Replacing windows at Yellowknife. Design and quality

Changing windows at Yellowknife.

Canglow delivers the highest quality windows in Yellowknife. We will install vinyl or fiberglass construction to your specifications. Our windows are made in Canada. They are energy efficient, with good style and will protect your home from the cold. You can call our Alberta office to order replacement windows with any budget.

Windows we install at Yellowknife

Canglow offers a large collection of window styles. You’ll find any window available on the market in Canada in our catalog. Choose the units that fit the exterior of your home. Our windows also solve specific problems, such as providing emergency escape in case of fire, providing ventilation of rooms, and giving great views of your surroundings.

Construction types:

  • Casement: energy efficient, good ventilation capability, easy maintenance.
  • Suspended: simple and versatile, suitable for different budgets.
  • Patio: doors and windows with a panoramic view, can work with a single fixed door.
  • Bay & Bow: traditional bay windows that protrude beyond the wall and give extra space inside the room.
  • Sliding: comfortable windows with unobstructed views and maximum sunlight.
  • Egressive: open freely to exit a bunker, basement or other shelter.
  • Fixed: fixed windows with a high profile for maximum burglary protection.
  • Non-standard: we install windows of linear, curved shapes, large and small sizes.

Canglow Engineer: “Our goal is your satisfaction. Install our top quality windows and forget about cold, noise and drafts. The designs are Energy Star certified. The windows are guaranteed for 25 years.”

Main features of windows from Canglow

We will install windows that are energy efficient and safe. Our offers are some of the best in Alberta. Order window replacement throughout your home at Yellowknife to be assured of quality.

We explain the main benefits of our systems.

Protection against drafts and heat loss

Old windows are losing heat in your home. You’re paying more for energy than usual, spending money out of your pocket.

Replacing your windows with new Energy Star rated windows will save you money. We’ll install high-quality triple glazing with inert gas specifically for Alberta’s climate. Efficient seals will make your windows even warmer. You can forget about drafts and have a great way to ventilate your rooms.

Glasses with LoE coating

The glass in your home reflects the sun’s rays in the summer and retains heat better in the winter. You don’t just get a window, you get a benefit on your energy bill. Your home will be cool in summer and warm in winter. The life of your air conditioner will last longer because the LoE glass reduces the load on it.

There are different low-emission coatings available. We will select the technology depending on how much ultraviolet you want to block.

Effective noise reduction

If your home is too close to the road or you have noisy neighbors, order a window replacement from our company. You don’t have to put up with outside noise. Our windows are soundproof and will make your home more comfortable.

We use several soundproofing technologies. The degree of window protection depends on your budget and the result you want to achieve.

There are several ways to reduce noise:

  • install upgraded laminated glass;
  • seal the gaps with sealant;
  • make window inserts;
  • use laminated glass.

We will find the right technology for your home. A new window is the best choice for noise abatement.

Customized style and design for your home

Install new vinyl windows and never paint them again! The profiles are maintenance-free. You choose your own color and design and forget about repairing windows in your home for a long time.

Select color for the exterior and interior

Vinyl windows are not only a good investment in real estate, but also an upgrade for your home. They will give the building a more modern look and make it attractive.

The exterior finish of the profiles can be made in any standard color. We will paint the window in an individual color if you need it. Choose a finish with a wood or metal pattern or a bright monochrome paint. Colored windows are a great addition to the architecture. The paint is UV resistant and retains color. You won’t have to paint your windows again.

Durable fittings

We use high-performance hardware for our windows. It is smooth in operation and easy to operate. At your request we will install child protection, anti-burglary lock, colored push handles and other mechanisms.

All kinds of glass

We will install transparent or opaque glass, colored inlay, stained glass.

Canglow’s designer: “We will choose for you a window in a traditional or modern style. The window design can match a vintage style or other design to your liking.”

How much does it cost to replace windows at Yellowknife

Quality windows does not always mean expensive windows. We will offer a design to fit your budget with good features.

However, we do not have cheap windows. The glass is specially made in a factory in Canada. The profiles are made from environmentally friendly materials. Reliable production requires investment, so there are no cheap quality windows.

You should know what the cost of glass replacement depends on:

  • Window size. Large construction requires complex production. Profiles and panes need more materials, time. There can be difficulties with delivery. Large windows are installed by specialists, and their work must be paid for.
  • Type of window. The cost depends on the number of sashes, on the presence of fixed and movable blocks, stained glass. We can make a window of any design. In one model you can combine mobile and fixed sashes in different order.
  • Difficult installation. Installation of some windows in Alberta requires approval and extra work. If you want an emergency window in the basement, you need to cut concrete, increase the opening. The dimensions of the structure must meet Canada’s building codes. Additional work increases the cost.
  • Completion. You decide what glass, handles and seals to install on your window. For an additional fee we make coated glass, use colored fittings.

Order more windows from Canglow and get the maximum benefit. We will replace windows throughout your home at a low price. The EXTRA discount will be up to 28%. This is the best investment you can make in your home.

Who can replace the windows at Yellowknife

You should contact Canglow to get quality windows. We work in Yellowknife, Edmonton and other cities in Alberta. We have the best window installers with professional knowledge.

Replacement windows from Canglow are your right choice.

We offer:

  • High-quality and efficient designs. Our windows are Energy Star tested and have a high quality rating. They are eligible for a grant. Your home will be warm even in the coldest of winters.
  • First-class installation. We will install windows in any opening on any floor. Our workers will cut the concrete if necessary. We will ensure your safety and clean up after yourself. After installation, your manager will call and ask if you are satisfied with your new windows.
  • Quality Guarantee. We will provide the paperwork for your new windows. Warranty 25 years. Service life of the windows up to 40 years.

Call us and a fitter will come to your house at a convenient time. We will make accurate measurements, agree on the design, style and dimensions of your windows. In 8 weeks the construction will arrive at our warehouse. Manager will call you and schedule a day for installation of your new windows.

We look forward to working with you at Yellowknife.


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