How glass for vinyl double-glazed windows is produced

Our Canglow company, which sells and installs high quality double and triple glazing, prides itself on offering products that are perfectly adapted to Canada’s unpredictable and challenging climate. This is especially true in regions such as Alberta, Fort Providence, Axe Point and Kakisa. We provide our customers with not only superior window quality, but also significant discounts, making our products even more attractive.

Glass production

Glass fabrication is a multi-step manufacturing process that includes:

  • preparation of raw materials;
  • melting;
  • molding;
  • subsequent processing of the finished product.

For production, it is used:

  • high purity silica sand;
  • soda;
  • limestone;
  • other additives.

The raw materials are thoroughly mixed in the required proportions and fed into a furnace where they are melted at a temperature of about 1500°C. The molten glass mass flows out of the furnace onto a conveyor belt, where it is molded into sheets or tubes using various forming machines.

The finished billets then undergo a quenching process, cooling to a temperature of 600°C to impart strength. This is followed by an annealing stage at 500-600°C to release internal stresses. The glass is then subjected to the necessary mechanical and chemical treatments:

  • cutting,
  • sanding,
  • polishing,
  • etching.

If necessary, special coatings are applied to the surface.

At the final stage, a thorough quality control of the finished glass products is carried out: optical properties, strength, and appearance of the products are checked. After that the glass is packed and sent to the customer.

These are the main stages of the modern high-tech glass production process. Thanks to many years of innovation, it is possible to achieve ever higher quality and expand the fields of application of this amazing material.

Double and triple glazing

Double glazing, which is offered by our window installation company, consists of two sheets of glass, hermetically connected around the perimeter with the help of a distance frame. Between the panes there is a closed chamber filled with dried air or special inert gas – argon or krypton.

  1. Argon and krypton belong to the group of inert or noble gases. These gases are chemically inactive because their outer electron shells are completely filled. The main advantages of filling the interstitial space with noble gases are:
  2. Increased thermal insulation. Argon and krypton have low thermal conductivity – 2-3 times lower than that of air. This significantly reduces heat loss through the insulating glass unit.
  3. Improved sound insulation properties. Inert gases provide a denser medium for the propagation of sound waves than air. This prevents street noise from entering the room.
  4. Prevent misting. Unlike air, argon and krypton do not contain water vapor. This eliminates the formation of condensation on the inner surfaces of the windows during temperature and humidity fluctuations.
  5. Preservation of glass transparency. Inert gas environment prevents oxidation and corrosion of metallic elements of the insulating glass unit structure, increasing its service life.

Thus, the use of argon and krypton makes it possible to significantly increase the performance characteristics of modern insulating glass units.

Sealing gaskets when installing glass in vinyl frames are made of high quality polymeric materials resistant to ultraviolet light and temperature fluctuations.

Triple glazing has a three-layer construction – three sheets of glass are separated by two airtight air or gas chambers. This allows to further increase the heat and sound insulation characteristics of the product.

For maximum energy efficiency, we use glass with a low-emissivity soft magnetron coating. This allows short-wave solar radiation to pass through, but traps long-wave infrared heat radiation indoors.

Triple glazing with two argon-filled chambers and low-emissivity coating on two or three panes of glass provide excellent thermal insulation at passive house level and a comfortable indoor climate.

Installation of double-glazed windows

Our window installation company, not only sells quality glass, but also conducts competent installation of products. Our craftsmen adhere to strict quality standards to eliminate the possibility of defects such as cracks or loose fit. Competent window replacement guarantees a long service life of our products, which we confirm with a 50-year warranty for quality installation and operation.

Glass care

Proper care of vinyl double-glazed windows is an important point in ensuring their longevity. It is recommended to regularly clean the glass with soft cloths, avoiding abrasive agents that can scratch or damage the surface. It is also important to monitor the condition of the seals and replace them if necessary.

At Canglow, we strive to offer our customers only the best – from manufacturing to installation and aftercare of glazing. Our goal is to provide comfort and security in every home, protecting it from the vagaries of the Canadian climate. Canglow glazing is the choice of those who value:

  • quality,
  • durability,
  • aesthetics.

Window models

Our company is a leading supplier of high quality insulated glass units for installation in homes and apartments in Canada. We offer the widest range of modern glass structures to meet any customer’s needs.

For private homes and country cottages, our energy-efficient double-glazed windows with heat-reflective soft magnetron coating are ideal. They will reliably protect against cold, draughts and street noise. We offer stylish double-glazed windows in a variety of colors with aluminum or PVC bindings.

For urban high-rise buildings, high-strength triple glazing designed for large balcony and loggia glazing will be perfect. They will also provide excellent soundproofing against urban noise.

We offer replacement windows for traditional rectangular structures, as well as glass units of non-standard shapes for panoramic, corner or bay window glazing. We offer solutions with sliding sashes, tilt-and-turn opening, as well as models with ventilation function for comfort and safety.

In our assortment you will find impact-resistant tempered glass units, multifunctional stained glass structures, panoramic glazing in the floor and other premium products of the world’s leading brands.

We guarantee perfect quality, reliability, safety and durability of all our double-glazed windows. We invite you to get acquainted with the catalog and take advantage of professional advice of our specialists!

How much do Canglow windows cost

Dear friends, Canglow is pleased to offer you high quality windows at very attractive prices. We realize that choosing and installing windows is an important decision that affects the comfort and safety of your home. That’s why we offer a discount of up to 25% for all our customers! This is a great opportunity to save money on the purchase of new window structures.

What’s more, by ordering Energy Star certified windows with energy efficient glazing, you can qualify for the government’s Greener Home grant for Alberta residents. It is up to $5,600 per home! The grant is awarded to offset the cost of installing energy efficient solutions. And with our rebate, the reimbursement will exceed your actual costs!

That is, buying double-glazed windows Canglow with Energy Star rating, you not only make a profitable purchase with a discount of up to 25%, but also receive a grant that covers the full cost of the windows! This opportunity to profitably insulate your home does not come along very often. So be sure to take advantage of our special offer, which is characterized by a favorable price of double-glazed windows or consult our experts on available discounts and grants. Call right now!

We offer door installation

In addition to quality glass, our window installation company offers high-tech doors:

  • for houses,
  • apartments,
  • patios.

We have glass models, products made of durable fiberglass. We also offer durable metal structures that will reliably protect the entrance to your home. Each model is characterized by a beautiful decorative design. So replacing your doors with our models is a guarantee that your home will be beautifully decorated!


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