The experience of replacing windows in my Edmonton home.

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Hi everyone, I’m Emily from Edmonton and today I want to share with you my incredible story of how a simple window replacement completely transformed my home and my life.

My husband and I bought our house about a year ago. It is a charming old house with beautiful brickwork and wood floors, built back in the 60’s. We fell in love with it at first sight, but knew we had a lot of updating and repair work to do. We were especially concerned about the windows – old, wooden, single glazed and with peeling paint. Not only did they look terrible, but they did not keep the heat in at all, letting in draughts and street noise.

At first we planned to replace the windows ourselves to save money. But after weeks of researching forums, watching tutorial videos on YouTube and trying to understand all the technical terms and options, we realized it was beyond us. We started looking for a professional window installation company in Edmonton and came across Canglow.

Our introduction to the company

From our first visit to their website we were pleasantly surprised Unlike many other companies we looked at, Canglow’s website was very informative, user-friendly and customer-oriented There were lots of helpful articles, detailed descriptions of their products and services, and real testimonials from satisfied customers with pictures We were impressed with their experience, certifications and awards, as well as their active social stance.

Beginning of cooperation

We scheduled a free consultation, and the next day a charming young female consultant, Sarah, came to visit us She took a close look at our windows, asked a few questions about our preferences and budget, and then suggested a few options that were perfect for our home We were pleasantly surprised that she didn’t try to sell us the most expensive options, but really tried to find the best solution just for us.

We opted for beautiful white double-glazed vinyl windows filled with special gas. Sarah explained that this material is ideal for our climate – it doesn’t expand or contract with temperature fluctuations, it doesn’t rot, rust or need painting. And the double-glazed windows provide excellent heat and noise insulation.

We did it!

The ordering and installation process was incredibly easy and enjoyable. The Canglow team kept us informed every step of the way, from window manufacture to delivery and installation. The installation team arrived on time on the appointed day and worked quickly, neatly and professionally. The craftsmen were very polite and attentive, they answered all our questions and even helped us move some furniture. They completed the work exactly on time and left our house perfectly clean.

But the best part started afterward when we started living with our new windows. It was like stepping into a brand new home! The amount of natural light that now flooded our rooms was incredible. Our favorite plants that were barely surviving on the windowsills were now thriving and blooming. My husband and I began to spend more time in the living room, enjoying the view of our beautiful garden through the large panoramic windows.

But the main thing is the comfort that the new windows gave us. Our house became much warmer in winter and cooler in summer, draughts disappeared, and city noise no longer bothered us at night. I noticed that we got better sleep, less sickness and less fighting. Our heating and air conditioning bills have also decreased pleasantly.

It’s been almost a year since we replaced our windows with Canglow, and we can’t stop being happy about the decision. Not only has our home become more beautiful and comfortable, but it has also increased in value (our realtor estimated that the new windows alone increased the value by 5-7%). We have received so many compliments from friends and neighbors, and some of them have already ordered windows from Canglow on our recommendation too!



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