The experience of replacing windows in my Sherwood Park home.

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Did you know that sometimes the most unexpected things can completely change your life for the better? For me, that unexpected thing was replacing the windows in my Sherwood Park home. And today I want to tell you why I’m so grateful to Canglow for this amazing transformation.

My name is Victoria. My husband and I and our two children live in a cozy two-story home in a quiet neighborhood in Sherwood Park. We love our home, but in recent years we began to notice that our old wooden windows were giving us more and more trouble. They were difficult to open and close, letting in drafts, noise, and even insects. But the final straw was when our youngest son accidentally broke the glass while playing in the yard. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt, but we realized we couldn’t put off replacing the windows any longer.

We found the best company!

We started looking for a reliable window installation company in our neighborhood and almost immediately came across Canglow. We were impressed with their ratings and reviews, but what really won us over was their family-oriented approach. We found a lot of useful information on their website, not only about energy efficiency and window styles, but also about family safety, health and comfort. We realized that this was exactly what we needed.

From our first call to Canglow we felt their genuine care and professionalism. The sales manager patiently listened to all our concerns and requests and then offered the perfect solution – windows with triple impact glazing, child safety locks, UV protection and noise reduction. They even suggested special hypoallergenic materials for our allergic older son.

How was our installation? It was great!

The installation process was exemplary. The installation crew arrived on time, worked quickly and neatly, and were always available to answer our questions. They even offered us temporary curtains for privacy and took out all the trash themselves. But the best part was they were so friendly with our kids, showing them the tools, explaining the process and even let them “try on” helmets and safety glasses. The kids were thrilled!

But the real magic began after the installation was completed. Our house was literally transformed – it became brighter, quieter, cozier and safer. Not only do the new panes of glass look amazing, but they make our lives better every day. We no longer worry about draughts, noise or dangerous splinters. Our children can play safely by the windows, and my husband and I enjoy the quiet and beautiful views.

But Canglow surprised us with more than just the quality of their windows. Their service and attention to detail was exceptional every step of the way. They were always in touch, responded quickly to our inquiries, and even sent us a personalized card thanking us for our business. And when we had a small problem with one of the handles a few months after installation, they came and replaced it free of charge the same day, and even brought the kids a box of chocolates!

Now, almost 10 months later, we can’t imagine our home and our lives without these beautiful new windows. They haven’t just improved our home, they’ve given us peace of mind, comfort and joy every day. And we know that it’s not just the windows themselves, but the amazing Canglow team who put not only skill but also heart into their work!

Thank you, best window installation team ever!



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