Are Bow Windows Going Out of Style?

Have you ever seen your neighbor replace a bow window and wondered if it has gone out of fashion? This classic feature complements the exterior and interior of your home and adds an air of elegance and romance. If you’ve seen it replaced with a different type of window, it’s most likely for a different reason.

Why Choose Bow Windows?

Bow windows are an important feature of Victorian homes. In the past, artificial lighting was difficult to obtain, so bow windows were preferred as windows that optimize the natural light entering a room. Today, bow windows are favored for their attractive appearance and for providing more interior space. Who wouldn’t want a cozy reading corner by the bow window?

Why NOT Choose Bow Windows?

If bow windows are falling out of favor, it’s not because of style. The most significant disadvantage of installing bow windows is their impact on the energy efficiency of the home. Glass allows light and heat to pass through. What in earlier times optimized light, now reduces the ability to maintain a constant indoor temperature.

New window frames and glazing can improve the energy efficiency of these windows. However, many homeowners instead opt for an attractive alternative – bay windows.

Bow Windows vs. Bay Windows

What is the difference between them? Bow and bay windows both project outwards from the house. Bow windows are curved and usually arched with four or more multi-pane casement windows. Bay windows usually have three panes and form a square or polygonal interior space.

The physical structure of bay windows provides more floor space inside the house. Because there are fewer panes of glass than an arch window, there are fewer gaps through which air can escape. This means that indoor temperatures can be more stable.

Is It Time to Replace Your Windows?

Some experts recommend replacing windows that are more than 10 years old, as technological innovations have made new windows very energy efficient. The investment in new windows can be recouped through savings on heating bills. At the very least, the increased efficiency can offset the cost of updating the exterior of the house.

Window Replacement and Installation in Northwest Canada

The Canglow team has the knowledge and expertise to help you select and install windows that offer the ideal combination of style and energy efficiency. Talk to an expert about replacing your windows.



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