these products reduce the thermal efficiency of the building. Heating appliances have to be set to maximum settings, which leads to overconsumption of gas or electricity.

Canglow Window Company offers services to replace old windows with new frames made of polyvinyl chloride. Polymer profiles are perfectly adapted to the Canadian climate, which is characterized by strong temperature fluctuations and high humidity.

Installing Canglow windows will improve the appearance of your home’s facades, increase its market value and save you money on energy costs. The cost of installation will be recouped within a few years, and the frames themselves will give you at least 30-40 years of enjoyment without the need for constant repairs.

Signs of deterioration of cottage windows

In St. Paul, as in other Alberta provinces, wood windows are common in older homes. They are made of wood that needs to be painted or varnished to protect them from water and ultraviolet light.

Despite the efforts of homeowners, over time, due to the rains in the fall and frost in the winter, wooden frames break. The deformation of the structures does not allow them to open and close without effort. The resulting gaps allow drafts to enter, which makes the house uncomfortable.

Order replacement of old windows should be ordered in case the cottage owner is faced with such symptoms.

Deformation of frame or sash

One of the most common problems with wooden windows. Constant wetting leads to swelling of the structure, which makes it impossible to open or close the sash properly. You will have to call a carpenter to fix the defects.

In addition, due to the broken shape of the window, its parts will not fit together. Gaps will appear at the points of contact, through which cold air will enter the room. The loss of heat energy results in increased heating costs.

Condensation and frost

The problem of fogging is faced by cottage owners whose windows are not double-glazed. Moisture condenses due to the temperature difference between the outside of the window and the room. Several problems arise due to condensation:

  • you can’t see the beautiful winter landscape outside from inside the house;
  • water drops gradually drip down and leave dirty traces on the glass;
  • the humidity level in the room increases, which negatively affects people’s health;
  • constant wetting can lead to the formation of mold and fungus on the frame, jambs and window sill.

A sign of poor-quality windows is also frost, which appears inside the room in winter. It is caused by the high thermal conductivity of the frame. The profile lets cold from the street and reduces the efficiency of heaters.

Creaking and grinding when opening and closing

Symptoms of a malfunctioning window are extraneous sounds that the frame makes when opening and closing. This is caused by worn out hardware and hinges. They strongly rust under the influence of moisture and lose strength. This causes additional inconvenience to the owner of the cottage. In addition, there is an increased risk of intruders.

Old, burned out and cracked windows make your home look bad. Even if you repaint the facade or put on new siding, the structures will stand out with their unkempt appearance.

Installing PVC windows can solve all of the above problems. Canglow Window Company makes frames and sashes from multi-chambered profiles from world-renowned manufacturers and installs double or triple glazing with a low thermal conductivity coefficient.

Why PVC is more suitable for windows in St. Paul

Canadian companies use wood, aluminum and PVC profiles for windows. Wood is not well suited for the Canadian climate as it requires careful maintenance. Aluminum is more commonly used to produce large facade glazing systems for commercial properties.

PVC windows are the most sought after for furnishing private homes. Canglow offers customers plastic windows that have these features:

  • Low thermal conductivity – frames and glass do not conduct heat energy, so it will not be dissipated to the street in the cold season.
  • Constant dimensions – plastic does not swell and does not warp under the influence of moisture and temperature fluctuations.
  • Hydrophobicity – frames do not need to be permanently painted or varnished to protect against rain and melt water.
  • Permanent color – the original white shade of structures remains so until the end of operation. If desired, you can order windows of another color or profiles decorated under natural materials.
  • Versatility – our company makes traditional rectangular windows, but can produce for you frames of round, arched, triangular shape.

The service life of plastic windows reaches 30-50 years without the need for major repairs and restoration. The used polymer composition does not contain lead, it is completely safe for human health and the environment.

Window catalog from Canglow

Our window company independently manufactures windows from PVC profiles on our own technological lines. We can fulfill the request of any client and make frames that perfectly fit the style, size of window openings and other parameters of your cottage.

All popular designs are presented in our catalog. The customer can choose the option he needs by himself or with the help of our consultants. We will then modify the standard design to create the perfect window for you.



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Cost of windows in St. Paul

Our company provides turnkey services for the replacement of old windows in St. Paul. We manufacture frames, sashes and glazing units according to the customer’s specifications, and install the finished products at the customer’s site. Our engineers take care of the design of structures, their transportation to the place of installation and finishing.

The price for the installation of one window depends on its size and the complexity of the construction work. Prices for Canglow’s services are shown in the table below.

Window typePrice
Casement Windowsfrom $395
Single-Hung Windowsfrom $425
Double-Hung Windowsfrom $445
Bay Windowsfrom $2995
Bow Windowsfrom $2995
Awning Windowsfrom $395
Picture Windowsfrom $295
Sliding Windowsfrom $375
Hopper windowsfrom $395
Patio Doorsfrom $1995

When agreeing a contract for window fabrication, our employees prepare an estimate, which specifies the costs of the project. In case of installation of new PVC frames in the whole house, we provide discounts.

You can pay for our company’s services through one of our financing programs. Banking institutions offer low-interest, multi-year loans for energy efficiency improvements to homes with the option to make payments over several years.

The cost of buying windows from Canglow pays for itself due to several factors:

  • decrease in utility bills;
  • increase in the market value of the property.

For a customized quote, please fill out the online form.


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The benefits of ordering windows from Canglow

Our manufacturing company does replacement of old windows with modern vinyl frames in various cities in the province of Alberta. You can contact our managers via the form above or the phone number listed on the website. In addition, you can come to our Edmonton office at any time, see examples of our work, study realized projects and draw up a contract.

Why you should contact us:

  • We use only certified profiles;
  • Energy Star compliant and eligible for an insulation grant from the Government of Canada;
  • Window frames are customized to fit the size of the window openings.

Our engineers use profiles with air chambers, which have minimal thermal conductivity. Multi-chambered double-glazed windows keep out heat in winter and heat in summer. Additional metallized coating reflects infrared rays and increases the efficiency of heating equipment and air conditioners.

Order your windows and in as little as a month, you’ll feel the effects of their installation through a significant reduction in your utility bills.

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