High-quality casement windows in Fort McMurray


Want to have your home’s windows replaced at a financial advantage? Give the company Canglow a call. We’ll install high-quality casement windows in Fort McMurray at your personal discount. The work is done on a turnkey basis. We will design your new windows, order production, bring in and install the structures. Frames can be any color and shape you desire. All options are adapted to the cold Canadian climate. Replacing windows throughout your home can help you save money on your utility bills.

High quality casement windows are the best investment you can make in your property. You’ll save money through lower energy consumption and improve the appearance of your facades. Life in your home will become more comfortable. We offer a choice of all the window options available in the Alberta market.

What is a casement window

The glazing consists of one or more units. You can combine active and fixed parts in one construction so that you can use your new window comfortably. The wider the opening, the more units we install. Between the parts there are narrow support posts that do not interfere with the free view.

The main difference of the casement window is the side arrangement of the hinges. The sash opens in the same way as in awning glazing, but not upwards, but to the right or left. This design makes it easy to use. You can easily open even a large sash without feeling its weight. The window opens fully, filling your home with fresh air and sunlight.

Why you should choose casement windows

  • Easy care.

Movable units open 90 degrees. Windows are easy to clean inside and out, check handles and hinges. Designs do not require frequent maintenance. Order vinyl windows from us and you can forget about painting forever. Profiles retain their bright color in any climate.

  • Comfortable operation.

The windows are equipped with modern mechanisms. To open the sash, it is enough to pull the handle down. Even a child or a fragile woman can cope with this task. Thanks to the lateral location of the hinges you will be comfortable to use the window of any size.

  • High level of security.

A high quality casement window will provide solid protection for your Fort McMurray home. The sash closes from the inside and keeps intruders out. Even in the absence of the owners, the risk of burglary is reduced. You can add a window locking system, reinforced hinges and other security features.

  • Energy Efficiency.

New windows will keep your home warm in winter and keep cold air out in summer. You’ll feel the savings in your own pocket. Energy efficient windows will reduce your heating bills and air conditioning load. You’ll need less electricity to maintain a comfortable home climate. New casement windows are one of the best solutions for Alberta’s climate.

  • Great ventilation.

No other window provides as much ventilation as a casement window. Open the movable unit fully, and in just a few seconds the room will be full of fresh air. The sash with glass works like a sail and directs clean flows inside your home. If you wish, we will install a slot ventilation mechanism on the window so that you can ventilate the room safely without opening the opening completely.

  • Best overview.

Windows with active sashes allow a full opening of the opening. Only the vertical posts remain in the gap and do not obstruct the unobstructed view. Install high-quality casement windows so that you can admire the garden, the evening city or the terrace at any time.

  • Personal style.

You choose how the window will look like. You can create a project to match the color of the facade, choose a traditional or modern option. Windows will complement the architectural style of your home and become its harmonious accent. You can paint the frame in any hiding color. We also install windows imitation wood – vinyl profiles completely repeat the texture and shade of natural wood. Frames can have different colors inside and outside the room.

  • Easy installation.

Most homes in Fort McMurray have standard openings. We install windows without reworking the surfaces. You won’t have to cut concrete or do any other complicated work. New structures will be installed in just a few hours. If you want to replace all the windows in your home, we’ll get the job done in a couple of days. Simple installation reduces the cost of casement windows.

  • Versatility in use.

The active sash window is suitable for any room. Choose a model for the living room, kitchen, basement or garage. In any room, a casement window will provide ventilation and good light. The movable sash can act as a door in panoramic glazing – open it to go outside.

Types of casement windows

We offer a variety of window options for homes in Fort McMurray. Our manager will select a project for each opening.

Do you have narrow windows and want to fill the room with air? We will install single sash glazing so that you don’t limit yourself in ventilation.

Need to close a low, wide opening and don’t want a panoramic window? We will install a multiple casement system to provide great views and keep the system functional.

You need to know what sash windows options exist in Alberta.

Traditional windows

Traditional swing windows consist of one, two or three units. The parts can be fixed or movable. We combine different types of blocks to get the maximum performance.

Traditional options are your universal choice. They are suitable for installation in any room on any floor. The designs look stylish and are reliable.

Egress windows

An exit window is an important safety feature. Install it in your basement, cellar or basement to quickly escape your home in case of fire.

Important: The dimensions of the exit window must comply with the building regulations of Canada. We finalize the opening, create a project individually for your home.

The exit window is large and easily opened to allow an adult to pass through it.

Deaf window

The blank window does not open. The design consists of a single sash, which is fixed in the opening. There are no mechanisms in the system. The peculiarity of deaf windows is that they fill the room with sunlight and can be installed even in the narrowest openings.

Choose this option for rooms that do not need ventilation. Blank sashes are great for installation in attics, hallways, utility rooms. You can use such windows for additional lighting of large rooms.

Casement window configurations

We create designs for every opening, so your windows can be large, small, arched, have a complex shape. You will get a design that meets quality standards. We will tell you about the most popular configurations.

Single-wing window

There is only one unit in the design. You can open the single leaf window completely or in ventilation mode. An excellent choice for installation in narrow openings. Single leaf designs provide good ventilation and ease of operation.

Double casement window

Classic design with two active units or a combination of active and fixed unit. Universal choice for all openings. Windows provide good visibility, ventilation, improve light in the room. We offer a variety of equipment options so that your double glazed window gets maximum performance.

Triple casement window

The design combines movable and fixed units. We choose different configurations for each opening. You can have one active sash and two fixed sashes at the edges for ventilation and high energy efficiency. You can install two movable sashes for easy maintenance or other options. Triple sash models are a good choice for larger openings.

How much do high quality casement windows cost in Fort McMurray

The cost of the window depends on its configuration. We will calculate the price of your project when the manager will take the necessary measurements.

What does the cost of glazing depend on:

  • The size and shape of the window. Larger structures require more materials. Complex shaped windows are made according to an individual project, which is more expensive than a typical one.
  • Type of glass and insulating glass unit. Windows are equipped with double or triple glazing. At the request of the customer, we will improve noise protection, fill the structure with inert gas for better energy efficiency. On the surface of the glass you can apply low-emission coating LoE.
  • Style and design. The window will harmonize with the look of your home. We take into account peculiarities of architecture, interiors, colors of the facade. We will create an individual project of new windows for your home.

If you would like to know the price of glazing, call a Canglow manager. We will come to you in Fort McMurray and any city in Alberta.

Casement windows from Canglow – your best choice

That’s why you should order windows from our company:

  • Up to $5600 – your financial benefit when you apply for the grant;
  • 28% – maximum discount on replacement windows throughout your home;
  • 30% – down payment after which we will begin production;
  • 15 years – official glazing warranty.

Our windows are Energy Star certified. We guarantee that the designs meet the technical requirements, building standards of Canada.

Don’t put off improving your home – call Canglow today. We will install windows that will protect you from noise, dust, cold and will enjoy their appearance for a long time.



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