How To Test Your Windows in Athabasca?


It is not enough for windows to look good. They also need to be adequately sealed. No matter how insignificant leaks may seem, they can quickly increase and worsen. Not only do you lose heat in winter and air conditioning in summer, but you also have to worry about water ingress. So what can be done about it? The easy answer is to regularly check your windows to make sure they are properly closed and the glass is sealed. There are three simple ways to do this.

Test With A Flashlight

A flashlight can help you find the leak if it is big enough to shine around the window. You should wait until it gets dark and have someone outside the house wait inside. From inside the house, shine the flashlight around the edges of the window and look closely to see if light can pass through. If light can pass through, then air and water can also pass through. In most cases, the window seal will need to be resealed and professional window replacement may not be necessary. Before starting any repairs, have a professional inspect and make appropriate recommendations.

Test With Smoke

The fact that light does not pass through when using a torch light does not necessarily mean that the window glass is not defective. There may be tiny gaps that allow air and moisture to pass through, even if they are not visible to the eye. Try a smoke test to be sure. All windows and doors in the house should be closed. Next, turn off the fireplace and turn on all kitchen and bathroom exhaust fans. This will create negative pressure in the house and draw air in through the cracks. Next, light the incense sticks and bring them close to the outside of the window. See if smoke comes out of the window. If so, you can be sure that air is also flowing continuously through this gap. You should consider replacing the window.

Test With An Infrared Camera

If you can find a thermal imaging camera, this is a really great test. This test should be done on a very cold day. Take the camera outside and point it at your house. Look for signs of escaping heat. Heat is indicated by white, yellow, orange or red colors.

Check For Moisture

Moisture or condensation in the gaps between window panes is a sign that there is a gap somewhere. Do not ignore these signs. Contact a specialist immediately to determine the extent of the air leak so they can best advise on repairs or window replacement. Keep in mind that dampness can lead to mold and mildew can spread easily, which can then lead to a number of health problems. It is therefore best to deal with it as soon as possible.

Solving The Issue

Depending on the location and nature of the leak, there are several possible solutions. One is to simply seal the leak. Another option is to completely replace the window. Another option is to retrofit. This means that the glass can simply be replaced and the frame can remain in place. This is a cost-effective option and much faster than replacing the entire window. Provided, of course, that the window frame and surrounding walls are in good condition.

There is nothing better than professional window replacement and the team at Canglow Windows and Doors are proud to offer the best products and efficient installation service. Every window replacement we carry out is done with the utmost care and precision to ensure you enjoy the best results and windows that will stand the test of time. For more information or expert advice on windows and window replacement, contact Athabasca: 7807612161.



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