Changing windows in Ardrossan

Replacing windows at Ardrossan. Design and quality.

If you have decided to replace the windows in your Ardrossan home, you should contact Canglow. We install windows of the highest quality. The designs are adapted to the Alberta climate, protecting your home from noise, cold and drafts.

Windows are made in Canada – this is one of the main advantages. We offer a wide selection of designs, styles, and sizes to suit your tastes. Call our Alberta office to upgrade your windows or replace them with new ones.

Which windows you can install in Ardrossan

Our catalog has a large collection of window styles popular in Canada. You can get a window of any shape and design. New glazing will match the exterior of your home, decorate the interior.

Windows can perform special tasks in your home, such as providing good ventilation. There are units for emergency exit, for unobstructed view, for blocking ultraviolet rays and others.

What windows we install in Ardrossan:

  • Suspended. Popular, simple and inexpensive windows. They are suitable for different styles of houses.
  • Casement windows. Traditional energy-efficient windows. Units can be fixed and movable for good ventilation.
  • Patio. Panoramic glazing for unobstructed views. Patio units can be fitted with a movable sash for ventilation.
  • Sliding. Convenient windows with sliding sashes. You won’t need space to fully open the opening. Sliding windows let in a lot of sunlight.
  • Bay & Bow. Four to six sash windows for bay windows. The design protrudes beyond the room, increasing the space.
  • Exits. Install an egress window in the basement, cellar or basement. It will allow escape from the house in case of fire.
  • Fixed. All window units are fixed. We’ll install a high profile, tamper-proof window to give your home a new look.
  • Custom. If you want windows that are curved, too big or too small, call Canglow. We’ll install systems to your taste.

Engineer Canglow: “We’ve been installing windows in Alberta for more than 12 years. We know the climate in Ardrossan very well and offer effective solutions. Our top quality windows will protect you from noise, drafts, and cold. All designs are Energy Star certified. We guarantee the quality of our windows for 25 years.”

The main advantages of our windows

Canglow windows are some of the best in Canada. They are safe, energy efficient, and durable. Before you replace the windows in your Ardrossan home, you need to understand their benefits.

No drafts and leaks

Heat energy leaves the house through old windows. If you have old frames, thin glass, you spend a lot of money on heating out of your budget.

Canglow windows are Energy Star rated. They are energy efficient and save your budget. High-quality triple-glazed, sealed units protect your home from heat leaks. The units’ chambers are filled with inert gas that doesn’t heat up or cool down. This is one of the best solutions for Canada’s climate. Retrofitting windows in your home will bring good savings.

Low emission LoE coating

The special coating on the windows reflects the sun’s rays and thermal energy. Your home will be warm in winter and cool in summer. The air conditioner will have to work less to cool the air.

LoE coated windows reduce your energy bills. We’ll find the right level of UV reflective glass for your home.


No one likes loud noise from the street. If your neighbors like loud music or there is a road, stadium or playground near your home, order a window replacement from Canglow. We will install systems with effective noise reduction. Your home will be more comfortable.

Our windows use several methods of noise insulation. We will choose the technology depending on your requirements for the result and budget level.

What are the ways to achieve noise reduction:

  • fill the gaps around the window with sealant;
  • install special laminated glass or glass with film;
  • use laminated glass.

New windows will reduce the noise level in the house. You will sleep, work, live in a more comfortable environment.

Individual design

Windows should match the exterior of your home. They have to accentuate the style, the architecture. Our profiles do that perfectly. Install our vinyl windows so you’ll never have to paint them again. The frames retain their color without maintenance.

Our suggestions for a custom design:

  • Choose the color according to your style and interior. We will paint the profiles in any color to your liking. The frame can have a natural wood or metal pattern. Windows come in monochrome and colored, when the outer and inner parts are painted in different colors. We use resistant paints. Our windows are not afraid of sunlight and do not need touch-up.
  • Choose the hardware of your choice. We complete the windows with colored handles, hidden mechanisms. Our fittings are reliable in operation. The window is easy to open and close, even with the effort of a child. At your request, we will install anti-burglary protection. You can add a child lock window, so your child can not accidentally open the sash and fall down.
  • Any type of glass. We install clear and colored glass. You can get stained glass, inset with a pattern to decorate your home.

New windows will make your home more attractive. Passersby will pay attention to the modern look of your home, and its value will increase.

Designer Canglow: “We will choose a window for a traditional or modern home, for a vintage style. Any design can be realized in our project. Book a window style consultation to choose the best option.”

How much does it cost to install windows in Ardrossan

Quality windows cannot be cheap. We make frames from environmentally friendly materials and use energy-efficient glass. You should not chase the low price. The most important thing in windows is their quality and durability.

You need to understand what the cost of the window depends on:

  • Size. Larger structures require more materials. Increases the cost of delivery and installation of the window.
  • Type of window. The design can have fixed and movable sashes, curvilinear elements. Non-standard forms are difficult to produce.
  • Installation. Additional work increases the cost. For example, to install an egressive window in the basement may require cutting concrete.
  • Completion. You choose your own seals, hardware, and insulating glass unit. Low-emission coating will be applied for an additional fee.

Our estimator will come to you and calculate the cost. Every Canglow, Alberta customer can get a super discount of up to 28% on replacement windows throughout their home. It’s the best real estate investment you can make.

Benefits of window replacement from Canglow

Call our company to upgrade the windows in your home. It’s the right choice for safety and savings. We guarantee the quality of our designs.

Canglow’s benefits:

  • Our windows are Energy Star certified. They are warm, with good noise reduction. Our windows qualify for a grant.
  • Professional installers will replace a window on any floor. We work on the entire house. We will replace windows in the basement, pantry, living room, bedroom, attic. The worker will take all the trash with him.
  • Our windows are guaranteed for 25 years. The service life of structures reaches 40 years and longer.

Call us, and in 8 weeks we will deliver new windows. We will agree with you the style, design, shape of frames. Installation is performed on any day convenient for the customer.

We look forward to receiving your order at Ardrossan.

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