The experience of replacing windows in my St Albert home.

Choose Full Frame vs. Retrofit Window

Hi, my name is Leo and I would like to share my story of how Canglow helped me solve one of the biggest problems in my St. Albert home.

How it was

I moved into this house about three years ago It was my first house of my own, and I was very proud of it. But there was one problem that had been bugging me since day one – the windows They were old, aluminum, single glazed and looked terrible But the worst part was that they completely failed in their main function – keeping the heat inside the house

Every winter I faced the same problem – terrible cold. Despite the fact that my house was equipped with a good heating system, I constantly felt draughts and cold, especially near the windows. I tried everything – putting plastic sheeting on the windows, using heat guns and even closing some rooms to concentrate the heat. But nothing was helping. My heating bills were astronomical and the comfort of the house was never there.

Last spring I finally decided that I had had enough. I started looking for a window replacement company in St. Albert and came across Canglow. I was attracted by their high ratings, positive customer reviews and impressive range of energy efficient windows. I decided to contact them and schedule a free consultation.

The sales manager who came to my home was not just a salesman. He was an expert in his field. He carefully examined my glass, asked me many questions about my concerns and expectations, and then offered several options that were perfect for my home and budget. He didn’t try to sell me the most expensive options, but really looked for the best solution for me.

I decided to replace all the windows in the house with their best model – with triple glazing, inert gas filled, low emissivity coating and multi-chambered frames made from durable and warm PVCu. I was also impressed with some of the extra features that Canglow offered, such as concealed micro-ventilation vents.

Everything went very well!

The installation process was organized perfectly The installation team arrived right on time, worked quickly, professionally and accurately They not only skillfully installed the new windows, but also paid great attention to the finishing and insulation of the jambs to eliminate the slightest gaps and heat leaks They even took the old windows out for recycling and cleaned up all the debris behind them.

But the real magic started later when the first cold weather came. I just couldn’t believe the difference! My house, which used to be cold and drafty, was now warm, cozy and quiet. I no longer felt the slightest draft, even sitting right by the window. My heating bills were reduced by almost 30% and my comfort increased many times over.

But Canglow surprised me with more than just the quality of their products and installation. Their service and customer care was top notch every step of the way. They were always in touch, answered all my questions promptly and even contacted me several times after the installation to make sure I was completely happy with the result. And when I had a small problem with one of the mosquito nets, they came and replaced it free of charge under warranty the same day.

Now, a year later, I can confidently say that the new windows from Canglow have been one of the best investments I have made in my home and my quality of life. Not only has my home become warm and comfortable, but it has also taken on a whole new look. These modern, stylish and functional windows have completely transformed and modernized the look of my rather modest home. Now I am proud to invite guests and receive many compliments from my neighbors!



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