Replacing windows in a Bentley. Design and quality

New windows are the style and comfort of your home. Good quality designs will protect you from the wind, drafts, and cold that are common in Canada. Windows will update the interior and exterior of your home. The main thing is to choose a reliable supplier.

Canglow is a turnkey window replacement company in Bentley. We offer a large collection of window styles. Our designs are energy efficient, durable, and have good noise reduction.

Types of windows by Canglow

We will replace your old windows with more modern ones. The catalog includes any model that is available in Canada. Choose windows to match the exterior of your home or order special designs, such as for emergency exits from your basement or ground floor.

Maybe you want an unobstructed view? We will install a panoramic window to your taste. It is possible to create custom designs for ventilation of rooms, protection of the house from intruders, increased wind resistance of windows.

Design options:

  • Panoramic window. Model for large openings. Panoramic glazing is great for your home if you want a view of the garden, greenhouse, forest.
  • Patio. Panoramic glazing with built-in door. The best choice for access to the terrace, veranda or backyard.
  • Casement window. Choose any configuration with fixed and movable sashes. These are inexpensive and reliable windows for any premises.
  • Suspended windows. We will install a design with one or two units, with movable and fixed elements. Options for any budget.
  • Bay & Bow bay windows. Bay & Bow models consist of 3-6 sashes and form a complex geometric shape. The bay window protrudes from the wall. Inside, you get extra space.
  • Pass-through windows. The sash opens wide to allow a person to exit unobstructed into the street. Egressive windows will ensure evacuation in case of an accident.

We can offer other types of glazing. At your request, we produce blind windows, non-standard designs, arched forms and others.

Engineer of the company: “Our windows meet the standards of Canada and meet the requirements of customers in terms of style and design. We will choose the option that best suits your home. A 25-year quality guarantee.”

Advantages of our windows

To choose the best windows in Bentley, you need to understand their benefits. We’ll answer all your questions in detail.

Wind and cold protection

When there are a lot of cracks in old windows, you’re wasting too much money on heat from your own pocket. The energy escapes to the outside and leaves your home draughty. To protect yourself from the cold, you must replace your windows. During installation, we will fill all the gaps around the perimeter. Glazing is reliable, airtight.

Our windows are Energy Star certified. This means they keep your home warm well. We’ll install double-glazed windows with argon gas, designed specifically for the climate of Bentley and all of Alberta. We’ll install seals around the profiles. You can forget about drafts. The rooms will be warm in winter and cool in summer.

LoE – low-emission coating

When a room gets a lot of sunlight, the air gets hot. The air conditioner has to run non-stop to cool the room and provide comfort. A low-emission coating blocks the sun’s rays. It keeps the sun from heating the air in the room and saves energy. In the summer, LoE coating blocks heat inside the house.

Canglow engineers will find the best low-emission coating for your home. We take into account whether your window is in the sun or in the shade. We also take into account your desire for the degree of blackout.

Noise reduction

Noise from the street interferes with rest, sleep, and just having a good time in your own home. Noisy neighbors can greatly ruin your mood. Loud noises from cars, wind, and passerby voices reduce comfort.

Replace the windows in your home and forget about noise. At Canglow, we use several methods of noise control:

  • install elastic seals and fill the gaps with sealant;
  • use double-glazed unit with laminated glass;
  • install window inserts;
  • we apply special acoustic films to the glasses.

We will reduce the level of street noise to a comfortable level. You don’t have to put up with loud noises, so upgrade your home.

Customized design and modern style

The windows will give your home an updated look. The profiles are made of mass-dyed vinyl. This means you do not have to paint the frames yourself. The color stays bright for many years and does not fade in the sun.

Any color you like

We will choose the color of the profiles to match the interior or exterior of your home. You can specify the desired shade in the catalog, and we will install the windows in the selected color. Painted profiles will make the house more attractive.

At your request, the frame can have a natural wood pattern. The surface imitates valuable species of wood, looks expensive, spectacular. Install vinyl windows and never paint them again.

Durable hardware

The closing mechanism of the window should be of good quality, so that the sash fits tightly against the frame. The handle should be easy to open the block for ventilation, even if a child takes care of it.

Our windows are equipped with reliable hardware. Mechanisms are easy to use and maintain. At your request, we will install an additional valve on the window, burglar-proof lock, child lock and other accessories.

Glass options

We use tinted, laminated glass, low-emission coatings. You can choose a window with stained glass inserts or opaque glass.

Designer Canglow: “New windows are the best real estate investment. You invest not only in comfort, but also in the exterior of your home. We will match the windows to your style: traditional, modern, vintage or other.”

How much do windows cost in Bentley

To plan your budget, you need to understand how the price of new windows is created. The cost is influenced by the following parameters:

  • Window configuration. Blocks can be fixed and movable, hinged or sliding, vertical or horizontal. We produce arched or curved windows according to your wishes.
  • Glazing size. To make a traditional casement window or Bay & Bow window will require different amounts of materials.
  • Window installation work. The price depends on the size of the opening, the floor, additional requirements. For example, to install an exit window in the basement often requires cutting concrete and increase the opening.
  • Completion of the window. You choose a variant of handles, mechanisms, the type of glass.

Installing new windows with Canglow is good for your budget. The Energy Star rating allows you to use the grant to pay for the structures. Order replacement windows throughout your home and receive a maximum discount of 28%

Where should you go for window installation in Bentley

Call Canglow for an in-depth consultation. Our installers work in Bentley and other Alberta cities.

Why you should choose Canglow:

  • High quality and efficiency of windows. Our designs meet Canadian standards and are highly rated. New windows will keep your home warm even in the coldest of winters.
  • First class installation. Our company employs professional installers. We will perform installation of the window, provide a seal the opening, remove debris.
  • Quality Guarantee. Our windows serve the homeowners for at least 40 years. We give an official guarantee of 25 years on the documents.

Call us and we will send a specialist to you. The manager will help you choose the configuration, style, design of the window, tell you about the features of the fittings.


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