Installing Windows During Cold Weather

Winter Window Installation

Winter is on its way and the breeze is still blowing through your windows and coming under your door. You need to replace them, but you can’t during these cold months, right? Wrong! Although window and door replacement may seem like warm-weather projects, they can be installed year-round. And, this might even come as a benefit for you. Warm weather months are the busy season to get your windows and doors replaced, and due to that, you might be waiting to get squeezed into an already tight schedule. Not to mention you could possibly get them at a better price! With the winter being a kind of “off-season” for window and door replacement, many companies will offer deals or discounts as incentives to keep business up to par. A small benefit to replacing your windows or doors during winter is that you know exactly which ones need replacing. It can be difficult to tell during the warmer months if your windows or doors need replacement, but when you feel a cool breeze coming from under your door or from the side of a window, you know exactly which one it is! Although it might not be the best time to notice, you won’t have to go into a sales meeting questioning if you need every window replaced, or just a select few.

Staying Warm During a Cold Installation

Of course, the main concern for most people is having their homes exposed to the cold winter air during the installation process. But when you’re dealing with the professionals at Canglow we know how to minimize the issue at hand. In these colder months, it’s not about getting the job done quickly, it’s about getting it done in a timely manner, with the customer, and their home, in mind. Putting up plastic barriers to block off the airflow is one way we can keep your heat inside of your home, without mixing in the winter breeze. Installing one window at a time is something you don’t typically see during the summer months, but having only one opening at a time will significantly cut down on how much heat you lose as a homeowner. And a good rule of thumb when installing windows during the winter months, keeping interior doors closed for the rooms that have windows being replaced. These are just a few ways you can keep the cold air out while getting your windows and doors replaced during these cold times!

Window Replacement: Better Now Than Later

At the end of the day, putting off your window or door replacement due to the weather isn’t in your best interest. When snow piles up, doors and windows have the ability to crack and rot. The last thing anybody needs is for mold to build up on their windows because the snow was packed into a corner. Or even worse, that snow could get into your house! Getting your windows or doors replaced in the winter may seem like a cold, messy adventure. But with the right company, precautions, and planning, it can be a breeze. And after installation, that might be the last breeze you feel for the winter! Give Canglow a call when you need your windows or doors replaced. Regardless of the time of year, we can get it done the right way, with the customer in mind.


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