The experience of replacing windows in my Yellowknife home.

Windows Replacement

Hello everyone!!! My name is John, and I want to tell you about my experience replacing the windows in my home in Yellowknife. I have lived here for over 20 years and believe me, the harsh northern climate can be very tough on any home. My home, built in the 90’s, was long overdue for an update, especially when it came to the windows. The old wooden frames were cracking, letting in the cold and wind, and the street noise, especially in winter when the snowplows are working, was simply unbearable.

When I finally decided to renovate, I started looking for a suitable company. A friend recommended Canglow, who had recently done some window replacement work in his office. I looked at their website, read reviews and was impressed with their experience in the northern regions of Canada. I called their office and from the first few minutes of the conversation I realized I was dealing with professionals.

The sales manager, Steve, listened carefully to all my requirements and wishes. I wanted windows that not only looked great, but could withstand our bitter cold, strong winds and temperature fluctuations. Steve offered me their best models – with multi-chambered frames made of durable vinyl, triple-pane windows filled with inert gas and a special coating that reflects heat inside the house. He explained all the technical details and benefits in detail, and suggested additional options such as anti-burglary hardware and mosquito nets.

What I particularly liked was their flexibility and willingness to customize their products to suit my needs. I have a number of windows in my home that are irregular in shape and size, and the guys at Canglow had no problem producing perfectly matched windows for them. They also took my design wishes into account – I chose stylish black frames on the outside and white on the inside, which complemented the look and feel of my home perfectly.

The installation process went surprisingly smoothly, especially considering our weather conditions. The installation team arrived exactly at the appointed time, in company uniforms and with modern equipment. Despite the cold and wind, they worked quickly, smoothly and accurately. I liked their attention to detail – they carefully checked each window, adjusted the hardware and adjusted the ventilation.

The result exceeded all my expectations. My house has been transformed! The new windows not only look perfect, but also gave my home a whole new level of comfort. I immediately felt the difference – the house is much warmer, quieter and cozy. Even on the coldest and windiest days, I don’t feel the slightest draft or cold from the windows!

What I particularly liked

But what really impressed me was the savings on heating. I used to have to keep the heaters on full blast all the time and my energy bills were astronomical. Now, thanks to the energy efficient Canglow windows, my heating system is much more efficient and my energy consumption has dropped significantly. I calculate that the new windows will pay for themselves in less than 5 years just from the heating savings alone, which is a great investment!

To summarize, I can confidently say that window replacement with Canglow was one of the best decisions I made for my home in Yellowknife. These guys are true professionals in their field who know everything about the northern climate and are willing to offer the best solutions for their customers. Their products, service and installation are of the highest quality and their personalized service and attention to detail is simply top notch.



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